Countdown on The June Summer Blast Giveaway



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Number one prizeHow quickly the month of June has flown by.  We are now in the final week of the Backdoor Survival Summer Blast Giveaway.

The rules are a cinch an the prizes are super as you can see from the list below:

  • Volcano II Collapsible Stove – provided by our sponsor, The Berkey Guy at Directive21
  • $75 Survival Kit  – provided by our sponsor, Camping Survival
  • Mini Seed Garden Kit – provided by our sponsor Everlasting Seeds
  • Prep & Pantry for iPhone or iPad – provided by out sponsor Galaloo/Prep & Pantry
  • Rothco Medium Transport Pack – provided by Survival Gear Bags
  • Aqua Pail 400 – provided by Shelf Reliance dealer, Misty Marsh at Your Home Store
  • His and Hers Paracord Survival Bracelets – provided by Cobrabraid
  • Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook – provided by the Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Nation
  • One year subscription to The Beacon – provided by Survival Week
  • One year subscription to Peoplenomics – provided by George Ure at Urban Survival

The Rules, Please

1.  Register for the Backdoor Survival Newsletter and News Flash Updates.  Don’t worry, if you have already done so, your entry will be counted.  As a bonus, each email subscription will be counted as two entries!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the new Backdoor Survival Newsletter and News Flash Updates

2.  Ask me a question that you would like to see answered on Backdoor Survival.  Pretend you are interviewing SurvivalWoman,  What would you like to know?  You must submit your entry through this link:

Submit an Interview Question to SurvivalWoman

3.  Vote for your favorite Backdoor Survival article.  For this one, you must submit your entry through this link:

Vote for Your Favorite Backdoor Survival article

All told, you can have up to four entries since signing up for the Backdoor Survival Newsletter will count as two entries.   Now is that a no-brainer or what?

Note:  If you are having a problem with the links above, send your entry directly to [email protected].

And the Winner Is . . .

The winners will be selected totally at random in July and will be announced on Backdoor Survival.

So there you have it.  I would like to thank my Backdoor Survival sponsors and  friends for their generous donations.  But most of all, I would like to thank you – my readers – for helping me make Backdoor Survival a success.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Bargain Bin: Thinking up adding a portable stove to your bug-out-bag? Consider the wood and biomass-burning Solo Stove . This incredible store only weighs 9 ounces and is easily stashed away in your kit for both emergency and backpacking use. It is quite the deal, if you are seeking a stove, you can use indoors, consider the version that also burns alcohol: Solo Stove with Backup Alcohol Stove.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit. You might also be interested on the following book which is on its way to me for review.  In this book you will learn how to create a self-contained disaster preparedness kit to help you survive your journey from ground zero to a safer location. Survival expert Creek Stewart details from start to finish everything you need to gather for 72 hours of independent survival–water, food, protection, shelter, survival tools, and so much more.

Mountain House Sale: For the month of June, Emergency Essentials will be offering all Mountain House products at a discount of 20% to 25%. Shipping cost is $6, $9, or $12 depending on the size of your order and never more. (And you know how heavy food items can be.) Be sure to check out the Freeze-Dried Mountain House Pouches which offer a great way to sample the various food items before investing in the larger #10 tins.

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Free Guide | Emergency Food Buyer's Guide

Best Food Types, Storage Methods and Exactly What to Buy

Download Now →

Updated Jul 5, 2019

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Free Guide | Emergency Food Buyer's GuideDownload Now →

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