Prepper Book Festival 9: The Pantry Primer

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Prepper Book Festival 9: The Pantry Primer

What makes the up a prepper’s perfect pantry?  If you think I am going to tell you that boxes of MRE’s and cases of freeze dried foods are the way to go, you are wrong.  It is not that those items do not have their place, but rather that they are supplements to the perfect pantry.

So what makes up the perfect pantry?  The perfect prepper pantry is composed of foundation items such as grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and scratch-cooking basics!

The Pantry Primer | Backdoor Survival

With that introduction, I would like to present the last book in Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival 9.  The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget, written by my friend Daisy Luther.  This the book that will get you started as you build your pantry from the ground up, step by step, and on a limited budget.

For those of you with a good memory, you might recall a similarly titled book in an earlier book festival. True enough.  Since then, the book has been completely rewritten and expanded to almost triple the amount of content with greater attention given to the how’s and why’s of pantry basics.

Naturally, as with all book festival entries, one copy has been reserved in a giveaway.  So sit back, enjoy the interview then be sure to check in below to learn about the giveaway.

An Interview with Daisy Luther, Author of The Pantry Primer

One question on everyone’s mind is what they would do if a disaster or even a collapse occurred in their own back yard. If that happened to you, would you bug-in or bug-out and why.

For most disasters, I’d bug in. My place is set up to be a retreat and is complete with security, my supplies, a well, and the tools I need for self-reliance. However, it’s really important to keep an open mind. When you become too rigid about your plan, you’re unable to think on your feet and adapt when necessary.

For example, last year, we were right on the edge of a wildfire that destroyed thousands of acres of forestland. We were ready to evacuate at any second because nature just about took the choice right out of our hands. Always be ready to move to Plan B without hesitation.

If you did decide to hunker down and bug-in, what items would you include for comfort? Or would you?

Chocolate and coffee are well-stocked here. Don’t come knocking. There are some things I just won’t share. *wink*.

In all seriousness, I do have chocolate and coffee but probably the most important items we have that makes our home comfortable in a bug-in situation is a vast library of books, both fiction and non-fiction. We load up at yard sales and thrift stores. Many of our books haven’t been read by us yet, which would provide hours of entertainment post-disaster.

Home defense and protection from the bad guys is a big deal. That said, not everyone is prepared or even qualified to use firearms. What do you recommend in that case?

Well, I do strongly recommend learning to use a firearm and practicing until you are comfortable. However, if you absolutely can’t or won’t do that, a large dog is a good deterrent. (We have a 165 pound livestock guardian dog who roams our property.) Next, I recommend things like pepper spray or wasp spray. Wasp spray is nice because it has a long range for a spray and the stream can be directly targeted to someone’s face. Don’t try to use a knife for defense – it’s very likely to be taken away from you by a stronger opponent.

These days, it seems as though a new book about survival or preparedness is released daily. How is your book different from the others and why should we read it?

My book is based on 20 years of preparing for a rainy day.

Preparedness can be incredibly overwhelming, both financially and by the sheer amount of “stuff” we feel we must acquire. The Pantry Primer discusses personalizing your supply instead of using the generic formulas that many books offer.

As well, it goes into detail about properly storing the food, suggesting places to put it, focusing on nutrition and food quality, and finally, doing this on a normal person’s budget. I’m a single mom and have always been on a tight budget, so I completely understand the need to prep when your income isn’t in the 6 figure range.

How is this book different from the first edition?

The new Pantry Primer has been greatly revised from the first book. The first edition was a collection of blog posts about our own experience that readers had asked me to compile into a book. We had moved from Canada to the US and because of Customs, weren’t allowed to bring our food supplies. We had to start absolutely from scratch. The first book was our experience rebuilding our stockpile.

The reviews were mediocre and when I sat down to revise it, I read all of the negative reviews to learn where the book fell short. I realized there wasn’t enough detail – no specific lists, no advice about personalizing your supplies, no instructions of proper food storage.

The 2nd edition has all of that information and more. It is more than twice the length of the first book, professionally edited, and well-organized. It’s gone from being a first person account to being a specific how-to. I’m very pleased with the new version.

What is your favorite survival, disaster, or post-apocalyptic film or TV show?

Contagion.  That movie is epic, particularly after the Ebola scare of last fall. I could watch it again and again and learn something every time. It clearly demonstrates two very important lessons: How quickly and easily a virus can spread (via awesome special effects) and the importance of hunkering down in such a situation. The one thing I don’t like about the movie is how the world is saved by a vaccine. Sort of propaganda-ish.

It is said that everyone has a book inside them. What advice do you have for the budding author?

I’ll give you the advice my father gave to me, right before he passed away. Writer’s write. If you don’t write, you aren’t a writer, you’re a dreamer. The best way to become a writer is by writing. Do it every single day and the words will flow. You’ll become faster, better, and best of all….a writer. Start with a blog to give yourself a place to share your thoughts. The next thing you know, that book will come pouring out of you.

The Giveaway

Daisy has reserved a copy of The Pantry Primer for this Book Festival Giveaway.

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The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The Final Word

When it comes to building a survival pantry, we all have to start somewhere.  I advocate starting with the foods you know and love, then adding grains, legumes, and other bulk foods a bit at a time.  I also advocate learning to cook with these items.  It never ceases to amaze me to have someone ask how to cook rice without using a rice cooker!

Putting together a proper prepper pantry from the ground up can be terrifying if you are starting with nothing and have a limited budget.  That being said, there is no reason at all to freak out.  With books such as The Pantry Primer, and my own article, 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan, you will be well on your way to a one-year food supply in no time.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget

A one-year food supply means freedom. It means that you are less subject to the whims of the economy or personal financial emergencies. You can handle small disasters with aplomb. You aren’t reliant on the government if a crisis strikes. You can’t be manipulated because your family is hungry.

Pantry Primer Daisy Luther Banner Ad

The second edition of The Pantry Primer is nearly triple the size of the original book. It has morphed from a book about our own journey to replenish our pantry after a cross-continental move, to a detailed compendium of all things food storage. Geared towards preppers, it teaches you:

  • Why everyone needs a food supply in their homes
  • How much food you need
  • How your pantry is directly related to your health
  • The components of a perfect pantry
  • Prepping for those with dietary restrictions.
  • A thrifty new way of shopping so you can afford to build your pantry
  • How to store the food you purchase to extend the shelf life for as long as possible
  • A week-by-week plan, complete with shopping lists and menu ideas
  • How to save money by making items most people purchase ready-made at the store
  • Pantry inventory and maintenance
  • Where to store all of that food
  • Bonus: 25 frugal and delicious recipes

If you’re new at this, you can take the most important step today…the step of getting started. You’ll have a year’s supply of food in no time at all!

For your convenience, here is a list of all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival.

Prepper Book Festival 9 – Non-Fiction

Chickens from Scratch: Raising Your Own Chickens from Hatch to Egg Laying and Beyond
Prepper’s Natural Medicine: Life-Saving Herbs, Essential Oils and Natural Remedies
Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide (PrepSmart Volume 3)
The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource
The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget

Prepper Book Festival 9 – Fiction

Cascadia’s Curse
Apocalypse by Government
New Recruits (The Shadow Patriots Volume 2)
The Line of Departure: A Postapocalyptic Novel
Holding Their Own: The Toymaker

Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

No list of books would be complete without my own book, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage.  The eBook print version is available.

Help support Backdoor Survival. Purchases earn a small commission and for that I thank you!


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