Disasters 101: A List for Those That Think It Will Never Happen

Avatar for Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: August 24, 2021
Disasters 101: A List for Those That Think It Will Never Happen

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Disasters come in all flavors.  If you are reading this blog, you probably know that but still, there is a huge contingent that thinks “it will never happen to me”.  Think again.

Today, for the uninitiated who are considering the prepper lifestyle but have not committed,  I have prepared a list of varying types of emergencies from natural, mother earth types, to the horrific, man-made types.  Read through the list and you will understand why you need to adopt a family preparedness lifestyle.

Disaster 101

Mother Earth: Natural Disasters and Destructive Weather

  • Severe storms
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Tsunamis
  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcano eruptions
  • Typhoons
  • Tropical storms
  • Heat waves
  • Ice storms
  • Forest fires

Disease and Medical Disasters

  • Pandemics
  • E-Coli
  • Food poisoning
  • Infectious diseases
  • AIDS and other immune system disorders
  • Personal sickness

Environmental Degradation & Crisis

  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Tainted farmland
  • Global warming, weather man-made or part of a natural cycle

Economic Collapse

  • Depression or recession
  • Massive unemployment
  • Civil unrest and riots
  • Monetary system failure
  • Food shortage
  • Home foreclosure
  • Bank failure

Technology and Other Failures

  • Power grid failures
  • Nuclear plant melt-downs
  • Refinery explosions and fires

Weapons of Mass Destruction and Worse

  • Anthrax
  • Dirty bomb
  • Chemical or biological attack
  • Terrorist attack
  • Nuclear war
  • World war

The Final Word

Yes, the list of scary and hopefully, some of these disasters, especially the last section, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” will never occur (or shall I say never occur again).  But there are no guarantees.  The best we can do is be prepared.  With preparation we will still have fear – but we will also have the knowledge and the tools to do the very best we can to survive in the most dire of circumstances.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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17 Responses to “Disasters 101: A List for Those That Think It Will Never Happen”

  1. An Excellent list from all. BUT, there is no attention getter. Anyone who reads this is going to think , “Oh, that will happen to everyone else, but not me”. If you don’t have a dramatic story that is going to effect me, why should I pay attention. That is why so many people don’t pay attention.

  2. THANKS: you listed all the things that I want to happen to a lot of people I know and those that I know via news. I hope it happens to all very soon.

  3. My list:

    1. A New Messiah
    2. A new Persian Empire
    3. Active shooter at public venue/business
    4. Active shooter at school/college campus
    5. Addictive Entertainment
    6. Advanced Technology disaster
    7. Agenda 21
    8. Airplane crash
    9. Anarchy
    10. Antibiotic resistant bacteria
    11. Armageddon
    12. Atmospheric River storm/severe flooding
    13. Automotive accident
    14. Avalanche
    15. Aztlan/Reconquista Uprising
    16. Bank closure/failure/mandated bank holiday
    17. Bath Salt drug zombies
    18. Becoming a refugee
    19. Becoming lost in the megalopolis
    20. Becoming lost in the wilderness
    21. Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (fungi/pesticide/parasites) crop pollination failures
    22. Biblical flood
    23. Biblical plagues
    24. Biological war/attack
    25. Black hole appearance
    26. Blackout
    27. Blizzard
    28. Boat wreck/ship wreck
    29. Brownout
    30. Carrington Event/Massive solar flare
    31. Celestial object impact/near miss
    32. Chemical war/attack
    33. Civil war
    34. Civilian disarmament
    35. Cloning of dangerous plants/animals
    36. Cloning of humans
    37. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
    38. Communication restrictions
    39. Crime wave
    40. Crop failures
    41. Dam failure/collapse
    42. Dangerous wildlife confrontation
    43. Dark matter/anti-matter incident
    44. Declining drinking water aquifer levels
    45. Drinking water aquifer contamination/poisoning
    46. Drought
    47. Dust bowl
    48. Earth Core Cooling
    49. Earth orbit shift
    50. Earthquake
    51. Eco-system collapse
    52. Electro Magnetic Pulse attack (EMP attack)
    53. Electro Magnetic Pulse from coronal mass ejection or other solar activity
    54. Encroachment of drinking water aquifers by seawater
    55. Environmental disaster
    56. Epidemic
    57. Ethnic war
    58. Evidence of extraterrestrials
    59. Extraterrestrial biological contamination
    60. Fire storm
    61. Flash mob violence/criminal event
    62. Flash flood
    63. Food shortages/price increases
    64. Forest fire/wild fire
    65. Fuel shortages/price increases
    66. Fungal infections of food staples crops
    67. Gamma ray burst from neutron star collision
    68. Global cooling/Ice Age
    69. Global nuclear war
    70. Global warming
    71. Gold/PM recall
    72. Gold/PM restrictions
    73. Government Tyranny
    74. Grand Alignment induced tectonic activity
    75. Ground surface tilt/rise/subsidence from tectonics/magma movement
    76. Gulf Stream shutdown/subsidence
    77. Hail
    78. Hazmat incident
    79. Heat wave
    80. Hostage situation
    81. Hostile extraterrestrials
    82. House/apartment/building fire
    83. Hurricane
    84. Hypercane
    85. Ice Storm
    86. Infrastructure collapse/failures
    87. Invasion of the US
    88. Invasive plant and animal species
    89. Kidnapped
    90. Lahar
    91. Landslide/mudslide
    92. Large scale JIT delivery failures
    93. Limited nuclear war/attack
    94. Limnic eruption
    95. Local major accident (aircraft/auto/rail/building)
    96. Local major crime
    97. Local/regional gun grab
    98. Lockdown at school/college campus
    99. Lockdown at work/business
    100. Loss of job
    101. Magnetic pole shift
    102. Major conventional war
    103. Major economic depression
    104. Major nuclear power plant incident
    105. Martial Law
    106. Massive tectonic activity
    107. Maunder Minimum low sunspot cycle triggered ice age
    108. Medical emergency
    109. Mega Tsunami (La Palma, West Antarctic Ice Sheet)
    110. Mega Volcano (Yellowstone Caldera)
    111. Methane Hydrate release
    112. National bankruptcy/default
    113. Nationwide/global economic breakdown
    114. Nemesis induced Oort Cloud meteorite rain
    115. New colonial activity (Fr., Sp., Port., It., Germ., Japan, China, Russia, UK, Brazil, Ven.)
    116. New, more restrictive assault weapons ban
    117. New World Order (NWO)
    118. Out of control bio-genetics/bio-technology
    119. Out of control Nano-technology/robotics
    120. Overpopulation
    121. Ozone layer depletion
    122. Pandemic/Syndemic pandemic
    123. Peaceful extraterrestrials
    124. Peak oil
    125. Personal financial breakdown
    126. Personal/family catastrophic illness
    127. Pestilence
    128. Political unrest/backlash
    129. Pyroclastic flow
    130. Racial war
    131. Rainforest deforestation
    132. Rampant inflation
    133. Rapid Population Decline
    134. Refugees
    135. Regional climate change
    136. Released/escaped dangerous zoo/circus animals
    137. Religious war
    138. Resource war
    139. Rogue Military Activity
    140. Rotational pole shift
    141. Runaway GM food plant failure/cross contamination
    142. Safe deposit box (non-bank) restrictions/closures
    143. Sand/dust storms/Haboob
    144. Sea level drop
    145. Sea level rise
    146. Second coming
    147. Sentient computer(s) take over
    148. Severe Lightning
    149. Shipwrecked/marooned
    150. Shortages of goods and services for a variety of reasons
    151. Sinkholes
    152. Slow rise flood
    153. Social break down
    154. Solar radiation increase/decrease
    155. State bankruptcy/default
    156. Strikes/boycotts/embargoes/price controls
    157. Sub-atomic particle research accident
    158. Sudden regional major population shift
    159. Super-storm
    160. Tailings pond dam failure/collapse
    161. Terrorism of all types
    162. The Anti-Christ
    163. Tornado
    164. Total gun ban/confiscation
    165. Train wreck
    166. Travel restrictions
    167. Tsunami
    168. UN Small Arms Treaty
    169. UN/One World Government
    170. US Coup
    171. US revolution
    172. Utilities failures
    173. Vehicle breakdown/stranded
    174. Volcano
    175. Water shortages
    176. Water system contamination/poisoning
    177. Wealth redistribution (by currency exchange/tax rates)
    178. Weapons restrictions
    179. Weather Modification attack
    180. Widespread civil unrest/riots
    181. Wild animal rampage
    182. World Population dramatic increase
    183. Zombies/vampires/werewolves/other supernatural dangers (just kidding!)

  4. -Regional, national, and international communications failure.

    You may wish to add what I consider a major and probable impact in a variety of categories. It’s precisely because so many different events could cause a communications failure and that a communications failure could disrupt so many critical services that this should be a line-item on the list:

    This could be caused by natural or human activity (accident or intentional). Anything from a solar CME to a regional fiber-optic hub failure (in the event of a hub failure communications bandwidth might “simply” be severely restricted). Relatively high probability Outages could range from a few hours to months, while something like a less probable solar CME creating widespread outages for years, or tornadoes/hurricanes causing regional failures for months. Failures could impact both cell/mobile and landline phones; TV/radio whether cable, broadcast, or internet; the internet itself (which includes e-mail of course); shortwave radio propagation; postal delivery (US mail relies on a massive communications infrastructure to work); and other personal and business operations.It could also severely affect law enforcement, water, and food services.

  5. The list of natural disasters lacks a certain umpff…

    Mankind’s genes must go millions of years yet our civilization only goes back a few thousand.
    That in itself is enough to suggest that much great threats face us. So when independent research points to the Earth frequently changing rotational direction, the following threats apparently face us:

    MEGA tsunamis of 2km height
    MEGA gales of 1000 to 2000mph winds
    MEGA quakes that actually knocked Puma Punku around

    Now THAT would knock mankind back into a stone age and it’s what i’m preparing for.

  6. There are so many types of disasters and that is why it is so important that we are as prepared as possible to handle different types of disasters. What might be a disaster to one person might not be to another depending on their level of preparedness. Do not put of getting prepared. Make a plan and then take the steps that you need to make it happen.

  7. You just never know what might happen. All you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Great article Gaye. Some more things to consider.

  8. That’s a good list and pretty well covers the gamut of “we hope it doesn’t but it might” events. I liked your listing of good to have items, as well. If you ever get time, you would enjoy reading “The Road.” The movie is very good but the book amplifies the movie.

    • I actually have the eBook on my reader – along with about 200 other unread books. On the other hand I go through one audio book a week so perhaps that is what I should do. The audio books are wonderful during my daily walk/run in the woods with Tucker The Dog.

      — S.W.

  9. Gaye,

    Such a good post and such a good list! You cover it all. Living in Florida, we are in the hurricane season right now and I’ve been here when the hurricanes hit and it’s no joke. You need to be prepared. Also, right now in the National News there is some stuff about Major Flooding going on! The time to become an avid follower of your blog is NOW, not when disaster strikes. Thanks for the “heads up” and for the great resources listed.

    Take Care,
    Jupiter Jim

  10. Love your web site. so much valuable info. I still have a ton to learn, but thanks to you I am entheused.

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