Everyday Light and Water-Winter Blast Giveaway

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Everyday Light and Water-Winter Blast Giveaway

Often times it is the simplest of things that are missing just when you need them. Some good examples include a Band-Aid or safety pin or even a pen and a piece of paper to write on.

For those of us that like to be prepared for anything, we carry with us is a greatly expanded list of items that includes everything from a roll of duct tape, to some paracord, to food, water and a personal weapon. We have our bug-out-bag, our get home back, our every day carry kit, our travel kit – the list goes on and one.

EcoVessel Innova

With all of this stuff, there are two items that play a prominent role in all of these kits, bags and packs. These are flashlights and water filters/purification devices.

Of course there are lots of other items but today I am going to focus on these just these two. Why? Because I have one of each to offer up to one reader as part of the Winter Blast Giveaway.

The Coolest Key on Your Key Ring – The Inova Microlight

Personally, when it comes to flashlights, I have many of favorites. There is the Blocklite, the Mini Cree and my Streamlight Nano (the itty bitty one). Each serves a purpose. Of all of my flashlights, the most incognito is theInova Microlight which looks like a key.

There are actually two versions of the Inova but I will defer to Shelly (the Survival Husband) to describe them for you.

Flashlight comparison

The original Inova LED Microlight comes with a stainless steel clip for attaching to a key ring, zipper or what have you. It has a multi-function press-type switch for operating its various functions which are bright, dim, strobe type flashing and of course, on and off. It is powered by two 2016 lithium batteries which are included.

There is also available the next generation Inova STS Microlight with a swipe-to-shine touch system. It includes basically the same functions as the original and is powered by two 2032 lithium batteries. The swipe technology has a longer running time (9 hours on high and 64 hours on low) than the original which has an overall rating of 22 hours.

Both flashlights are rated at 16 lumens on the bright mode which I tested at approximately 50 feet. The manufacturer claims the light is visible up to one mile on the signal flashing mode although I only tested it at approximately one half mile at 11:00 PM and found it to be very visible. Although I like both the original and the STS version, I preferred the swipe-and-shine STS version. I also liked the clip attachment on the STS over the stainless steel clip on the original but the Survival Woman preferred the original model. The original Inova Microlight generally costs a few dollars less than the STS but which one you chose is really a matter of a personal judgment.

I really like the fact that these flashlights are small enough to clip onto a key ring. The work great for reading maps and finding something you may dropped in your car. The flashing strobe-like signal will be handy in an emergency.

A Leak-proof Water Bottle – The Aqua Vessel Tritan Filtration Water Bottle

One of the gripes I have about many water bottles is that over time, they leak. Admittedly, the problem is sometimes user error, especially when the top is not put on correctly. Other times, they simply wear out. (And by the way, this applies to reusable coffee cups as well.)

I have been toting around an “Aqua Vessel” Tritan Filter Water Bottle water bottle since August. It gets thrown in the car, in my backpack and even in my suitcase and it has never leaked. As a matter of fact, it still looks brand new. Seriously, can you say that about your water bottles?

how to use ecovessel

Here are the main features of the Aqua Vessel:

  • Removes 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Meets/exceeds NSF Standard 42 & Standard 53 for Cyst Removal
  • Reduces sediment and dirt while improving taste
  • Removes bad odors, bad tastes & chlorine
  • Filters up to 100 gallons of water with replacement filters available

As I mentioned, it is also leak-proof plus it is made in the USA from Eastman Tritan plastic (no BPA, no phthalates). There is a food grade silicone spout and an inner BPA free plastic straw for tilt free drinking. Not that it should matter, but it is quite stylish, too.

Aqua Vessel

The Giveaway

An Innova Microlight and Aqua Vessel Water Filtration Bottle has someone’s name on it, possibly yours. To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments area below:

If you only had room for 3 items in your every day carry kit, what would they be?

This is going to be a quick giveaway with the deadline for your entry at 6:00 PM Pacific on Friday, December 13th. A winner will be selected at random using tools available from the random.org website. Please note that the winner will be announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz and also on the Backdoor Survival Facebook page, and that he or she will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.

The Final Word

According to Wikipedia, every day carry refers to a “small collection of tools, equipment and supplies that are carried on a daily basis to assist in tackling situations ranging from the mundane to the disastrous.”

Gayes EDC

I have to laugh at that since my every day carry items take up more room in my handbag than everything else put together. That said, if someone around me needs something to take care of a common, ordinary, everyday mishap, chances are I have something in my EDC to fix them right up!

Good luck everyone – this is a very fun giveaway!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin: Here are the items mentioned in today’s article plus a few more of my EDC favorites.

Nite Ize/Inova Microlight STS: This is the key shaped flashlight with the “Swipe To Shine” feature. Shelly prefers this model.

Inova Microlight: With this version, you push a button to toggle the light on and off and also to toggle through its various modes. I love this flashlight. (Of course, I tend to love all flashlights, the smaller the better.)

Aqua Vessel Tritan Filter Water Bottle with Flip Straw & 100 Gallon Filter: This is great water bottle. Stylish and sturdy; great for traveling where the hotel water is going to be full of bad tasting, smelly chemicals and who knows what else. The water you drink from this bottle will taste good!

12 Color Pack Bandana – Assorted Colors: This is the #1 seller in the bandana category. Heck, I think that beats Wal-Mart and flea market pricing. Be sure to read How to Use a Bandana to Save the Day.

How to Build the Ultimate Every Day Carry Kit: This eBook from Survival Life is pretty handy and can help you build sort though what should or should not be part of your EDC. It answers the question “What is everyday carry and why do I need it”?

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): You will be surprised at how warm these will keep you. Be sure to test one out in advance so that you have the confidence to trust the blanket in an emergency.

Emergency Essential Monthly 2

I am pretty excited by the Trekker II Emergency Kits. The kit includes 2 packs – one large and one medium – filled with basic survival gear for two people to survive for three days.

Trekker II

Don’t let its compact size fool you—it is loaded with basics and even some extras that lots of kits leave out like water purification tablets, sunscreen, and hygiene items to help you feel more comfortable in a crisis situation. The best part is that it is on sale this month for $87.99 or 40% off.

And don’t forget there is still time to get some RED EMERGENCY CANDLES – including gift bags and bows – for gift-giving off. These are great candles, even for non-emergency purposes.

Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials


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152 Responses to “Everyday Light and Water-Winter Blast Giveaway”

  1. In every vehicle we have a 1st aid kit, flashlight and water. Next to add to that are emergency blankets.My husband carries a lunchbox every day and it has things like knife, fire steel, and paracord. I carry a purse with similar. All of our key sets have a micro flashlight on them, they come in very handy.

  2. one of the smaller multi-tools with micro light (provides a cutting tool, light source, etc.; a good lighter or other ignition source; and a small bag with about 3 Tbs. of sugar (good for a little energy, for “flavoring” water, and can stop the bleeding a small to medium size cut -have done that before)

  3. Actually, my EDC is a small canvas pouch that clips to my pants pocket, and in it is what I consider my three essentials. Multi-tool, LED flashlight, and disposable lighter. Those are the three things I would carry other than what is actually in my pocket.

  4. I guess it’s funny to think that my mom and others had EDC before the term was ever coined! LOL She taught me well – safety pins, band-aids, lotion, tissue, pen, tweezers, pain reliever, hair ties, scissors, etc…
    So 3 must have items besides the normal working day stuff: lighter/fire starter, knife, water purifier tablets.

  5. I’d carry my Leatherman Wave, firestarter kit(hey, in one container so it counts as one item), water filter bottle.

  6. As an old Boy Scout, I say my para-cord bracelet, Leatherman multi-tool ,and a lighter. There are plenty of fresh water spring heads around my area . The Leatherman has saved my buttocks several times while motor biking. The string/para-cord has plenty of uses ( building shelter, snares, weapon assist, bow for fire starting with sticks if lighter gets wet, plus hanging ones self if the crap gets really, really bad…..LOL just kidding on the last part, but think about it anyway!)

  7. 1) Tool Logic SLPB2 Combo Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife With LED Flashlight, Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle.
    2) The Aqua Vessel Tritan Filtration Water Bottle
    3) SOG Power Assist Multitool (tool count 16 – Blackoxide finish)

  8. If I could only carry three EDC items: a Foursevens flashlight, the Swiss Army Knife my dad gave me 20 years ago for my birthday, and a small first aid kit with plenty of Advil.

  9. My everyday carry comes out to about 9 pounds of stuff. I know, I took it all out of my various pockets on a recent checkup at the doctor.

    The three things I consider MOST important?

    Knife (I always have 3 on me. Two is one and one is none!)
    Flint firestarter (I also carry a Bic style lighter, but flint works when wet!)
    Bandanna (sling, both kinds, cordage, carryall, pre-filter, wound dressing, tourniquet, etc., etc., etc…)

  10. Aside from the paracord bracelet, a multi-tool. firestarter and 2 aspirin for the headache I get thinking about what to carry tomorrow

  11. life straw, knife and flashlight. I all ready have a paracord on my keychain and since I smoke a lighter would be in my pocket.

  12. You would have to limit it to three. I’d do better with six but having to make a choice

    water bottle with filter

  13. The three things that would be a must for survival would be something to make a fire with, something to make water drinkable and something to help me make some kind of a shelter. Would love to have the give away stuff. It would make a great addition to my survival gear.

  14. For my imaginary “lost in the wilderness” scenario, the three EDC items I would want are a fixed blade knife, a lighter, and a metal cup. For the far more likely (for me) suburban/office EDC, I’d want a multi tool, a small flashlight, and a water bottle.

  15. For Everyday; flashlight and Swiss Knife set! ( I carry these two in my bag or glove compartment ). I’m assuming NOW, not when TSHTF.

  16. Nebo Flashlight (recharges in car cigarette lighter & is my favorite), resqme car escape tool, leatherman multitool

  17. If you only had room for 3 items in your every day carry kit, what would they be?

    Far too broad of a question so let’s frame it slightly more focused.
    1. If my EDC was for the backcountry, woods, away from civilization I would have the following FIRE making aparatus; WATER purification aparatus; KNIFE.

    2. If we’re talking urban, city, Brooklyn streets then I would have PISTOL Glock 19 with spare mag loaded of course!; FLASHLIGHT; CURRENCY.

  18. I would have to begin with good sunglasses, Ibuprofen and an LED flashlight. There are many more items I would hope to have but these 3 go with me every time in the van.

  19. “If you only had room for 3 items in your every day carry kit, what would they be?”

    A small flashlight, a knife (with a paracord-wrapped handle) and water purification tablets.

  20. My items are a pocket knife, my water bottle, and one of the credit card tools in my wallet. I also frequently have a tactical flashlight.

  21. I don’t have everything I think I should have, but the three things I would carry would be my Survivor HK-106320 Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife 7 Overall WITH FIRE STARTER, a water bottle and some type of shelter.

  22. My 3 would be tennis shoes… comfy socks…food ration bar in 400 calorie parts. This would get me 20 miles to or from home/work or to get to my family

    • I keep a 6″ crescent wrench, a magnesium fire starter, and my spyderco knife plus a lot of
      other things. I gain several pounds when I dress but I will survive!

  23. I posted earlier but now I don’t see it listed. Thus I am repeating. Sorry if this violates your rules. My three things would be the Boy Scout Fieldbook (preferably one from about 30 or more years ago) which has most of the information needed to make a fire, purify water, make shelters etc. Number two on the list would be a quality pocket knife (not necessarily one of those multi tool things) and third, a deck of cards cause if I get lost I can start playing solitaire and someone will show up to tell me I missed a play (grin). Actually my third choice would be a copy of Euell Gibbons book called something like In Search of the Wild Asparagus to help identify edible food. I think with those three items I could survive most anywhere.

  24. My three items that I carry everyday currently are my filtering water bottle, pocket knife, and lip balm. Works for me. These three are pretty much always on my person.

  25. In my pocket at all times cell phone , pocket knife , flash light ( tiny led )

    my purse is another matter. small first aid kit, lighter, pepper spray

  26. Pistol, multi-tool and a SureFire LED light … and only long enough to get to the BOB and it’s more extensive selection of tools

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