Summer 2014 Book Festival: Duct Tape 911-The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 4, 2019

Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the Summer 2014 Backdoor Survival Book Festival.  James Hubbard aka The Survival Doctor is the author of Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together.

You might remember James from the Fall/Winter 2013 Book Festival where we featured his book Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid: Fundamentals for Survival.  This time around, he takes duct tape, that ubiquitous prepper basic, and shows us how to use this inexpensive prep to work minor medical miracles.  Not only that, each of the 23 amazing medical uses for duct tape is accompanied by lots of drawings so that you can easily follow along and truly do-it-yourself!

911 Duct Tape 470

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

An Encore Interview with James Hubbard

Given your background, knowledge, and experience, what do you feel are the three most important survival or prepping skills?

Knowing how to make water clean enough for drinking, knowing how to shoot and hunt, knowing how to treat common medical problems.

Water filter
Water collection barrels
Non-perishable food
Tent, tarp, or blankets
Sleeping bag
Duct tape
Safety pins
Raw honey
Sodium hypochlorite
Betadine solution
Latex-free tape
Pulse oximeter
Blood pressure cuff
Cheap stethoscope
Gun of choice and plenty of ammunition
A couple of good survival books

To what extent does your family participate in your personal preparedness efforts?

We keep supplies, adding to them periodically, know medical and other survival skills.

What is your favorite survival or pepping book?  It can be fiction or non-fiction.

Of course, mine, “Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid” and “SAS Survival Handbook.”

Do you have anything else that you would like to share with the readers on Backdoor Survival?

Just recently someone who had read my book, and never thought they’d need it, probably saved a life by stopping for a bad wreck and placing a belt tourniquet around a person’s arm that was severely bleeding.

The Book Giveaway

A copy of Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together has been reserved for one lucky reader.  To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.  There are a couple of options including a “free for everyone” entry that requires just a single click. Easy peasy!

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Thursday with the winner notified by email and announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The “Rafflecopter”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Final Word

In reviewing James’ list of supplies, my first thought was wow, this is a darn good list of supplies for someone that is just getting started.  But heck, the list also includes a few things missing from my own preps, the pulse oximeter, and betadine solution, for example.  This tells me that the list is useful to more experienced preppers as well.

Still, as with all things preparedness, purchase your supplies over a period of time, spending what you can afford.  And please, don’t forget the Duct Tape!

This is a fun and eminently useful book.  Good luck with the giveaway.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together

911 Duct Tape 380

In “Duct Tape 911,” you will learn how to save lives and survive for days on end with various medical problems when you can’t get professional help–all with everyone’s favorite does-it-all supply. You’ll get easy-to-follow instructions–straight from The Survival Doctor–for how to use duct tape to:

  • Make eyeglasses–lenses and all (using pinhole technology to focus vision)
  • Remove a ring from a swollen finger and cactus spines from a foot
  • Make an ankle brace, wrist splint, and sling
  • Close a deep wound to prevent infection
  • Remove a wart
  • Protect your skin from waterborne diseases during a flood
  • Make a tourniquet
  • Stop a lung from collapsing
  • … and more!

This unique, do-it-yourself guide is for handymen and handywomen, survivalists and campers, knowledge buffs, health fanatics, and everyone who wants to be prepared. After a natural disaster, while camping, or when the grid goes down, you may not have the best medical supplies.

So get your hands on some duct tape, and tape yourself together!

Bargain Bin:  Today is all about books.  Listed below are all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Book Festival. There are both fiction and non-fiction titles and a bit of something for everyone.

Note:  If you covet an e-Book reader, consider the Kindle.  And if not, at the very least pick up the free Kindle app so that you can read Kindle books on your PC or favorite electronic device.

Summer 2014 Book Festival #6 – Fiction

Day After Disaster
Jingling Our Change (Liberty Dying Series Book 1)
Nanny State Nightmare (Liberty Dying Book 2)
The Shadow Patriots
Survivor Max: Too Smart to Die
Collective Retribution
Event Horizon (The Perseid Collapse Post Apocalyptic Series Book 2)
Forsaking Home
Sanctuary: A Postapocalyptic Novel
299 Days: The War
Bishop’s Song (Holding Their Own Book 6)

Summer 2014 Book Festival #6 – Non-Fiction

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch
Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival: The Essential Guide for Family Preparedness
The Practical Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies
The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness: Life-Saving Skills, Supplies, Tactics, and Plans
Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together
The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster
Countdown to Preparedness: The Prepper’s 52 Week Course to Total Disaster Readiness


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Whether you simply want to prepare for natural disasters or whether you believe the world is headed toward a major food crisis, this book is for you. It covers basic tips and techniques you can use to stock your food storage pantry so that you can be assured that your family will have food to eat, no matter what.



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71 Responses to “Summer 2014 Book Festival: Duct Tape 911-The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together”

  1. I’ve never heard of a pulse oximeter. Why would it be helpful?

    • A pulse oximeter is good for measuring an accurate pulse, and measuring oxygen levels in your blood– fast & easy way to determine if pneumonia might be an issue, or congestive heart failure, or a number of other possible hard to detect issues. They’re usually about $50, not a lot of money for such a useful tool.

  2. I once used duct tape to patch a hole in my poncho. It’s still holding a year later!

  3. There must be a million things that duct tape is used for, and I’ve probably used it for a thousand of them. Can’t really say any were amazing. Have a rip in the sleeve of my coat taped now. I’ve taped wires together, suspended wires, sealed air leaks around a window air conditioner, patched a broken car window, picked up lint, held wood in place for nailing, used small pieces on mosquito bites to stop the itch… I could continue, but the list might get booring! 🙂

  4. During my last camping trip, I discovered a rip in my sleeping bag with the stuffing coming out. Not any more with the help on my trusty roll of duct tape.

  5. Not sure if I used duct tape or electrical tape but I used some black tape around my water bottle for a portable solar water heater. Now freeze dried food doesn’t require a fire but it does take a little longer.

  6. “What is your own amazing use for duct tape?”

    This will actually go with the book! Back in 1986, while working in the carnival, I ended up breaking the bones in my left hand right across the middle of all 4 of them to the point of compound fractures! Well, we where out in the boonies and the nearest medical facility was like 45 minutes away. We where almost finished tearing down everything and I would have been left behind.

    With the help of 2 really good friends, we rest my bones, made a padded board of shims, toilet paper and tape, put that under my hand/wrist/forearm, wrapped an ace around that then secured it all with duct tape. that held really good til we got to the next spot where i then went to the hospital er – got xrays and they just put on a real cast, saying our ‘field dressing’ did the job correctly!

    i now make sure that i have at least 6 large rolls with in 3-6 feet of me every where in the house and in all my gear!

  7. I often use duct tape but not for anything amazing. My last uses of duct tape were to get squash bug eggs off the zuke plants and to tape the freezer door to keep my grandson from opening it (and subsequently not closing it).

  8. Duct tape can: hold up the underside of a car’s front bumper after hitting numerous potholes last crazy winter.

  9. I used duct tape and plastic to cover a rear window in my car.

  10. Duct tape is a staple in our house, always has been. Patching holes, binding broken pieces together, fixing hems on dresses/skirts, labels on frozen foods, the list goes on forever.

  11. I’ve used duct tape to repair a hole in a tent. Worked really well!

  12. Duct Tape has so many great uses! Can’t wait to read this book for more ideas!

  13. Duct tape. What a wonderful thing! I’ve used it in so many different ways over the years, but I learned from some of the best. My grandpa had this old Snapper riding lawnmower. I swear the only thing holding it together was duct tape. So a short list is repairing tents and chairs while camping, taping the handle to my plastic garden tote back together, taping up the spines of our toddler’s well loved books, first aid, and taping up boxes for moving or mailing (tho the post office really hates the latter). I’m sure there are a ton more things we’ve used duct tape for and we keep 3-4 rolls in the house just because.

  14. AND it was invented by a woman!!!

  15. Don’t really have any yet

  16. My husband and son use duct tape….guys seem to think duct tape works for anything! I haven’t tried it, but it’s in my emergency kit, because I know it has many uses…would love to read this book to learn some of them.

  17. We have used Duct tape for quite a few things over the years. When a spring popped a hole in the back of my husbands recliner, we duct taped it. We used it to make a cardboard box “fort” sturdier for my toddler. When I was younger we would tape up our shoes if they got a hole. And I have used it many times when I didn’t have a lint roller lol

  18. The ‘Red and Green Show’ he used duct tape for everything. Sealing a box for shipment, the greenhouse, make a handle on an ax, ect

  19. Darn! I almost forgot – you can also use it to hold duct work together!
    Which, rumor says, is where it got it’s name.

  20. I carry duct tape in my suitcase in case the zipper breaks, or I have another need for it.

  21. My Mother had been having trouble with her oven door not closing. So last year while trying to cook our holiday dinner, I used duct tape to keep the oven door closed.

  22. I scar easily, bet this would work instead of stitches!

  23. Duct tape has a bright side and a dark side and holds the universe together.
    I sure wish some channel was running the Red Green show re-runs. A good example of what duct tape can do.

    • I used to watch those as a kid and really do miss them! Nobody knows what I talk about when I mention them! 🙂

  24. I’ve used it for so many things I wouldn’t be without it. Used it one time when I was camping like butterfly bandages to hold my arm together until I could get to the ER for stitches.

  25. I hope I win thanks

  26. Oh,Oh Oh, I want this!

  27. This book looks like a great addition to the prepper library.

  28. I have a book titled, Vinegar, Duck Tape and Milk. A myriad of things to do with threes three items. I would also add Baking Soda to this list, it can save your life.
    I can’t really see an oximeter being of any use, remember, why would you want something that takes up space and can’t be used for other things.
    Sorry a Leatherman Tool would be much more useful.

  29. For years I thought it was called duck tape! I think some people still do.

    • I think it was originally “duct” tape, but when people heard the name they thought it was “duck” tape. Now there is both duct and duck tape. Also gorilla tape. So, basically I think you can call it either and be correct. Regardless of what you call it, it’s very useful!! 🙂

  30. I never leave home without a roll of Duct tape! Thanks for another give away!

  31. My daughter made a wallet out of duct tape.

  32. My father was a mechanic and growing up I learned that duct tape, or hundred mile an hour tape when it was used on the race car, was good for whatever needed fixing. I am not at all surprised to learn it is as useful holding organic chassis together though they may not need to race a hundred miles an hour.

  33. The ripped holes in my wheelchair seat.

  34. Always have some in the house, use it frequently!

  35. I’ve used duct tape for everything from making an emergency repair to my car [tape and two strong lengths of wood to jury rig the rear axle] to taping a fellow soldier’s sprained ankle on a march.

  36. Would love the book! I already have duct tape in my medical kit and have thought about using it to help make a splint, but the book would help me know how to put it to fuller use.

  37. It makes a great belt when you’re lacking one. A good hat, too.

  38. I have decided that I want to take certain survival elements from this article and have my daughter prepare accordingly… She is home schooled and because we live in South Africa, it is so necessary for our children to know what to do in an emergency… Helps them think for themselves…
    Thanx for great articles…

  39. a friend uses brown on her wood floor for aesthetics since a flood damaged it

  40. I used duct tape all the time when I worked in college admissions…it was great for mounting paper signs and posters on brick walls for open houses and other recruiting events. All other types of tape would fail within minutes.

  41. A supply for the FIRST AID KIT if ACTIVATED CHARCOAL available for the pet/fish section of the pet store or WalMart was strongly suggested, its properties for drawing our poison from bug bites/SPIDER bites, pre-infected briars scrathes and, in a dire emergency situation with no medical treatment readily available; SNAKE BITES! As I understood the posted suggestion, the crushed/powdered need to be immediately applied to the wound so as to immediately begin drawing out the poison.
    Those of you who are medical trained folks please comment.
    Many years agao; that is why i can recall exactly; Florida everglades dwellers had a home rehemcy poltus made from a rotting very foul smelling animal – cow kidney perhaps- organ, (I can’t remember whether it was a kidney or not) that was used on poison snake bites and perhaps some of you folks that saw or read of this will remember.

  42. Thank you all for the great ideas. We have Duct Tape in virtually every room of the house, every car and in the camping gear. I once had to replace a broken rifle sling during a hunt. It worked so good, I have kept it to this day.

  43. I had never thought of using duct tape for medical emergencies. I have some on hand but have not had many chances to use it. The book would be very helpful in thinking out of the box!

  44. Duct tape is GREAT! I am currently using it to help get rid of a wart.

  45. wart removal.

  46. I use it to fix a lot of things but the funniest was duct taping the hem of my dress after I had caught my heel in it on the way to a job interview.That’s all I had in the car with me at the time. Oh yeah I got the job

  47. I don’t think I really have any amazing uses for duct tape, but it tends to be my go-to-tape for a lot of things. Fixed a rip in my painting jeans when we were working on a place 20 miles from home. Used it to hold a drivers side car window in place when it became disengaged from the power window mechanism. Taped a blanket over a bedroom window to make it dark enough in there to sleep during the daytime. Taped a rip in my lawn mower seat to keep water out and to keep it from getting worse until it can be fixed. and at least a thousand other things I can’t think off off the top of my head.

  48. In my kitchen, in the garage, in the car and in my craft show kit. Always grabbing it for something! So out of curiosity, how do you decide who the winners are? Random picks, most clever comments, a dart toss? I enter many online contests but most don’t tell you how they determine winners…inquiring minds want to know. BTW I’m happy for whoever is selected and blessed with knowledge 🙂

    • Never mind. I got it, auto selected by program.

  49. Its hard to say anything new about duct tape, if you think it might work for something, it probably will.

  50. I’ve used duct tape to fix soles of my shoes back on, a hole in a canoe, rip in the back of my pants, cracked tool handles, and to sew a friends skin closed from a bad cut.

  51. Looks like an interesting and informative book. Who doesn’t have duct tape in multiple locations and who couldn’t learn how to make better use of it? Thanks for the contest.

  52. No matter how great your pulse oximeter is, nothing can replace a good stethoscope and blood pressure cuff when used together by someone who is trained how to use them. I would add an inexpensive portable doppler device for finding blood flow on extremities OR for use if a woman is pregnant or could become pregnant. It’s another great way for you to hear the baby’s heart beat.

  53. I patched the bottom of my lawn mower bag. It was full of holes from being dragged around to much.

  54. Seriously? We live on a small farm and have used duct tape for everything from crafts with the kids, to splints, to creating a “ball” on the end of a goat’s horn to keep him from hurting us. It’s held tomato plants to trellises, held grafts onto trees, and repaired fences. Indispensable duct tape!!

  55. use it for EVERYTHING!! must be a million uses for it…crafts, repairs; house, cars, body, lol, good for indoor and outdoor. just recently, I used it to fix my eyeglasses, not dorky looking though, made it a fashion statement 🙂 if duck/duct tape or wd 40 cant fix it, your screwed!! LOL

  56. We always have duct tape around, and use it for so many things, this is interesting about using it for first aid.

  57. Duct tape is awesome for so many things

  58. We used it to “fix” a rust hole in my mom’s trunk of her then ’77 Nova – put tape inside and out and it held for 5 years until the car finally died. The taps was still holding strong.

  59. Nothing amazing, but we did use duct tape to help keep a freezer door shut.

  60. I once used some duct tape to keep an above the knee panty hose run from spreading. That was years ago! Sounds like an interesting book. Haven’t thought about using duct tape for lots of first aid situations.

  61. We always bring Duct tape with us on all travels, I have used it to patch up a torn suitcase. I also have duct tape on my car, to hold wiggly parts in place!

  62. I love duct tape – hubby thinks I’m crazy!

  63. Duct tape is amazing stuff. I never go anywhere without duct tape in my truck or car and I have a separate roll at home just in case.

  64. Lots of great ideas here!!!

  65. I work construction and not only have I used duct tape to cover up & seal off a cut I’ve seen many others utilize duct tape for quick first aid of a open wound. Yeah we have access to band-aids but going to safety for something minor as a cut would result in a safety investigation to pretty much conclude what you did wrong that could have prevented the incident.

    • That is an interesting perspective I had not considered. No Band-Aid = no paperwork, right?

  66. Duct tape placed over a bandage or a bit of gauze works far better than moleskin for foot blisters or heel cracks.


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