Reflecting on the American Road to Failure and the Path to Recovery

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Reflecting on the American Road to Failure and the Path to Recovery

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LaoziThere is an ancient quote by the Chinese philosopher Laozi: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

As we reflect back on the events of the past five years, it is easy to forget that change takes time and that the road we have taken to failure has been lined with many mis-steps taken over many years.

What is wrong in America?

It is no secret that times are tough and that the immediate outlook shows little promise of things getting better.  Let us look at some of the facts.

Almost 50% of the American population pays no federal income tax.  More the 70% of federal spending goes toward dependence or entitlement programs.  Those that do not pay tax vote with their own interest in mind.  These facts alone have created a growing resentment on the part of taxpaying citizens who are angry about those that do not pay and at those whose welfare payments are pulling money out of the economy.

Personal responsibility is something that “someone else does”.  Illegal aliens can easily enter the country, work at American jobs, receive public assistance and receive free healthcare.  The children of the illegals become automatic citizens and are eligible for education and social benefits that our own citizens are denied.

man worried about money economy

Corporate and wall-street big-wigs commit crimes and are rewarded with six figure bonuses while their employees work longer hours for reduced wages.

Our economy is in shambles, true unemployment is over 20% and the value of our dollar is shrinking both domestically and in the international arena.

Our freedoms and constitutional rights are being eroded with each new executive order and the future of our children is being cannibalized by apathy and helplessness.  Drugs and alcohol desensitizes our sense of morality and abortion has now become the contraception tool of choice.

Public funds are being spent pursuing unsubstantiated environment issues while people go hungry and are homeless.  Healthcare is available for the rich and the poor with the middle class being left out due to excessive insurance premiums and a medical system manipulated and controlled by big pharma.

Our society is a mess and the very leaders elected to restore the fabric of our economy and our community culture have failed.  Call it greed, call it ego, call it the temptation to accede to the heights of power – no matter what you call it, the existing system appears to be  broken beyond repair.

The Solution is Looking At You in the Mirror

To blame one candidate or one political party for the current woes of our country is folly.  Both parties have brought us to where we are today.  This did not happen in four years and it did not happen in eight.  So get over it.

The solution, in my view, is for each of us, as individuals, to stand up for what we believe.  Support the issues that are important and work hard to make your voice heard.  Do this is a peaceful and conscientious manner with a level head strong convictions.  Take that step and exhibit patience and perseverance to share your concern with your neighbors, your community and your elected officials.

This is no time for complacency and no time for acquiescence and acceptance.    If you don’t do something, who will?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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11 Responses to “Reflecting on the American Road to Failure and the Path to Recovery”

  1. There is no path to recovery. The system is so broken and so utterly corrupt that the only remedy at this point is to take each and every single politician, bankster, bureaucrat, corporatist and elitist and their hired hands and parade them in front of a jury of the we the people. Immediately thereafter, gently help them place their heads in a well-sharpened guillotine. Only then, will we be able to start down the path of recovery.

  2. I liken our current political system to a drive from Point A to Point B, down a winding road. We turn to the right (wing) then to the left (wing) as we wind along worrying about the crisis we face at Point B. Whenever I mention voting for a third party candidate, people tell me about “throwing away your vote”. Honestly, it’s time to look in the mirror and say, “I have kept voting to maintain Point B as my destination rather than looking at the map and choosing a new route to a different destination.” The media keeps the debate hot on just a few issues; abortion, same sex marriage, the economy/entitlement programs and wars, but the critical issues of government/corporate/BANKING corruption in our country and throughout the world is hushed by ignoring it. Ignore is the root of ignorance. We end up with ‘just’ two candidates who both, somehow, fall into the corrupt category. And we try to pick the “lesser of two evils”? We choose to veer left or right depending on the candidate who appears most sincere and in agreement with our point of view on one or more of the ‘current’ issues. However, once in office, they stomp on the fuel pedal and proceed onward to destination Point B. If you don’t like the way they, them, those people have been running your country…pick ANYBODY else. Who knows, this election season may be our last chance to hit the brake before it’s time to bale out of the car.

    • Your comment is an excellent analysis of our current dysfunctional political system.

      There are those who say that a vote for an independent or that a write-in vote is a “waste” of our vote. How foolish. If more voters voted with their conscious we would be able to dig out of our mess and make positive strides toward recovery.

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    • I also had a post about constitution, I feel you should have copies of the constitution I have a copy PDF in a booklet form and other form I also have copy of Oath of Office which we all should have also I hope this post without doing any to my other post LOL I you would like copies of both I will be glad to help….

  4. The solution IS the man in the mirror. Amazingly, everyone I know is complaining and worried about the present state of affairs – and yet, everyone is responsible for the present state of affairs!

    This is similar to something I once read about the people living in Germany right after World War 2 had ended => when asked, almost nobody admitted they had supported Hitler and the Nazi’s during the war, but rather they were against them all along!

    I thought that was rather astonishing, but there you have it.

    • Sadly, not everyone is responsible for the present state of affairs. Many of us (myself included) have seen this happening for at least 30 years but when we expressed our concerns, the others (most likely you included), labeled us as paranoid, nuts, anti-American, told us to get the hell out of the country, etc, etc. Finally, that which we so coming is finally here. Now what? You are correct in one thing: it’s all our problem now.

    • I’m with you. Nothing sets my fillings on edge like, “America, Love It or Leave It”. It makes me want to slap people that I talked to about this 25 years ago that say, “Wow, I guess you called that right”. Idiots! they still refuse to listen when you tell them what’s likely coming next.
      And to your later comment, banksters should be #1 on the list, we don’t want any of them slithering away while we deal with their puppets.

  5. I have 2 or 3 copy of the constitution and I also have a copy Oath of Ofice I believe You should have a download for both right here I have been putting them the groups that I on… If you would like copy of any of the one I have I have one the in a pdf booklet form and other… I do wish I had a working printer so I could have printed copies of them myself Thank for your time

  6. Excellent points. You are right, this didn’t happen overnight. Nor will it be remedied easily. Maybe SHTF needs to happen before changes can/will be made.

  7. GREAT, you have hit the nail very hard and made an issue come to light. One thing, ENDLESS WAR and the military industrial complex that runs the US of A, that is the major problem.

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