Summer/Fall 2014 Book Festival: Collective Retribution

Next up on the Summer/Fall 2014 Backdoor Survival Book Festival is a another piece of prophetic fiction, this time from author D.S. Edwards.  The book is Collective Retribution and it is quite the thriller, relating a tale of what we hope will never happen.

D.S. is here to answer the book festival questions and to award three lucky readers with a copy of his book.

Collective Retribution

Before starting, without, be a spoiler, let me say this.  Collective Retribution is going to open your mind to the ramifications of a collapse of the Unites State of America and the rise of a rogue government.  Okay, maybe a little bit of a spoiler. As D.S. said to me:

“Pray this never happens!  Prepare like it is coming!”

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

An Interview with D.S. Edwards

Tell me about your book, “Collective Retribution” What is it about?

“Collective Retribution” is a prophetic look at the coming fall of The United States, and those who will be the catalyst in bringing about her destruction.

I often wonder who will survive? If it happens, I hope America can be rebuilt and return to her former glory.  Right now our homeland is turning into something quite different than the Founding Fathers dreamed of, and it breaks my heart.

In the pages of the book, you will follow the Nirschell family on their separate journeys across America, as they face Mexican drug cartels, Russian and German troops, the elements, dangerous predators, and a tyrannical President determined to make every survivor submit to communist rule. I pray that this never happens, but we all need to prepare like it’s coming.

What type of research did you have to do while writing your book?

Most of the research I did involved US military bases, military structure, and interviewing people within the NSA, Air Force, Navy Seals, I C E, and a former CIA agent.

The rest of the words came from my personal life. I have hunted and fished the mountains of the West since I was a child. I spent time on Capitol Hill in Washington DC off and on for several years, working closely with elected officials and some within the intelligence community.

All of the locations in the book are places I have been and am quite familiar with, with the exception of a couple of the Middle east locations.

How long did it take to write?

The manuscript took 15 months to write. I didn’t work on it as diligently as I could have, but managed to find at least 15 to 20 hours each week. The editing, cover design, etc. took an extra 12 months to complete.

This is my first novel, and was blessed by my editor, a thirty year retiree from the Random House family, when he likened “Collective Retribution” to a collaboration between Louis L’amour and Tom Clancy. I almost fell over with joy.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading “Collective Retribution?”

The message is simple; if we don’t secure our Southern border, and don’t change the path we are on as a nation, and society, everything will collapse.

It’s not if this will happen, it’s when. We can never forget where we came from, nor the sacrifices of those who came before us. The moment our history is erased, is the moment America dies. We must always endeavor to fight for all that is good, noble, and right in America. We must never be afraid to speak out, and we must always be willing to sacrifice our lives, fortunes and our sacred honor for the cause of Liberty.

According to Thomas Payne in the book “Crisis” we must never fall into the trap of being a “Sunshine Patriot”.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m an average rural American who loves his country. I have lived most of my simple life in Eastern Oregon. I currently reside on a small ranch with my family. My neighbors include of a large herd of deer, and elk.

Most of my free time is spent in the great outdoors, travelling, photographing wildlife, fishing, camping, and hunting.

As an author in the survival, prepping and/or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?

As I was writing the book, I never really thought of being in the survival/prepping niche. Although the book deals with a collapsed society, and a bloody tale of survival and hope, it was originally written as a political thriller.

It deals in depth, with the political structure, and the dangerous philosophy of communism that has infiltrated the halls of government. I never thought of myself as a prepper, but since researching and writing “Collective Retribution” I find myself thinking more along these lines.

I live in the country, and have been working diligently with my bride of 24 years, in preparing our home and property to be 100% self sustaining. We have a large garden all grown from heirloom seeds. We have a well, with a pitcher pump backup system. We have chickens including a rooster. We have cows, turkeys, and sheep. We now possess primitive farming tools. We have built a large smokehouse for preserving meat, and our home is ready to be entirely heated with wood, including an 1880 model cook stove completely restored and functional.

We can never be completely prepared, but we must all do something.

Do you have plans for another book?

I have begun book number two in the “Retribution” series, and am shooting for 12 to 15 months to completion. There will be a third book in the series, but I am not sure what genre I will write after that; possibly a psychological crime thriller.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

I would like to give the reason I decided to write “Collective Retribution.”

My wife had a beautiful sister whom I had known since she was 2 years old; Marissa Lynn. That is who the book is dedicated to. At 19 Marissa was struggling with a life we wouldn’t have chosen for her. She got in with an unsavory crowd, had a baby girl at 17, who we love very much and who now lives with her grandmother.

Marissa was trying desperately to turn things around and provide for her girl Kylie. She was on the road to modeling, which I have no doubt she would have been very successful at. On a warm summer evening she went upstairs to her neighbor’s apartment to do a load of laundry. In the parking lot of the apartment building was an impressionable young man, in a car with an illegal alien member of a gang, and Mexican Drug Cartel.

After taking large quantities of meth, and listening to a pep talk from the illegal, the impressionable young man went to make a name for himself, and be initiated into the gang. He casually walked up the stairway, lightly tapped on the door and waited. When the woman of the house opened the door, he slowly raised a nickel plated .357, and shot her in the face. He then walked into the apartment, shot the husband in the head twice, walked over to the couch where my sister in-law was screaming, and emptied the rest of the cylinder into her 120 lb frame.

He then walked, not ran, out of the building, casually got back into the car and drove away. He was heard laughing with the Cartel member as they left the parking lot. This particular illegal had been deported in lieu of facing various criminal charges, on 3 separate occasions. After the third time, he walked across the wide open Southern Border again, and changed our lives forever.

I hope and pray this book will make a difference, and wake everyone up to the danger facing us due to the wide open U.S. borders.

The Book Giveaway

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The Final Word

I hope you have been enjoying the Backdoor Survival Book Festivals.  With such a wide and varied amount of talent writing about survival, prepping, homesteading and apocalyptic events, there is never a shortage of books to screen and review for upcoming book festivals.

With Collective Retribution, the poignancy of D.S.’s reason for writing made me sad and re-opened my eyes to one of the many threats that we face both as Americans and as a society going forward.  Alas, gangs, thugs, and  drug lords are forces we must prepare for, like it or not.

I hope you will enter the giveaway to win your own copy of this fabulous new book!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  Collective Retribution

The United States of America is a nation on the brink of collapse. With high unemployment, religious extremism, partisan politics, and civil unrest, mixed with the uncertainty of the global financial markets, it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Some countries are poised; troops at the ready, waiting for this day and the opportunity to seize it all.

Levi Nirschell, family man, rancher, patriot, and NSA operative has devoted his life to the service of his country. He has spilled his own blood for the cause of liberty and the protection of the innocent. Now his nation calls on him yet again for its salvation. This time it’s different, this time it’s not just his life that’s at stake. This time it may cost him everything he holds dear.

“Collective Retribution” is a prophetic look at the coming fall of The United States, and those who will be the catalyst in bringing about her destruction. Who will survive? Will America be rebuilt and return to her former glory? Or will she turn into something quite different than the Founding Fathers dreamed of? Something ugly-Something evil.

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    1. Thanks Jim, This is a way for fruit to come from her death, and for her life to make a difference in the lives of others.

  1. I had to think a bit on this one. A gun would have limited usefullness. A knife would be more useful than a gun, but still limited. Like green-eyes above, a water filter would help a lot. However, I finally decided on a tarp. It has many uses, as a shelter, collect water (rain or condensation), use as a rain coat, use as a carry-all for items/foods I may collect, and other uses that I am sure I would discover as needed. And if the tarp is camo patterned, it could even hide you from bad guys!

  2. I would also say water filter but I’m not sure that’s in the ” tool ” category, if not, I would have to say a good solid knife, I could use it to cut down things to make shelter, safety etc.

    1. As far as I can see anything could be considered a tool – even knowledge – which you shouldn’t have to “carry”! 🙂

  3. Tough choice. My first thought was my leatherman multi-tool. Then I started reading what others chose. Fire…water…shelter… I think I would stay with my initial thought, leather man MULTI-tool. Multiple purpose, multi function, multiple choices.

  4. Such a hard choice to have to make, but I also think a water straw, as I couldn’t survive without water, and hopefully I could acquire other things or get help as I went along.

  5. My husband would take his Gerber Diesel multitool. We have plenty of water or snow here. I think I would go for the tarp. Being wet & cold is about as miserable as you can get in the wilderness. Being at least dry – the body & mind can think.

  6. probably a water filter. or knife
    really looking forward to reading this new book. after reading One Second After…..I am more inspired to be always prepared

  7. PARACORD. Going by the three hours, three days, three weeks rule, I would bring paracord. I would use it to lash together shelter. During that time I would hope to find an empty plastic bottle for uv sterilization of water and use strands of para cord for traps and line. Well before that I would’ve made a scraping/cutting tool from a small rock.

  8. I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. I live in south Texas, so our open southern border is an issue that hits close to home for me.

    The tool I would take is a knife.

    1. Thank you Carolyn;
      It does get easier every day. Keep your heads down, and be prepared for what could possibly be coming across that border.
      God bless

  9. I think it depends a lot on where you live,city or rural. I first thought multi-tool but then decided on a water filter. You only have 3 days without water. So to keep going you need water and a water filter.

  10. I believe having a tarp would be my choice. Using it for shelter and for hauling wood, collected food and so many other uses makes it my top choice.

  11. My sympathies for your families loss. Thank you for your courage and passion to enlighten us all to the dangers that are easy to ignore. At least until you come face to face with them. I look forward to the read.

    1. Thank you Jen;
      Marissa was someone who paid attention to the world state of affairs, despite her own inner turmoil. She would be pleased that she is the reason for people waking up to the dangers we all face as a nation.
      God bless

  12. I would carry my Leatherman Multi-tool. Sure would miss my roofers hatchet though.

    As to the book: Living in Arizona I read about the situation he described all too often. I understand wanting a better life but to me illegal is illegal and we should not cowtow to them and grant amnesty. Secure our borders!!

  13. We can’t live without shelter. We can’t live without food. We can’t live without water. However we can use water while looking for food and shelter. Life straw for me!

  14. it would definitely be a tie between my really awesome multitool gadget and a water filter. if it is considered a tool then my water filter would have to win out.

  15. My newest multi-tool which is made by Coast. It can be utilized to make and/or repair an almost limitless supply of survival necessities.

  16. I would take my multi-tool which I have improved. My multi-tool has a magnesium strip added to it. I thought it needed one so I attached one to the outside of my tool.

  17. This was ahrd one, but after reading alot of other responses, I would have to agree with the multi tool, such as the Leathermen. It could be used to create shelter, get food, start fires, and even possibly create something to catch and hold water. But I really hope it never comes down to only having 1 tool!

  18. What one item would I take with me if I could only have one? a gun, but that is because I know how to make a water filtration system for emergencies from items I can find. Otherwise it would be a water filtration item like the Lifestraw

  19. Thanks for all of the comments. You all give me hope. I feel a collapse is being orchestrated, but I am very hopeful when I see people like you ready to rebuild our nation, and re-adopt the ideas that made America great.
    God bless, and stay safe in the future.

  20. Definitely my leatherman.
    Eastern Oregon would be a great place to have a self sustaining place. Living in Western Idaho, I’ve often considered E. Oregon for a bug out location. Sounds like a great book with the added benefit of being informative.

  21. either a pocket knife or a Leatherman/Gerber multi tool.

    Thanks for the giveaway and so sorry about the loss of those 3 people.

  22. What a great read. Thank you for sharing it with me, it made a great birthday gift, I appreciate the giveaways. My signed copy is greatly appreciated! I sat down and finished the book over the course of this week and thoroughly enjoyed it! D. S. Edwards thank you.

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