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Number one prizeFor the past month or so, I have been reading a bit of survival fiction.  Sort of like getting two for one if you know what I mean:  a bit of useful survival knowledge plus the enjoyment of reading a good novel.

A few days ago I finished reading Brushfire Plague by R.P. Ruggiero.  Oh my gosh – what a great read on many levels.  This was not only enjoyable as a novel but the takeaway was some serious considerations for use in a SHTF situations.  I am in the process of writing up a review to share my thoughts but in the meantime, I want to let you know that the author has offered to send a free copy to one lucky reader of Backdoor Survival.


Very cool – how do I win?

You know how I am when it comes to contests.  Easy Peasy.  To win a copy of Brushfire Plague, you need to do two things:

1.  Leave a comment below telling me why you prep.  Don’t worry, no one will pass judgment and you can write just one word or, if you like, fifty or more words.

brushfire22.  If you have not done so yet, you need to “like” me on Facebook.  This is an honor system requirement but truly, if you use FB, I would love to have you join me there.  Now the neat thing about my Facebook page is that I post breaking news bytes along with a bit of my own two cents as like-it-or not commentary.  Not a lot, mind you, but if I see something newsworthy (and the Sunday Survival Buzz is a way off), I will put it there.

The winner of the book will be chosen at random in October.

The Final Word

I have not made a secret of the fact that I have been traveling and have been taking a much, much needed break with The Survival Husband.  Taking a break from routine is something we all need to do from time to time, even if that break simply means setting aside the chores and the internet for a weekend and enjoying some quite time at home with a good book.

Enough said.  I hope you will enter the Brushfire Plague giveaway by leaving your “Why I Prep” comment below at the end of this article.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Bargain Bin: Doing a bit of traveling?  Consider putting together a Survival Travel Kit such as the one I will be using for my travels over the next few weeks.  All of the items are readily available and quite inexpensive.  And by the way, I now carry the whistle and lanyard almost everywhere.  I consider then an early warning system of trouble ahead, or given the trails I frequent, notice that I am in trouble.

Once again, here are the items in my travel survival kit:

Windstorm Whistle & Paracord Lanyard
Mini Flashlight
Chemical Light Stick
Paracord Survival Bracelet (his and Hers)
Mylar Survival Blankets
Swiss Army Knife
Kershaw OSO Sweet Pocket Knife
Amoxicillin (Fish Mox Forte)
Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier
Natural, herbal based insect repellent (thanks to reader Libby)
Important documents on a
Flash Drive

Want to help support Backdoor Survival?  Your purchases earn a small commission and for that I thank you!

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Gear Testers Wanted

Test New Survival Gear, and Let Us Know What You Think! We Cover the Products, You Cover Shipping.

Yes, I Want Free Gear! →

Updated Jun 26, 2019
Published Sep 29, 2012

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Gear Testers WantedYes, I Want Free Gear! →

50 Responses to “Brushfire Plague Giveaway”

  1. People,

    Sorry, I do not, (and will never) have a FB account, but otherwise….

    I prepare because of weather conditions here and what we here in SC call “Snow Dummies”. (Snow Dummies panic at the first snowflake and rush to the grocery store for milk, bread, and beer. Why these three things are the first on their mind I do not know, but who am I to judge the preparations of others? The trip to and back from the store must violate all known rules of the road, speed limits and common sense to qualify the shopper for the title of “Snow Dummy.”)

    Anyway, after being without power for an extended period, on one notable occasion five full days plus part of the 6th, we started preparations.

    The more I prepare, the better it feels and I now have just a few gaps.

    Although it will be tedious at the end, we probably have 8+ weeks of just about everything.


    • We have snow dummies in PA also, but they want a weeks worth of milk. Maybe beer also, I wouldn’t know I don’t drink. Even with snow several times a winter, many still can’t drive in it correctly.

  2. I’ve been eyeing this book and wondering how good it might be. Would love to have a copy of my own. Thanks for having one of the most substantial survival blogs on the net. I always find good things in your posts.

  3. We prep because it is better to be prepared for any eventuality than to not be prepared. You never know what is around the bend. I have lost my job twice in the past two years….if not for our preps we may not have had enough food to eat before the next job.

  4. Simple, I prep because it’s the responsible thing to do.

  5. I prepare for anything that may happen because my health is very unstable, my money could go away at any time, and I want to know that I can cope if it does. I have been doing this to one extent or another most of my life, and have lived off my stock several times. To me it’s good insurance. I look at the chaos in the news, and I am fairly sure it will get worse before it gets better. The abundance this society takes for granted is unsustainable, and at some point the balance will tip and we will start sliding down to the level the rest of the world is at. I am taking advantage of the chance that exists now to get together the things and knowledge I will want to have later. I read constantly, study alternative medicine, garden, put up food, fix machines, and am a scavenger and a master of low budget living skills. I hope that what I learn is enough to keep me from being blindsided by chaos, whether just personal or affecting everyone. I just reread a couple of survival classics: Alas Babylon by Pat Frank, and Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. I first read them when I was a teenager and they really affected my thinking. I reread them every few years to brush up on ideas, this is the first time I have read them and thought “Yes, I have all that stuff! Oh, they forgot this, I didn’t!” I do what I can, this is a lifestyle to me, not just a hobby or a 2012 panic thing. Someone on the net listed different types of preppers (doom prophets, weekend warriors, Rambo, etc) I think I’m a Multi-skilled Frugal Living type and to me that’s skills that will be useful no matter what happens to the world.

  6. I have never and will never post or even bother reading sites like facebook. I have numerous reasons why I don’t bother with sites such as these but the main one being that everyone on these sites provides yet another means for big brother to “keep an eye on you” so not for me personally that is. If however you enjoy such sites then more power to you! Have a ball!

    Why do I prep?
    Seeing how fragile our society is, seeing what happened after Katrina, imagining what could happen should the New Madrid fault go BAM!!! I live in East Tennessee, and these are just a few of the “What if…” scenarios, but being aware of these things forces me to prepare.

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book, I need a good read for this winter! I prep for my mental well being. It calms my fears and gives me a little peace of mind.

  8. I prep to help me feel secure.

  9. Would love to have a copy of the book.

    I prep because I will be ready for my fight should it ever come. It is my responsibility to ensure the well being of myself, my family, and my friends. Come hell or high water.

    Thank you for publishing such great information and sharing your passion with the rest of us.

  10. I prep to make sure I have food, shelter, protection for my family. America is in trouble and
    right now prepping is security!

    And even if people don’t believe in the problems in America right now. The cost of food is going to
    keep going up, and if its in my pantry, its there, not going to cost even more.

  11. I have already liked the Fabulous Survival Woman at Facebook. If I could, I’d do the like twice.
    The reason why me and my wife are preppers is because you never know when disaster can strike. I grew up in the Midwest, right outside St.Louis. We got tornadoes every spring in those days. Things can happen. Being ready with meals and shelter that don’t require the usual and most widely used methods can make what could be a living nightmare into just a temporary inconvenience.
    Last year we had a huge ice storm in the city where we live. Power was out for over a week during the coldest weather of the year. Some people had to leave town and live in hotels. Me and my wife used a portable, safe heater, a self contained electric generator and was eating popcorn and watching movies while the rest of the neighborhood was in total darkness.
    It does pay to be prepared.
    Thanks for sharing with us all extremely useful information.
    If everything falls apart we’ll be ready.
    If it doesn’t we have peace of mind.
    Thanks for helping us toward that goal.

    Bob & Judi Morgan

  12. I prep because for years i had always felt the need to have more food put away for a rainey day. I now believe that the rainey days are closer then most people believe. i started prepping this past year. I have learned so much from other preppers such as you who are so kind to put out information for us to learn. and i have been blessed by all of your post. i dont usually comment but i always read every email i get and your postings on facebook. thanks again for keeping us newbies own the right track. God Bless

  13. I prep primarily because I love my family. But even if there isn’t a catastrophe, I figure I will not go hungry when I “retire”. All I’ll really need to come up with every year is the taxes.

  14. I am aware of verified past life experiences dating from the 1600’s. Given that background of experiences prep is a no brainer. Besides, I learned a long time ago, in this lifetime, the only benefit to sticking my head in the sand is not hearing the warning in time to jump out of the way in order to relearn an old lesson in a new way.

    I am on face book and I never use it. I skype rather than write.

  15. I prep because noone knows what the future brings. Lost jobs, storms, down on your luck, ect. My house is like a grocery store for family, friends, and neighbors.

  16. Prepping helps me cope, with each can I put on the shelf, each jar I lift from the canner it calms my fears and makes me smile. I hope you are smiling also. WmM

  17. I do follow you on facebook and look forward to your articles. I prep for many different reasons, but mostly for the peace of mind that comes along with being able to provide for my family without much outside support. In an emergency situation, it’s doubtful that help would even be available.

  18. I prep because it’s been what has been taught me since childhood and I love my family and want them to have the best life can offer even when life can be at it’s worst.

  19. I prep not just for TEOTWAWKI, but for just about anything. My father taught self-sufficiency since I was a little girl — knowing how to do anything, anywhere, in any situation. Now with potential devastation hitting society (or at least a very different level of society possibly coming), I make certain my household has more than a dozen fruits/vegetables growing year-round, pantries to the gills with non-perishables, water, medical supplies, and most recently we are getting into tiptop shape should we need to GTFO of town without weapons. (Pardon the profanity!) It is never too late to become the healthiest you can be. Whether the end of the world comes or life continues as always, being healthy makes so much of an improvement in our lives!

  20. I prep because I was stuck in San Franciso for a week after the ’89 quake. That experience woke me up to the possibilities.

  21. I prep (albeit not as well as many) because I cannot bare the thought that my loved ones or neighbors might suffer simply because I was too lazy to make the effort. Katrina shocked me, learning about individuals who for whatever reason, had no food, no water, no security at all. I’m not saying they were all lazy, maybe more like ignorant. But I am not ignorant, thanks to you, Geo. Ure and other blog leaders and participants who fill us with information and nip at out heels to get things done!

  22. I prep for “when it happens” not “if it happens” The one thing I learned from Katrina is that help may be coming but it will take some time. Its best to be self sufficient.

  23. I prepare because life can turn on a dime. Been there. Done that. Hated it.

    Add my vote to read “Lucifer’s Hammer.” This book should be required reading for any serious prepper. Lots of excellent practical information here, as well as exploration of the wide range of people’s typical responses in a world gone sideways and how that response turns out. But even more important is that it’s a chance to virtually experience a modern post-SHTF world and gain some emotional experience with life turned on a dime. If something happens that people aren’t expecting, they have a tendency to freeze up, at least briefly, and the odds of making the right choice at the right time go way down. One might not even survive the deer-in-the-headlights experience. But, if you’re emotionally prepared though such virtual practice, you’ll probably jump the right way through instinct. It’s a darn good read, too. $5 used on Amazon and even less at the local used book store (in the SciFi section). This may be the best $5 that you ever spent and I’d love to hear from anyone who reads it.

    I’ll check out Alas Babylon.

    • Lucifer’s Hammer has some bits I really found interesting this time through it. It’s definitely a book of exploring a lot of reactions to chaos. I think the authors hit on most of the common ones, I wonder if there’s a book on types of reactions to stresses? Have to look that up.
      I agree with your comment about freezing up, that may be the worst thing for many people, and the thing I want least to do. Mental and physical practice are the best things I can think of to lower the chances of freeze up, are there more? It’s hard to practice everything that may have to be coped with.
      The way the different groups coped fascinated me, I thought about what type of group I’d want to be part of, and how do you find such a group? Most people seemed to have fallen randomly into one group or another, is there any way to choose? What assets do I have that would make me valuable to a group? Do the smaller groups have to end up being assimilated into the larger ones? If so, how can you make that a positive process? Are there skills, data or things that can be acquired now that would make the groups work better? I wish I could find a group now to work with, but I don’t know how to do so.

      Alas Babylon has it’s faults, the major one being it was written in the late 1950’s and is racist. It also takes place in Florida, where the fishing and growing is easy, which isn’t where I live, and not conditions I face. There’s a lot of good ideas in there though, that make it well worth reading. The guy bought frozen meats, when the power went out, they had a steak party. I’d have put thought into a better way to store meat than that, that’s seems like a sad thing to have to basically waste it all because of bad planning. (Admittedly, the main character didn’t get a lot of planning time, but that’s the good part about reading this stuff now, you are getting the chance to plan ahead and learn from his mistakes.)

      What other books of this type might I be missing? I’m not interested in the “the world has ended, we are shooting everyone we see” type books (read a few of them, they all seem the same.) Books on real people in real scenarios interest me, things I can learn from.

    • I am sorry you think Alas Babylon was racist.

      As one that grew up during the 50’s, I can assure you that book accurately portrays life in the South during that time. Too bad you sound too young to have experienced it. I grew up with whites and coloreds at the time, and the character Randy exemplified the early changes in racial accommodation of the time and the heartvurn associated in the South during that time.

      please try to open your mind to context, instead of claiming “racism” at something you don’t understand.

    • My apologies, perhaps I used the wrong word. Within context, yes, it’s historically accurate. I find it sad to think of how much good someone like Malachi could have done for everyone if they had looked past his skin color to the man inside. I hate seeing anyone (especially someone competent) treated as an inferior for reasons beyond their control.

  24. I prep because no one else is going to take care of my family. It is my responsibility to take care of them and put aside a little extra for others.

  25. If you expect the government to take care of you when the SHTF, you will be very dissapointed. Everyone must take personal responsibility to care for themselves, and their families. FEMA camps. Martial law. Disarm the citizens to remove our means of self defense. The list goes on. Be prepared!

  26. Hello everyone….I prepare so that I don’t have to worry when something happens…and it will. Its called taking responsibility. So many things can cause hardships for a family and neighborhood. So, why not have the supplies and tools along with the skills to face those hardships and make it a little easier on others.I want to be able to step forward and be a helpful leader. I prep because I enjoy planning ahead not just for myself and my family but for those foolish,foolish neighbors that will need help also. Rusty

  27. Because the S will hit the F before you know it and I want to be ready no matter which way it comes from.

    and I did like you page on FB.

  28. Good morning Gaye…..another book that I think you might enjoy is called Earth Abides by George R. Stewart. He wrote about a pandemic and one person’s struggle to survive. That is my all time favorite. I don’t think you would be wasting your time reading it. Its a classic. Rusty

  29. I prep because it’s the smart thing to do! I live in earthquake country for one. That along with seeing how fragile our economy is, and the increase in climate related disasters throughout the world, makes prepping a necessity in my mind.
    I do like your page on FB, very much!

  30. We are trying to leave grocery stores behind. Health and now only one income has made it so we have to be SMART in stocking up for whatever emergency is coming. We are trying all the skills we will need and have failed in many areas that we thought we had down. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that my washer (that can run on solar) has failed so that I had to try out the plunger type washing system – if I ever have to use some of the hand crank, hand-use tools that we have, we’re going to have hours and hours of work. Testing what we could have to use in an emergency has become a daily chore/habit. We can’t waste money and need to know all that we can. Thanks for all the info here – Marilyn

  31. I would love to have a copy of this book. Books are precious and we can enjoy reading and learning even if there is no electricity. I prep because my income could go away, and so could everyone else’s. Because I don’t trust the government and I believe the world is on a collision course with the SHTF. Prepping makes sense. Right now, my car is broken and I’ve just come down with a cold. So thankful to have lots of applesauce and chicken soup, aspirin and tylenol. Prepping is putting me on track with beliefs I’ve held since high school, that independence is a better way to live.

  32. I prepare, not only for when SHTF in the world, but also in my personal life. There was a time when my husband lost his job, and our food storage was what got us through!

  33. A while back an ice storm isolated us for a week.I learned that a Dutch West wood stove and 20 gals of gas was not enough to get by here in N GA. It took 3 days to chainsaw the pine trees downed on the drive. The road had downed utility poles and trees. I now prep for the long term… we are due for a bad one.. BTW, the acorns are large and falling in buckets!

  34. I prep because I have a wife, four children and two grandchildren. I have no faith in the govt. protecting us, or coming to our aid when disaster strikes, as it will do in the undetermined future. My faith is centered in God and Jesus Christ, and I am led by the Spirit to prep. My youngest son is stationed in Germany in the air force, and all I can do for him to to pray for the safety of him and his bride. We have food, water, and the means to protect ourselves, along with a wood stove to cook our food, candles and lamps to light dark nights, and the desire to prevail. We are better prepared than most friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have ignored my advice to plan ahead.

  35. I prep because I am a 57 yr old grandma, divorced after 34 yrs.I have lived thru earthquakes in Calif and Japan, hurricanes and flooding in Va,La, and Mississippi and lets not forget the wildfires when we lived on the west coast. If I don’t prep for my family who will? I prep because I take care of my handicapped brother, I prep for the nieces and nephews I love and their families. My kids and grandkids are not within driving distance. We were AF 24 yrs during Vietnam, Desert Storm & Desert Shield. My son is Army and deployed right now, one daughter and her kids are on the west coast and one daughter still lives at home with me. I know I can’t save everyone all thou I would like to try so I am prepping for 15 people. I have always tried to make a differencein the lives of kids. I have done foster care (adopted 3 kids) in 4 states and I love doing Food Pantrys. So this is just an extention of everything I have done my whole life. I don’t like the idea of “ME ME ME”. I think we may be losing our way. I have faith in GOD and I also have great faith in the American people. We will learn the hard lessons and more on.

  36. I prep for security and piece of mind. BTW, what is the deadline to enter?

    • I will be announcing the winner on October 11th so entries can be made through October 9th.

  37. would love to win this.

  38. Thank you so very much for all your very helpful information you share in your e-mails & on your website. I look forward to each new e-mail. I do not do Facebook, but would love to win the book. I love to read.

    I am new to prepping and am slowly doing some of the things you recommend but have a very long way to go. I am doing it because as you look around at what is happening in the world & our country, you see something is going to happen. I do know that God is in control though.

  39. Great infromation. I enjoy your website and e-mails.

  40. I am a 75yr old grandmother and of course have seen a different world than we have now. i believe it is crucial to prepare as fast and well as you ca. i have a list of books but my fixed-income prevents a lot of purchases. it would be a wonderful thing to win this book.

  41. You must take care of yourself and your family. You saw what the government has in store for you from the last major storms that hit the south and the northeast coast. That will not be in our future. We can take care of ourselves and those around us.

  42. I am a slow learner. I have live most of my 40 plus years living for the moment. And it has came to my attention that I need to be more prepared ( especially when I have to do without ). I am slow getting there but I am slowly learning to start preparing for emergencies.

  43. Dear Gaye: I prep because I’m responsible for my family and feel better knowing we will be able to get through another month or two on our own. We have ice storms and in the 90s were without power for 10 days. That opened my eyes as to how unprepared we were. I vowed to never again be in a situation where we could not cook or enjoy a warm house.
    Love your site and the emails. I learn so much from you and hope you keep coming up with the tips and ideas that I value so much.

    Thanks, Nita Croteau

  44. I prepare because we live where hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires are possible.

  45. Survival


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