Product Review: Fast Act Toxic Chemical Decontamination Unit

Jodie Weston Jodie Weston  |  Updated: October 15, 2018
Product Review: Fast Act Toxic Chemical Decontamination Unit

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Timilon is a company that makes a lot of products, most of which have to do with air quality. The Fast-Act sample kit that they sent to me contained a Vapour-Klenz mask, a decontamination mitt a small amount of dry product in bottles.

First, I want to say that I reviewed their Vapour-Klenz mask a while back and made some recommendations and I am very happy and surprised that the new mask takes those recommendations into account. The mask now has adjusters so that you can adjust the tension of the elastic straps that hold the mask in place. That was a big fix.

product review fast act mask

The straps pass through an applicator which is still glued onto the mask, but it is done so at the edges away from where you filter the air. The third thing I mentioned had to do with mask fit when people have beards. There is a new, filtering paper sealer around the inside of the mask which helps the mask sit flush to the face even if you have a beard. I don’t know if these changes are in part related to my suggestions, but I am pleased to see these changes.

Why Use a Decontamination Kit?

There is a huge list of reasons why one might need a decontamination kit. Spilled chemicals, such as gasoline, nuclear fallout, chemical warfare, etc. Yes, some of those are heavy duty events, but the kit handles chemical warfare agents and neutralizes them.

In fact, it has a wide range of uses against many different types of chemicals that are as dangerous as agents of chemical warfare and much more common. Those include chemicals that are:

  • Dry
  • Liquid
  • Gaseous/Vapors

That is why the kit contains a mask, dry powder, and a mitt. Together they handle chemical threats that are dry, liquid, or gaseous/vapors. Those include:

  • Acids – mild to caustic
  • Halogenated compounds including VOCs
  • Phosphorus compounds
  • Organic compounds,
  • Caustic gases
  • Acidic gases
  • Etc.

These are all things that we can encounter in our daily lives. A tanker truck wreck on the road, an explosion at a fertilizer plant, A fire at a refinery, etc. Even a leaky battery or a spilled bottle of bleach is cause for concern.

The Fast-Act kit handles all these types of situations.

Is there a place for it in the Prepping Community?

When the kit arrived, it looked military-grade. The mitt comes sealed in an army green packet and the dry powder in ready to dispense bottles that would fit into a belt pocket. The quick and simple answer is yes, this is a product that fits into most prepping families and the reason goes beyond chemical warfare and nuclear fallout.

The product is designed to be portable and that means it is bugout ready and everyday-carry perfect. The place where we are most likely to meet a major chemical assault is on the open road. We’ve all trailed behind one of those tanker trunks with the hazmat placards on them. Some of that stuff is so toxic that it is insanity that it is on the open road.

factory pollution smoke

There are other places too, like at home or work where the risk of encountering a toxic chemical is likely to occur. We can talk about chemtrails and aerosols, gasses from industrial leaks, and liquids too, but the simple fact is that an old refrigerator or AC unit can be leaking Freon. The opportunity to come into contact with a hazardous chemical is pretty high. This product enables us to deal with those threats appropriately or to protect ourselves from further harm.

The Vapour-Klenz mask neutralizes gaseous chemicals before they enter our bodies or destroy our lungs, making this a first line of defense product and suitable for everyday carry. Here is a closer look at what this product does and why it is important.

Fact-Act – First Applied Sorbent Treatment – Against Chemical Threats

It covers threats from liquids, powders, and gases from toxic sources. The products in this kit are non-toxic and they work fast to neutralize chemicals. One of the biggest dangers to chemicals is that many become gas at room temperature, especially those in the Halogen class of chemicals.

These include chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine, and fluorine. Sometimes that transition from liquid to vapor is caustic. Chlorine gas is deadly. It attacks your respiratory system until you can no longer process air and you suffocate. This is a chemical that was used in warfare during World War I.

What should you do in the face of a Chemical Assault?

Part of your prepping plan should include a segment on how to deal with chemicals. Whether you are concerned about vapor trails or casual contact, you should discuss and implement a chemical hazard plan of action. Here is a general way to start:

Step 1: First, put on the mask as it will protect you so that you can function

Step 2: Second, determine the source and isolate it if possible – Close doors, etc.

Step 3: Third neutralize the source – either with the powders or with the mitt. If you have to use equipment to evacuate or to deal with a threat, and the equipment is contaminated, then you would use the mitt to decontaminate the equipment so that it is safe to use.

riot smoke looter

The key to the effectiveness of this product is found in their “special” blend of non-toxic chemicals and substances that neutralize chemical threats and it does so quickly. Adding water to some chemicals makes them more dangerous. Adding chemicals that are proven to neutralize dangerous toxins is essential. That is what Fast-Act does.

I was already happy with the Vapour Klenz mask when I tried it earlier. The mitt I found interesting. It is a plastic glove with a Velcro strap that you use to fasten it in place. The glove is large and will fit most hands if not all.

It has a textile-fiber surface that you wipe over surfaces that you need to neutralize. Inside the fiber is a powder that dusts chemicals as it neutralizes them. You want to be very careful when using the mitt because the powder in the mitt can become airborne and cause your eyes to water.

I used the mitt during a mock exercise to test the kit. I decontaminated the tractor to see how the mitt worked. It did a fine job of dusting the surfaces, but I needed more than one mitt to really do a good job – I had only one.

FAST-ACT Decon Mitt (single Mitt)

That is important information because if you do not have enough supplies, you become injured by the chemicals you are trying to neutralize. One mitt was enough to clean off the controls and steering wheel on the tractor.

It would also have been enough to clean the handles on the doors to the truck so that I could gain access. It would not have been enough to do much more than that. I would have liked a second glove in case I needed to change the bucket or add a tool to the tractor.

The powder in the bottles is just to dump on liquid or you could use it around door sills if needed. They sell this in various sizes and offer a fire extinguisher format too. I did not have one of those to test, but I am contemplating adding one to the truck.

FAST-ACT® Powder Bottle Pack

Their system is easy to use and does not require any other tools or set up. It is ready to deploy when needed. One issue was the shelf life. The mitt had a shelf life that expired in 2022 and it was manufactured in 2017. That is not that long in terms of something you’d want to put in your car kit or bugout bag. It is on par with other items, such as batteries, etc. It would be nice if those items had a longer shelf life.

Recap and Recommendations

Non-toxic, ready to use, and easy to use – are all terms I would employ to describe this product. Needed, helpful, and essential are three others. I like that this product does not require fancy tools or expensive equipment to be ready to work.

I like also that it handles such a wide breadth of chemicals and in many forms – liquid, gas, and solid. Further, you don’t need to hold a HAZMAT certificate to use these. There is also nothing to mix or measure. Just open the container and use.

Is the product needed? Absolutely. There are so many chemicals in a standard household that each of us is going to need something on this level eventually. What I like about this product is that it is safe on so many chemicals.

fire smoke

What do you dump on spilled bleach? How do you clean up battery acid? What about antifreeze? Those are all common chemicals. I shudder to think about what might be in my 97-year-old neighbor’s garage or tool shed. DDT? He is old enough to have used it.

In short, the Fast-Act kit is needed for both the what if’s and the standard uses. The next step for readers is to sit down and develop a chemical plan and then implement it.

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