Do Old Geezers Think or Care About SHTF?

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Do Old Geezers Think or Care About SHTF?

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The term old geezer has been around for as long as I can remember with the common definition being “an elderly man that is extremely old”.  That seems like an oxymoron to me but what do I know?

Wikipedia has this to say:  “Geezer is a slang term for a man. In the UK, it can carry the connotation of either age or eccentricity. In the US, the term typically refers to a cranky old man.”  Okay, so an old geezer is both eccentric and cranky.

Do Old Geezers Think or Care About SHTF? | Backdoor Survival

I would like to soften that definition a bit.  To me, an old geezer is someone who has lived life for awhile, learned a lot from the school of hard knocks, and yet, in spite of age or other limitations, has a healthy curiosity about things unknown. An old geezer can be 40 or 80, and can be a man or a woman.  On many occasions, I have thought of myself as an “old geezer”.  Now that we have set aside a definition, today I ask and answer:  Do old geezers think or care about SHTF?

My answer is: Of course they do!

For the past couple of months, the concept of old geezers and prepping has been something I have given a lot of thought to. Perhaps it is because of the questions I get in comments and emails, or perhaps it is simply the recognition that many folks, regardless of age, are hungry for more than the simple basics of preparedness.  They thirst for material that melds mindset and inspiration with the tactical and practical aspects of prepping,  Heck, I seek that out for myself every single day of the week.

And then there is a popular website (name withheld to protect the guilty) that recently posted an article on prepping for seniors and suggested if you had relatives in their sixties, to stock up on Depends and obtain names of assisted living facilities that were prepper friendly.  Sixty?  Good grief!

Regardless of your age and where you are in your preparedness efforts, I feel safe in assuring you that old geezers do indeed care not only about prepping, and SHTF, but a lot of other things as well.

Prepping Gear That I Love

Last week I tested a new flashlight, this time from “LEDNut”.  This style of heavier, more powerful flashlights have become a new favorite.

This particular model, the LED Nut XML-T6, is priced at the low end of that range and so far performs as well as the others I own that are similar.  It comes with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery, charger, and an adapter for AAA batteries.

LEDNut XML-T6 | Backdoor Survival

Will it ever replace all of those Blocklites and mini crees I own.  No, not really because this is not what I would call a pocket flashlight.  That said, when I take Tucker the Dog out at night, this is the flashlight I use.  Given that it has a powerful beam that extends 1,000 feet, it is also better for walking at night and tactical purposes.

The Final Word

At the risk of sounding frivolous, there are days when we all take preparedness too seriously.  I feel there is room for all of us to laugh a little, even at ourselves, while we continue to examine how we are going to prepare for uncertain times.

Will there be an honest-to-goodness “lights out” cyber attack?  Is the Second Great Depression right around the corner?  Is the government going to round up prepper-types and confiscate our land, food, and arms for the greater good?

These questions have no age.  I hear them asked by twenty-somethings and by eighty-somethings,  And so, I say it again.  Yes, indeed.  Old geezers absolutely do think, care, and prepare for when the stuff hits the fan.

Old or young, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this subject.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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31 Responses to “Do Old Geezers Think or Care About SHTF?”

  1. So, I’m reading this article this morning about us old geezers, then I see the dates on the replies several months ago. Oh well, if no one reads my reply, I’ll just call it therapy in being able to write this anyway.

    I recently turned seventy years old and although I am fairly healthy, I do have some physical liabilities I have to deal with, such as bad knees and limited energy. I have been a prepper for several years and have had to readjust my idea of what I will do in a shtf scenario. My ideas had to change too because our situation has changed in that we have moved to a different location. We bought a couple of acres in the piney woods of east Texas. We have six good laying hens that keep us well supplied with eggs and although we got here too late to plant a fall garden, I certainly have one planned for the spring. We keep a food supply of canned goods on hand as well as a supply of long term emergency rations ( some commercial and some prepared ourselves). We are surrounded by national forest, so with some effort, meat will be available. And, of course, I have my guns. Suffice it to say, I have enough ammunition to last awhile, although I truly hope I never see having to resort to using them in my lifetime.

    At one time, I studied and practiced survival skills. As I get older, I will most likely bug in instead of bugging out. That said, my bug out bag is well supplied and sitting behind the door.

    Survival in a shtf situation will certainly be more challenging as our age advances, but as for me, I’ll never lay down and roll over. If I have to crawl, then crawl I will.

    • I read it man.
      Pretty good reply and right on.
      Don’t forget the vodka. Last forever, great trade item and very therapeutic during the end of time!

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