Prepper Book Festival 9: Shadow Patriots New Recruits

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: July 1, 2019
Prepper Book Festival 9: Shadow Patriots New Recruits

A small part of each of us harbors a lack of trust in those organizations and agencies empowered to keep us safe.  This, I am afraid, is a 21st century reality.  While it easy to point fingers and play a blame game, it is my opinion that we are better served by fostering self-reliance so that we can depend upon ourselves and not on third parties.

The latest entry in the Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival 9 is a work of fiction titled New Recruits (The Shadow Patriots Volume 2).  It starts with the following quote by Frederick Douglass:

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.”

From that, you get the general idea, right?

Prepper Book Festival - Shadow Patriots Series |Backdoor Survival

Today I share an encore interview with Warren Ray, the author of New Recruits.  In addition, Warren is generously offering both books in the Shadow Patriots series to three Backdoor Survival readers.

Enjoy the interview then be sure to check in below to learn about the giveaway to win a copy of both The Shadow Patriots and New Recruits.

An Interview with Warren Ray, Author of The Shadow Patriots Series

What would you purchase if you only had $500 to spend on preparedness supplies?

I’m constantly encouraging my family and friends to buy food storage and for five hundred dollars, depending on where you purchase it, you can easily buy six months of freeze dried food for one person or three months for two.

Then go get some five gallon water containers.  These are the easiest things to do for the novice.

Do you feel totally prepared and if not, what prep area concerns you the most?

I’m not a serious prepper, so no, I’m not as prepared as most people who are readers of your blog.  I do what I can where I can, but I’ve been on the road promoting my novels for the past year.  I have a go-bag in my trunk with enough to get me through a small emergency.

What is your favorite survival or prepping book?  (It can be fiction or non-fiction.)

My favorite survival book is called The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray.  Hey, that’s me, if it sounds like I’m pandering, I am.

Do you have anything else, such as an announcement, message, personal experience, that you would like to share with the readers on Backdoor Survival?

Everyone has an opinion on what’s going to happen to our country and I’m no different.

The current path we’re on cannot be sustained and if we continued to go down this path, at some point, we, as a country will fall down. It could be next year or the next twenty years.  When and how far we’ll fall is anyone’s guess.

My book series explores this possibility and what people are capable of doing, both good and bad.  It looks at how some people will take advantage of the situation, some will shrink away, while others will stand tall and do the right thing.

The Giveaway

Warren has reserved three copies of both of his books, The Shadow Patriots and New Recruits for lucky Backdoor Survival winners.  Yes, that means there will be three winners!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.


The Final Word

I don’t know about you, but I hope I am never forced to choose between defending myself and my home, or defending my country.  That would be an impossible decision since, during normal times, home, family and country would be one and the same.

Learning to cope during Impossible situations we can do vicariously by reading books in the survival fiction genre.  Practicing those coping skills day to day is a much tougher nut but do so we must, one tiny step at a time.

I do hope you take a few minutes to enter the giveaway; you are going to love the books!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  New Recruits (The Shadow Patriots Volume 2)

The journey continues for Cole Winters and the Shadow Patriots as they discover a deviant activity that forces them to change their plans and deal with a new despicable nightmare.

The stakes are even higher as they put their lives at risk to save the most vulnerable. While on their conquest, they discover Islamic terrorism is in America and it’s led by a wealthy Saudi Prince trying to stake a claim in the Midwest. Meanwhile, Major Green who has been transferred to Washington D.C., has pledged to help the Shadow Patriots, as he works for the new National Government.

Green puts his life and the life of his mother on the line as he pieces together the inner workings of the conspiracy that has overtaken America. From South Bend Indiana, back to Canada and throughout Michigan, you’ll meet new characters and cheer on Cole Winters, who will need every ounce of courage as he races against time and impossible odds as the National Police and terrorists are hot on his trail.

Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

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48 Responses to “Prepper Book Festival 9: Shadow Patriots New Recruits”

  1. Again, we are presented with a great series of books for reading, enjoyment and learning. I keep trying to hone my skills and add in areas that I am weak in. Picked up some new tools, solar charger for my Iphone, kindle, and laptops this weekend. Along with some beans, band aids and bullets. Baby steps is what I’m trying to do in education and materials.

  2. My top two goals for this year would be to redo our food storage area. We are increasing our shelving and moving it to a better area. The other top goal is to increase our dehydrated food stores some more.

  3. With one child heading off to college, and the other one at home but leading a very hectic life and traveling a lot, the first of my top two goals is to get them both really good get-home set-ups. I want to make sure that wherever they are, they can get back to us in an emergency. My other goal is to organize my food storage, which has gotten a little out of control over the last couple years.

  4. Get our septic system totally cleaned out, repaired and up to code…..which we’ve done just yesturday. Get our wood cook stove chimney system repaired before winter so we can use it safely again.

  5. What are your top 2 prepping goals for the balance of 2015? My 2 prepping goals for the rest of the year are to get into better shape and increase my knowledge.

  6. Time to rotate my water storage and focus on organizing. I appreciated your comment in a previous article, Gaye, about buying things and then putting them in a box when you get them. I’m also guilty of that and plan to begin with the medical supplies. Your candor is so refreshing 🙂

  7. At times, it feels overwhelming to think of all preps that one would need. But we must do the best we can because we can’t depend on anyone else to help.

    Thanks for the drawing.

  8. My top two goals for the rest of the year are to increase and organize my food storage situation and secondly, to update my water storage and ammunition stores.
    This sounds like an enjoyable read and I would like to review this book.

  9. Top two goals include getting some solar power for the house or at least to run run several items. The other would be to set up a protected garden area with raised beds for next years planting.

  10. My two goals are to increase my water storage and add to my freeze dried food collection. In years past I purchased mostly canned foods and pasta products. Not knowing how to dry can the pasta, much of it became inedible. Now I’ve learned how to dry can and use my food saver jar vacuum attachment to keep it all fresh. Also, I am buying only short term amounts of canned foods, as I’ve had to toss out so many cans. I’ve started buying freeze dried for long-term.

  11. I’d love to have enough money for a couple of solar panels and a storage battery that could be use when/if we lose electricity.

  12. One goal is to get a portable solar charger to use to keep cell phones, tablets, laptop, radios, etc. charged if we lose power. The family is spread out across town so another goal is getting some alternate form of communication (hand held two way radios) beside cell phones in place so we can communicate with each other when needed.

  13. I applaud all the responders who said we need to get in better physical shape, but I also need to learn more about storing medicines.

  14. I am discovering how enjoyable this genre is. This year I am hoping to finally decide if I am moving and whether it is away from the city or to another country.

  15. My two goals? Independence and knowledge.
    Independence – water/ food / energy.
    Knowledge – survival and medical.

    And a whole slue of other things! ☺

  16. My top prepping goals for this year are to get my preps better organized, and to be more purposeful in what I obtain, particularly when it comes to stored food.

  17. I have had enough reality to worry aplenty, and I would dearly love to read fiction to relax, regardless of the message – it can’t be as cruel as reality seems to be . . .

  18. 2 Things I am working on is, learning solar panel assembly and setting up a solar system. Also, working on getting family and friends to understand the “Big Deal” of prepping. I hear its no big deal, we will be ok, and “Your a whack job for thinking that way”. I say ok when the shtf you will know this whack job warned you.

  19. Learn to use my dehydrator figuring out how to convince my wife that I’m not crazy for buying the prepping stuff I’ve bought so far…

  20. To get my preps preps organised better and to get solar/wind added to our home
    We have a standby but if the gas gets shut off our basement will flood.

  21. This next year my prepping priorities are to be more productive with my garden and to preserve more that I grow by canning and dehydrating.

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