Summer Book Festival and Giveaway: Don’t Be a Victim by John Elliott

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Summer Book Festival and Giveaway: Don’t Be a Victim by John Elliott

summer book festival 2013_01Today I share the next author interview and book giveaway in the Backdoor Survival Summer Book Festival. John Elliott, the author of Don’t Be A Victim!: An Officer’s Advice on Preventing Crime, shares his answers to my questions and is also providing one of my readers with a free copy of his book.

Before we begin, I would like to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway.

“Momwithaprep” has won a copy of the “The Survival Medicine Handbook.” Congratulations! I have contacted you by email with instructions for claiming your book.

Here is how Momwithaprep answered the question “What is the main topic you would like to learn about in The Survival Medicine Handbook?”

“I would love to learn more about suture and deep wound care!”

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Tell me about your book, Don’t Be a Victim. What is it about?

The book is intended as an easy-to-read guide about how to avoid becoming the victim of crime.

Every category of crime is covered, along with easy-to-understand guidelines so that the average person can confidently live a joy-filled life without the nagging fear that he or she is being targeted by criminals.

What type of research did you have to do while writing Don’t Be a Victim?

I spent 44 years working in various law enforcement capacities here in the United States and abroad. Part of that time was spent working with Interpol in France, and much of the time involved working as an investigator while solving most major case crimes.

How long did it take to write?

Once all of my notes and references were completed and re-checked, the actual writing time was relatively short, about two years.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading Don’t Be a Victim?

The one message I would hope your readers come away with after reading this book is that they no longer have to fear that in some way they will be victimized. Part of that is the understanding that each of us holds the answer to the question “Is there anything that can be done so that I and my family remain safe and free from crime?”

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I am the father of two wonderful daughters, and the grandfather of six, three girls and three boys. I grew up in England, and much of my educational background is from the United Kingdom. I hold a BS in business, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate degree.

Because of the work I did in law enforcement, as well as working concurrently on a contractual basis with the U.S. Department of State and with Mossad in Israel, I was taught languages, some fluently. I am retired now and concentrate on writing and speaking.

Do you have plans for another book?

Don’t Be a Victim is my seventeenth book, and I have several others in the works, so the short answer is Yes.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

My hope and prayer, my desire, is that every reader who finishes this book comes away a more confident and self-assured individual, unafraid of what before was the unknown, and now aware and ready for whatever may confront them.


A copy of Don’t Be A Victim!: An Officer’s Advice on Preventing Crime been reserved for one lucky reader.  This week’s question is more of a poll than a question:

If the SHTF, will crime be more or a problem, less of a problem, or about the same?

To enter, respond in the comments area at the end of this article. The deadline is 6:00 AM Pacific next Friday. A winner will be selected at random using tools on the website.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.

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There are many factors that contribute to being a victim, many of which are outside our sphere of control.  That said, having a proper mindset as well as some street savvy will help you prevail when confronted by bad guys.  For a more detailed discussion of this topic, read Are You Street Smart? Urban Survival Tips for the Street Savvy.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Spotlight Item:   This week’s spotlight is Don’t Be A Victim!: An Officer’s Advice on Preventing Crime.

Don't be a victimPeople are planning for world changing, collapse of society events in droves; from flu pandemics to potential electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). While this is a goal worth pursuing, the odds that any of these events will happen during an individual’s lifetime are dramatically low.

A mass killing, where four or more people (not including the shooter) are killed, happens about every two weeks. While it is prudent to be prepared for catastrophes that could weaken or destroy a fragile social structure, we should not do so at the expense of guarding ourselves from threats that we are more likely to encounter.

Written by a law enforcement veteran who has worked for police agencies across the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice and INTERPOL, Don’t Be a Victim, offers common sense strategies to help prevent crime, protect your home, and keep your family safe from criminals.

Bargain Bin: Listed below are all of the books in the Backdoor Survival Summer Reading List. There are both fiction and non-fiction titles and a bit of something for everyone. Also, some of these books are Kindle e-books but you do not need a Kindle to read Kindle e-books. Simply download the free Kindle app from the Amazon site and you are good to go.

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Holding Their Own IV: The Ascent
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40 Responses to “Summer Book Festival and Giveaway: Don’t Be a Victim by John Elliott”

  1. My only fear in most disaster situations would be other people, in other words, crime! Leave my family alone and we can survive, but add threats from the desperate people who did not prepare for disaster and we have a major problem. We live in a rural area with a small city close by and I often wish we were several miles further in the country.

  2. Crime will increase due to everyone will be in self preservation mode. There will be those that are not prepared and will feel the need to do whatever it takes to survive. It’s human nature.

  3. Way more of a problem. Where I live(on a peninsula) we will run out of food and essentials very quickly. Everyone needs to be more prepared, myself included!

  4. Unfortunately, in a SHTF situation crime will most definitely increase, at least in the beginning. When the handouts stop, those people who are used to the free ride will panic and come to take from you directly… If they can. Be prepared!

  5. Hungary people will seek food any and everywhere. Once the groceries, gas stations, etc. are emptied out they will start hitting apartments and homes. If your home looks undefended and somewhat affluent… watch out because you’ll be one of the first to go. Eventually roving bands of thugs will go from house to house taking anything that they can use. Families will have to band together, or call them ‘tribes’ if you will, since they may or may not be related other than in the fact that they are trying to survive. Prepare now for that day; and pray today that you won’t need those preps.

    • Ruby. These roving bands of “tribes” will eventually become organized. The strongest “tribe” will have a “warlord”. This strong warlord will come to you and it will be like “join us or die”. He will have the ability to over run you and leave you with nothing, in which case, you will die. You will join him.
      As part of you being a member of his tribe, he will protect you and your belongings. Your participation will require you to “donate”, like a tax, to him what he needs. This is much better than having a roving band taking everything from you including your life. A strong warlord will protect you and you will be happy to be under his protection.
      A strong warlord will be like the government. He will protect you, and as with income taxes with the government, instead of giving money,(the more you have, the more you will give), you will be giving him the essentials of life, mostly food, guns, and ammo.
      This is my thinking.

  6. i think crime will be more of a problem at first anyway (by that I mean a few years). then as we find a new norm crime will be about the same.

  7. In a true SHTF world, we will not have electricity. The first problems that arise with no electricity is no news as to what is going on, only rumors. No radio, no TV. If you have a battery powered radio, will the radio station have an emergency generator, or will they know what is going on to give you solid information? After the food in the refrigerator has gone bad, still no news, no stores to get food, this will take just a few days. Not knowing what is going on in the world, hungry, spouse and children complaining, this is if you are not a prepper, you are about to join others in your area that are about to become a prepper’s worst nightmare. The police will be home trying to take care of their families. No police, roving bands of hungry people, and you know some of these hungry people have guns. YES. Crime is going to skyrocket, and if you are a prepper and live through the first wave of marauders, then you may use your long term survival goodies. Lets all hope Gaye has told us all me need to know. I hope Gaye gets a smile out of that…

    • @John – Yes, smiling. And thinking about putting a whole bunch of M&Ms in sealed jars so I can use them as Prepper tranquilizers when the time comes.

  8. In rural ares it will remain near the same , with sporadic incidents by certain less lawful elements . In urban areas it will start out at near normal levels , but quickly escalate to sheer madness and rampant violence .

  9. As retired military, I’ve seen it happen before. As soon as SHTF, riots and looting will break out, most police forces will be too out numbered to do any real good, and then those in charge will declare martial law. Then the criminal elements will move outside the cities. If you live in the rural areas as I do, the county sheriffs department is at least 30 minutes away, if you can get through on the phone. You must be prepared to defend what you have from those who want to take it. This probably the worst case scenario, but you have to be prepped for it. Better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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