AquaPod Deluxe – When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Saves Water

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: February 16, 2021
AquaPod Deluxe – When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Saves Water

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It is Friday here at Backdoor Survival and you know what that means; it is time for another fabulous giveaway!  As someone who lives and breathes and is even obsessed about preparedness, it goes without saying that when an opportunity comes along to demonstrate how to store extra water in advance of a disruptive event, I jump on it.

Today I am thrilled to share my experience setting up the AquaPod Deluxe and, in conjunction with the nice folks at AquaStorage, am offering one for free in a giveaway.

AquaPod Review

What the Heck is an AquaPod?

So what that heck is an AquaPod?

The AquaPod is a heavy duty bathtub liner that can be filled with water in advance of a storm or weather system.  Think of it as insurance when you anticipate that access to clean, usable water will be unavailable for a few days.

The AquaPod is is made in the USA which is rare these days.  You already know how I love it when companies support their communities by using local organizations in their manufacturing process. AquaStorage does just that; the AquaPod is assembled by the Austin State School of the Aged and Disabled. Now how cool is that?

Assembling and Using the AquaPod

Follow along below as I set an AquaPod up all by my own self – without any help from Mr. Survival Hubby who thinks he is better as such things than I am!

Aqua Pod attach to faucet

Attaching the neck opening to the faucet

Aqua Pod Tub is Filled

Filling the AquaPod with water

AquaPod Getting the Water Out

Getting the water out using the included siphon

AqualPod Filling the Water Bottle

Filling my water bottle

Other Facts About the AquaPod

The AquaPod holds up to 65 gallons of water.  Think about that.  At a water requirement of 3 gallons a day per person, that works out to 22 man-days or 11 days of water for two people and more if you conserve.  Also, you can expect the water to stay fresh for up to 8 weeks although water never really goes bad, just stale and or contaminated.

In addition to being a cinch to set up, something I like about the AquaPod is that the storage requirement is zilch.  Storing the boxed kit takes up no room at all.  Plus, if you have two bathtubs, you can have up to 130 gallons of fresh water ready to go before that hurricane of storm hits.

Which gets me thinking: I wonder how the AquaPod would work in a shower stall?

The AquaPod Giveaway

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  To enter the giveaway for an AquaPod Deluxe Kit (which includes three liners!), all you have to do is enter leave a comment below telling me why you want to win an AquaPod.

Of course I would also love it if you signed up to receive my email newsletter, or followed me on Google+ or Pinterest so you might want to do that, too, for good karma credit.

You know the drill.  All entries must be made via the comments area on this website and a winner will be chosen totally at random.  The deadline is Thursday, May 1st at 6PM PDT.

The Final Word

This has been such a fun review.  It was satisfying to know I could create 65 gallons of water storage all by myself in less than 10 minutes.  Also, once the tub and liner was filled, I didn’t have to find anywhere to store the water.  It was readily available in a suitable container (the tub) designed to carry the weight of the water.  And by the way, no, I am not dumping the water.  I am using it to water plants and flush the toilet.  We do not waste water in this household!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  The AquaPod Deluxe Kit includes 3 liners.

Aquapod Deluxe Kit

Have you considered storing water in your bathtub?  The AquaPod is a bladder that you can use in your bathtub to store water if you know that a storm, flood, or hurricane is brewing. (I call these “disruptive events”.)

Bargain Bin:  Let’s make today all about water!

Suncast RB50D 50-Gallon Rain Barrel:  A rain barrel is a great way to collect water for, well, a rainy day.  This is the rain barrel I own.  The instructions indicate that it must be dumped regularly to prevent algae formation but since I will be using this “free” water in the garden, it will get replenished regularly by Mother Nature.  That said,  I am definitely going to keep an eye on things.

Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets: Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets make questionable water bacteriologically suitable to drink. Easy to use and the water is ready to drink in 30 minutes. One 50 tablet bottle treats 25 quarts of water.

NALGENE BPA-Free Water Bottle:  These water bottles have served me well.  I fill them up with water from my Royal Berkey and keep one bedside, one at my desk and another in the bathroom.  Keep in mind that price-wise, some colors will be more expensive so if color does not matter, go with the cheapest (currently the green version).

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System:  Fans of the Sawyer water filtration systems are evangelistic in their praise.  This is an ongoing favorite on the Amazon Top 10 Most Wished for Items.

Amazon – Gift Cards: Perhaps with a brightly colored water bottle for that special someone?

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The Goal Zero® Nomad 7m is an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel. Enables you to recharge your handheld devices directly from its USB or 12-volt DC charging ports.

I will soon be writing up a review but in the meantime, here are the specs:

  • Provides up to 7 watts output in good sunlight
  • Only 13 ounces
  • Compact foldable fabric case
  • Compatible with most USB devices
  • 5+ year life span

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  1. Have a aqua pod I love it but like to have a extra one just in case. We are going through Hurricane Matthew as we speak. Make me feel better knowing that I have enough water when I need it.

  2. Have an Aqua pod;
    Gave us potable water during a massive forest fire in Nederland Co,the Cold Springs Fire. No power,no water for a couple of days. Evac of 2000 people,8 homes destroyed, flames insight. Waiting for reverse 911, having potable water while watering the roof and property gave me some comfort!
    All Prepers should have one.
    Drained it, 4 weeks later, had a little chl in it water still fine.
    Whats the best way to dry for reuse?

    How do i enter give away for 3pk deluxe?

  3. I would dearly love to win the Aquapod because we don’t have remotely enough water stored. If we lose power our well pump wouldn’t work and it is too deep to pump manually.
    We have a seasonal stream that runs by many homes before getting to our land so initial water storage is imperative.

  4. I would want since I don’t even have a bathtub. Its frustrating knowing that everyone has a tub except me.

  5. Well, Id be usin it to gimme some water storage for the Bunker, since it dont have no water there, what with all the ammo takin up all the room and all. I culd move the AP rounds out of the bathtub and stack them over the bags of fertilizer.

  6. I would love to win the AquaPod. Have use the tub before but it tends to become polluted in an open tub. This would make it good clean water for every use.

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