Spring 2014 Book Festival: Brushfire Plague Reckoning + Interview with R.P. Ruggiero

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: June 28, 2019
Spring 2014 Book Festival: Brushfire Plague Reckoning + Interview with R.P. Ruggiero

Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the current Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 Book Festival.  R.P. Ruggiero, the author of Brushfire Plague: Reckoning,  is joining us for an interview and is also providing one lucky reader with a free copy of his book.

I first got to know R.P. a couple of years back when he released his first book, Brushfire Plague.  That was the very first book I had read in the survival genre and I became hooked.  Back then, I did not have Book Festivals to share the latest and the greatest, but I did occasionally write up full blown reviews or, in the case of Brushfire Plague, an article about the lessons I learned while reading the book.

It gives me great pleasure to bring R.P. back and to reintroduce you to his lead character, Cooper Adams.  Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

Brushhfire Plague Reckoning

An Interview with R. P. Ruggiero

Tell me about your book, Brushfire Plague: Reckoning. What is it about?

Brushfire Plague: Reckoning continues the thrilling tale of a well-developed set of characters struggling to survive amid the devastating Brushfire Plague. After Cooper Adams tells the world the shocking truth about the origin of the catastrophic Brushfire Plague, he faces a series of dire consequences. Driven from his home by betrayal, he flees with his son and others to a remote hideaway. Their dangerous journey brings them face to face with a desperate world spiraling into collapse and new challenges that cost Cooper dearly.

He soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict with a local strongman bent on domination of the local population. When he strikes a blow for freedom against this petty tyrant, he faces impossible choices in trying to save his son’s life – and to protect his innocence. Amidst their daily battle to survive, Cooper is shocked to learn that the Brushfire Plague has new layers of treachery and conspiracy that continue to upend their world.

Can Cooper Adams survive the violence, hunger, and a world racing toward Armageddon? What will it take to elude those pursuing him to silence the truth? Will his son survive and at what cost? How will Cooper resolve the growing tension between two women that offer their own set of impossible choices?

In the end, Cooper faces this reckoning with only a small band of trusted friends, his faith in the truth, and his fading hope that the crumbling world around them can somehow be salvaged.

What type of research did you have to do while writing your book?

I’ve been a prepper for over nine years now, so I utilized a lot of the research, knowledge, and training I’ve done to write a very compelling novel in its own right—but one that will impart valuable lessons to our community. I focus a lot on the group dynamics of people trying to survive in a collapse scenario—how to lead, how to manage conflict, and how to deal with other groups in this novel.

Beyond some of the “basics”, this brings a set of lessons and considerations for even very experienced preppers. My over twenty years of experience in training and leading others during exceptionally stressful situations served me well in writing.

How long did it take to write?

It took just over a year. I try to write high-quality fiction that is exciting, engages the readers, and really shows the characters’ depth and evolution. Based on the strong reviews from professionals and readers alike, I’m very glad I took the time!

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading Brushfire Plague: Reckoning?

There’s a lot in Brushfire Plague: Reckoning. I hope readers will take home the basic message of the need to be prepared, certainly. But, I also hope your readers would think about and answer the question—what morals will guide you during a crisis? How will you hold on to your humanity during such an event? What does it mean to lead in such a situation?

One of the other core messages that Cooper Adams represents is: how important is the truth to you? And, what price are you willing to pay to serve it?

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Beyond being a prepper myself and having a tremendous amount of experience in “survival leadership”. I’m a husband and father to two boys. I do a lot with the relationship between Cooper and his son in both novels…so my fatherhood experience comes across strongly. Cooper struggles to maintain some semblance of his son’s childhood during a tremendously difficult time.

Also, I care deeply about spreading the word about the need to prepare and Brushfire Plague and BP: Reckoning are both excellent “tools” to help get others thinking about prepping or to at least understand those of us who do!

As an author in the survival, prepping and/or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?

I started out simply preparing myself and my family for short-term disruptions in society’s functioning. But, now I’m focused on longer-term survival—mainly for an economic collapse—and the scenario depicted in Brushfire Plague—a global pandemic. We are actually overdue for one and with global travel and ‘just-in-time’ delivery of food and goods to our stores, I’m convinced the next one will be extremely deadly and disruptive.

Do you have plans for another book?

Oh yes! I plan to release the third and final book in the Brushfire Plague trilogy early next year!

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

I’m glad they are readers of your writing! You do excellent work in helping folks prepare.

Get prepared folks—and remember that prepper fiction can be a great way to think through various scenarios, learn, and enjoy yourself while doing so! Finally, I hope they will read the Brushfire Plague series and spread the good word if they enjoy it!

The Book Giveaway

A copy of Brushfire Plague: Reckoning has been reserved for one lucky reader.  I am borrowing today’s question from RP.  Here it is:

How will you hold on to your humanity following an apocalyptic even such as a pandemic?

As with all of these giveaway questions, the idea is to make you think.  There is no right or wrong answer and even an answer such as “I don’t know” is valid.  Winners of all Backdoor Survival giveaways are chosen at random.

To enter the giveaway, you need to answer this week’s question by responding in the comments area at the end of this article. The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Wednesday with the winner notified by email and announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  You will have 48 hours to claim the winning book.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.

The Final Word

I just love books that both entertain and make you think.  As you follow the character development, books such as this one give you an opportunity to play out various scenarios of your own, giving impetus to the choices you might make in a similar situation.  Will you emerge as a leader?  Or are you better suited to be a trusted worker bee.  The truth, of course, is that you will not know until the time comes, if it comes.

I hope you will enter the giveaway to win your own copy RP’s new book.  It will entertain but will also make you think.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  Brushfire Plague: Reckoning

After Cooper Adams tells the world the shocking truth about the origin of the catastrophic Brushfire Plague, he faces a series of dire consequences.  Driven from his home by betrayal, he flees with his son and others to a remote hideaway. Their dangerous journey brings them face to face with a desperate world spiraling into collapse and new challenges that cost Cooper dearly.

Amidst their daily battle to survive, Cooper is shocked to learn that the Brushfire Plague has new layers of treachery and conspiracy that continue to upend their world.  In the end, Cooper faces this reckoning with only a small band of trusted friends, his faith in the truth, and his fading hope that the crumbling world around them can somehow be salvaged.

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31 Responses to “Spring 2014 Book Festival: Brushfire Plague Reckoning + Interview with R.P. Ruggiero”

  1. I must admit, I am least prepared for a pandemic. I would need to rise up and share my knowledge with others and hopefully my preps will ease our family out into the chaos easier than most. With my knowledge of doing things without the modern conveniences will also show a brighter side to make an existence into a brighter life.
    Preps this week include drying my Oregano & thyme. I have also taken measurements for my plywood to be cut for securing windows and doors. Last weekend went to Preparedness fair in Auburn, CA. & learned a bit more.

  2. My maternal grandmother taught me that decency and family are the bedrock upon which you build a useful and worthwhile life. And that your core values are who you really are.

  3. I would have my family and neighbors to help maintain my humanity. A strong community helps to survive in most situations.

  4. I think it depends a lot on exactly what the situation is. For something short term it may be possible to alleviate pain, suffering, and anxiety buy what I know. For long term I feel it would be necessary to harden my heart and make sure family and loved ones survived.

  5. I would continue my religious traditions like blessings before meals and a regular time of prayer and reflection after reading the Bible. I would try to help others as best I could without endangering my own family. I would try to keep true to my values. I say try because we don’t know what we might face.

  6. How would I keep my humanity? If I’m to believe the Bible, the human nature is not what we’re really wanting to exhibit – it is self-serving. From Romans 8:12-14 “Therefore, brothers and sisters, we have an obligation—but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it. For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” Putting on Christ involves a daily renewal (Rom 12:1).

  7. In the case of a pandemic, I would just hunker down and try to wait it out. I am pepping for my children and grandchildren, but I do believe we “are our brothers keepers”, so I would share my supplies. Not my good stuff, but the rice and beans.

  8. I’m not a religious zealot but I’d hang on to my humanity by reading the Bible as a family, for comfort, solace, and learning.

  9. I think hanging onto my humanity would require two things….being well prepared, so that I am not relying in any way on what I can get from others, and taking great strength from my faith. (Although I am working on it, at this time, I feel more confident in the latter than the former.) I will pray a lot!

  10. Hi Gaye,

    You ask how I would hold onto my humanity during a apocalyptic event… If I had my wife by my side we can get through almost anything & have in the past. BUT if like Cooper I lost her the only thing I would have left to help get me through would my God and his love to guide and comfort me in times of need. Psalms 23:4 comes to my thoughts as I type this reply.


  11. We are putting aside items to donate to local charitable organizations during any type of SHTF scenario. We all know there will be those who aren’t prepared, but I will feel more humane knowing I have contributed to their wellbeing. Plus I am training for CERT and have my Ham license and would help others communicate with their loved ones living in other areas of the state or country. We will need to pull together, whatever it is.

  12. I will try and stay away from people because they can’t be trusted at any time. We will get along as best we can. Do what you can, with what you have in the situation that you are in. Faith in Jehovah.

  13. great question, I have thought about this a lot in the past and have still not come up with a good answer. I plan to do whatever is necessary for the protection of my familyand I have also planned for me to be the 1 to make a hard decisions. but as we know we do not know for sure how we will act until the time comes. We know how we would like to act or react we know how we have planned to act or react but until we’re there its only planning in training. bill b

  14. I’ll lend a hand where I can but not at the expense of those near and dear to me. I will give everyone an opportunity to demonstrate their own humanity but if they demonstrate a lack of humanity I’ll cure their problem for them.

  15. I hope I would have the “guta” to be kind and helpful to others and share what I have. Of course, my family must come first.

  16. Do you really loose your humanity? Choices may be hard but your human no matter what. you just need to make sure the choice are ones you can live with.

  17. From what I have read of various disasters, such as the breakdown of the former Yugoslavia, it seems that we will all face situations in which we will not always behave in the most exemplary ways. My plan is to do the best I can to hold onto my values, and should I fail to live up to my principles, move onwards and resolve to do better. I will try harder and try again, which is all any of us can resolve to do.

  18. The Lord, my God, will be my anchor to help me and my family hold on to our humanity. We will defend ourselves, as necessary, but with God’s strength and guidance, we will do what we can to help others. Happy Easter … He is Risen!

  19. If I make it through the first 2yrs, Then I will try to rebuild through good will and practicing the art of being a good friend. At this time I have no group and hope to find one before The End Comes.

  20. The Bible would be how I would hang on to my humanity as well as wanting to set a good example for my children and grandchildren. Being from a small town, I really believe the town would band together to help each other-at least I hope this would be the case. Thanks for the chance to win the book-it looks great!

  21. A ” pandemic ” is a fast spreading INFECTIOUS disease, as much as we all want to help others as I have read prev posts, the reality is one has to be completely protected ie; masks, gowns, gloves, and some training on how and what order to put theses items on as well as what order to take them off and how to dispose of it. People would have to be quarentined. I would help out in aiding the sick if I had proper gear.. After all.. If YOU end up getting the virus or bacterial infection and is deadly or debilitating how will you help your family or others? Of course I rely on God and do understand “love your neighbor as yourself” (one of the 2 most important) , but unless proper equipment & sanitation area avail, we won’t be good to anybody. As a Christian and a Nurse I’m sure I would be hooking up w/ fellow medical people to brainstorm how best to help. I will rely on God to guide me as he always does.

  22. I’m not really sure. Providing I survive the pandemic the horror of thousands or even 10s of thousands of people dead or nearly so is hard to fathom. The bodies would have to be dealt with and that would be a tremendous hardship that is not really something I could see being done without more deaths from disease and not just the plague. Peoples reaction to such an event would fracture the rule of law and panic would ensue. Not a good time to be alive but being alive one has to survive as best on can.

  23. Just found your website Gaye and I find it very uplifting . I am very new to prepping and I took the online test from Doomsday Preppers website . I scored very low and they gave me 2 months to live 🙂
    Maybe it’s just me but I believe intuition is a gift from God . Things are in very rough shape and I must start taking steps to prepare . Thank you for your site . Now I have to get the family on board.

  24. I will keep my humanity by continuing to worship God, pray, and keep my life as close to normal as possible.

  25. Your question is a deep, thought provoking one. I have read many of the EOTWAWKI novels and can easily imagine the terrible situation we may be in. My normal reaction is to help people with whatever God has blessed me with but I also know that in such a scenario a person would have to be extremely careful. I just hope to be in a position to be helpful without putting my family at risk. Relying on God every minute of every day would be the best method to keep the qualities of humanity we easily abide by today.

  26. I would keep my humanity in a pandemic situation by holding on to my faith in God and praying a lot for its victims and for it to end. I have no medical training or equipment other than a first aid kit, so I would have to keep my family safe inside our home.

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