BDS Hurricane Help Page

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: March 23, 2020
BDS Hurricane Help Page

While some folks are used to hurricane season, people still have a lot of tough choices to make when they realize that a hurricane is going to make landfall.

As I type this, a lot of people are taking care of last-minute preparations due to hurricane Dorian. Unfortunately, just preparing for the actual hurricane is just the beginning.

The aftermath of a hurricane and the resulting flooding can last for a very long time. In fact, a lot of damages can never be repaired. We saw this in 2005 when Katrina devastated New Orleans.

Backdoor Survival has quite a few useful posts from past hurricane events that can help you make some decisions before, during, and after a hurricane comes to your area. We have included links at the bottom of this post.

While I have not been through a major hurricane myself, I have been through many catastrophic floods. Knowing that your home may be damaged or destroyed is an awful feeling. In the case of a hurricane, you have to worry about looting as well.

Looting was not something that we had to deal with in the small town I grew up in. My heart goes out to those that feel that they must choose between risking their lives to protect their home or evacuating and risking losses from looting.

While it is getting to be a bit late to make major preparations for Dorian, there will be clean up and to deal with later and there will probably be more hurricanes this season. During clean up, staying healthy can be harder.

With that in mind, I wanted to use this post to link to posts Backdoor Survival has published on hurricane preparation. We will make an effort to throughly update this page every hurricane season as we add relevant posts that can help you and your family stay safe and as comfortable as possible.

All of us at Backdoor Survival wish you the best during this trying time. If there is anything that you believe the preparedness community should know about the current hurricane situation or would like Backdoor Survival to share on social media what people can do to help those in need, you can email me at . I will do my best to get your message out there.

Here are some posts that you may want to share with others that can help you prepare, survive, and cleanup after a hurricane.

Best wishes,

Samantha and The Team at Backdoor Survival

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