Survival Buzz: Catching Up With Prepping Following a Relocation

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 2, 2019

One of the challenges of relocating, even temporarily, is that your preps take second fiddle to the rest of the logistics.  And then, boom!  You realize that if something happens, you may be at risk of not being ready.

I am not saying that happened to me because I did bring some basics to Arizona, plus, the first week I was here I ordered two 160-gallon water barrels From Emergency Essentials, and a 720 serving emergency food kit from Buy Emergency Foods.  Shortly after that, I worked on building up my canned goods and bulk foods, pretty much using 12 Months of Prepping as a checklist for the basics, as well the 20 item food storage kick-start list from both my book and this website.  I also stockpiled extra essential oils.

Catching Up With Prepping Following a Relocation| Backdoor Survival

During this period, I have not focused on reporting about my preps since to me, they were quite mundane.  Instead, I selected various topics and themes for each week’s Survival Buzz.  Now that I am counting the days before I leave for home, I thought I would catch up a bit with a handful of recent preps.

After storing them in the freezer for a month to kill any bugs and their eggs, I packaged two 25 pound bags of white rice and bread flour.  As far as the freezing part, this is not something I have done in the past and I am hopeful that as I open my home-packed food storage, the little critters do not hatch and take over.  I don’t think so, however, since I also store large quantities in my pantry for day to day use and have yet to see a critter.

Note that if you do want to freeze rice, flour, and grains, 3 or 4 days should be sufficient.


I made a batch of Elderberry Syrup and Elderberry Tincture using recipes provided by Cat Ellis in her books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic.

Funny story: Shelly aka the Survival Husband used the syrup on his pancakes, although he did not realize it was not that type of syrup.  Talk about a boost to the immune system.

Not be be a tease, but I will be posting both the recipe and some common uses for Elderberry soon.


I also made up a batch of “The Birch” aches and pains salve.

Why do I call it “The Birch” when it contains equal amounts of Lemongrass and Geranium?  Birch essential oil is very potent and was the only oil I used as I was trying to come up with an effective formula for arthritic joints.  As I tried various combination of synergistic oils, I added and subtracted until I settled on the final concoction.

If you want to try it yourself, visit Birch Essential Oil for Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain.

That’s about it for my recent preps.  I have lots of announcement so I better get to it!

Backdoor Survival Mail Bag

A few days ago I received an email from Tom in Idaho asking about MREs.  He had read my scathing report of some MREs I tested way back when, and wondered whether things had changed. Was I still skeptical?

Here was my response:

Hi Tom,

Like you, I am very skeptical of MREs. From what I have learned, many companies that sell MREs to the military also sell MREs to the public but they are not the same formulation. I have shunned them for that reason since I really do try to consume only real food, made with real ingredients.

Now, quite coincidentally, I just learned from my contact over at Mountain House that they have a limited supply of LRP entrees on their site right now. (LRP = Long Range Patrol Ration). These are the real deal, special forces meals they sell to the military. He sent me this link: //

I trust Mountain House and don’t believe they would tell me something that is not true. If you decide to try them (or any other MRE), please do get back in touch with your thoughts.

Do you have any experience with MREs, positive or negative?  Be sure to let me know.

Get Aftermath for Free

By now you know that I like to support other bloggers that put out quality work as well as indie authors.  One person who is both is LeAnn Edmondson (also known as the Homestead Dreamer).  LeAnn lives in one of my favorite places, Ketchikan Alaska and is a great gal.

Anyway, she is offering her eBook, Aftermath: A Story of Survival, for free between now and April  3rd.  You can download it here.

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How Can You Help?

I continue to get emails asking about donations.  Nope, nada, not interested.  I work hard at finding quality sponsors so that you do not have to pay to visit the site or listen to me whine (beg) for donations.  That is never going to happen.

So how can you help?

If you are on the social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) share my articles and my photos.  That is one of the best ways to help me get the word out because honestly, I don’t have the time to do it all myself.

And finally, you can continue to leave comments and tips so that everyone, including me, can learn from them.  I have always said, you know, that you are the best blog readers on the planet.

The Final Word

You may have picked up on the comment that I will be heading home soon and am counting the days.  I have learned a lot during this grand adventure but am sure the scope of it all will not be fully realized until I am safely tucked away in my seaside cottage.  It does not hurt that my cottage is also the perfect survival retreat.

None of us really know what lies ahead and even when or if that “something” is going to happen.  What we do know is that with each passing day, the crazies and suicide bombers are attacking innocents, and our politicians and corporations continue to be mostly fueled by ego and greed.  Nothing is what it seems.

My advice is to keep on prepping, doing what you can to further the pursuit of self-reliance.  So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Here is a list of most of the items recommended by Backdoor Survival reader, Karen Skoog, in the article Best Practices: The Every Day Carry Bag (EDC).  A great article, in case you missed it.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items Backdoor Survival:  FREE SHIPPING! The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2 oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.

Rothco MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch:  I never would have considered using a water pouch as an EDC bag.  This one is a MOLLE compatible pouch so it can be easily attached to the rest of your MOLLE gear.  It features MOLLE loops around the entire pouch, two 6 inch straps on the back, and D-rings on each side. The straw hole on the top and a drain hole makes hydration simple. A perfect companion to my favorite Rothco Medium Transport Pack.  I own three of these packs – two in black and one in tan.

5.11 MOLLE Padded Pouch: When I read about the “food pouch”, I had one of those “why didn’t I think of that moments”!

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle:  This is the bottle that Karen chose and it is one that I have recommended in the past.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot:  Nice and something that I am adding to my own shopping cart.  It is designed to slip over standard 1-litre water bottle and holds up to 18 ounces.

Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas: Speaking of bandanas, be sure to check out the article How to Use a Bandana to Save the Day.

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets:  Ultralight tablets provide fresh drinking water anywhere you go. Effective against viruses, bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium. Fresh tasting water-no unpleasant taste. These easy-to-use tablets meet EPA purification guidelines. Purification method: Chlorine Dioxide tablets. 1 tablet treats 1 qt. of water.

Cobra Products 4-Way Sillcock Key:  This 4-way sillcock key has a 1/4″ , 9/32″, 5/16″ and 11/32″ stem to service most sillcocks in common use. It is durable, easy to use and has an attractive finish. Used to open and close sillcocks or spigots and made of durable steel construction.

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Alloy Emergency Easy Grip Fire Starter (2 Pack):  Firestarters are an essential piece of any survival/outdoor kit – waterproof, durable and easy to use as follows:

1. Scrape off black protective coating from firestarter rod
2. Prepare your tinder
3. Hold the striker at a 45° angle to the firestarter. Scrape striker hard and fast down the firestarter
4. Allow sparks to fall onto tinder

Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip:  This is a floating waterproof flashlight that provides 55-lumens of light output and a 31-meter beam distance. I am a big fan of Dorcy products so this one is definitely going in my shopping cart as well.  Not that I need more flashlights!  Wait – you can never have too many!!

MTECH USA MT-378 Tactical Folding Knife 4.5 Closed: This folding knife features a 3 inch black finished 440 stainless steel tanto style blade with a quick opening thumb stud. The comfortably contoured black steel handle features a brushed metal finish, a heavy duty pivot pin and the liner lock blade locking design. It has a closed length of 4 1/2 inches and comes with a durable pocket clip.


Shop Buy Emergency Foods for the Best Quality and Value in Food Storage

Buy Emergency Foods | Backdoor Survival

Preferred by Backdoor Survival.  This is the Emergency Food I buy for my own use. It is non-GMO and MSG-free plus there are 100% Gluten-Free options.  Shipping is always free.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

What are the best oils for your survival kit? Here are my top picks.

9 Best Essential Oils for Your Survival Kit | Backdoor Survival



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10 Responses to “Survival Buzz: Catching Up With Prepping Following a Relocation”

  1. I stored some flour in the freezer and would now like to transfer it to a bucket. How long should it “defrost” before I re-package it into mylar bags? I am assuming I can leave it in the bag. Do I still need to add oxygen absorbers? What is my shelf life on the flour now? Obviously, I’ve never done anything like this before, so appreciate all the help I can get! Thank you.

  2. The 720 day emergency food kit from Buy Emergency Foods sound great and just what I’m looking for because we just don’t store “normal” prepping foods as we usually eat “fresh” non processed foods. In the description one of the things that caught my eye was “Low Sodium”. Something I look for because of high blood pressure. HOWEVER, when you look at the actual “Nutritional Information” There are only two items that could be considered “Low Sodium” Most are most are 1000mg+/serving. Only a few are in the 700mg/serving area and, to me, that is still WAY high. I look for 300mg or less.

    Question, do you know of ANY Freeze dried LT storage foods that are truly “Low Sodium”?


    • Also VERY interrested in LOW SODIUM foods all are horribly high…

    • Doesn’t matter how you want to live your life, somebody always thinks they know better.

  3. Dear Tex,

    Consider your question from a different angle:

    “Should you lower your salt intake to control blood pressure? Fugetaboutit.” …


    Limit Your Salt Intake? More Conventional Nonsense

    “The only people that need to worry about salt intake are those in renal failure. Discuss this with your doctor.” …


    “there’s way more to blood pressure than how much salt you eat, like how much potassium you eat. […]

    the official recommendations for sodium and potassium intake cannot be met simultaneously. Yep – the experts want you to eat in a way that is literally impossible to accomplish.’ …


  4. My Cardiologist has kept me alive for the last ten years, I’ll listen to him. He said cut it out.

    • Is he (or your primary doc) testing your sodium levels regularly? It’s possible to go too low with sodium depending on what medications you’re on. I’m taking some potassium sparing medications because of my health, and while I have to watch my potassium intake, I’m actually borderline too low on sodium! So for me it’s a case of pass the salt shaker rather than passing on it. 😉

  5. I just got back from the Kentucky Green Living Fair. I learned lots. First was I always wondered what happened to all the hippies. I now know. Eastern Ky. Will Gillet make any money selling razor blades in Eastern Ky? NO. Beyond that, the young people putting on the classes were first class. It made me feel good to learn that people in their 20’s knew so much about growing, preserving, and preparing food for their families.
    The classes I attended were 1 Bee keeping. 2 Identifying wild plants that can be used for medicine and healthy food. 3 Making sauerkraut and kimchi the easy way. 4 Health benefits of all kinds of fermented foods and how to ferment them. 5 How to make maple syrup. 6 Backyard poultry.
    They had 63 exhibits on the floor about Ky crafts, arts, and food. One lady sheared her own sheep, had her own spinning wheel and used it to spin the wool into yarns. Impressive.
    I had a great weekend.

  6. Just a small quibble in your article. I don’t believe that The Legacy Emergency Food Kit is 720 ‘days’. It’s 720 servings, or, as their website states, 8 months of food.

    • I can’t believe I made that mistake. Now fixed. Finally!

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