These Boots Are Made for Hiking + Altai Tactical Boots

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: June 28, 2019
These Boots Are Made for Hiking + Altai Tactical Boots

It takes a lot to get me excited about clothing and other personal items.  It is not that I am particular but these days, I value my investment in survival gear and supplies far more than an investment in the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet.

On the other hand, hiking boots are something I take quite seriously.  When push comes to shove (or the stuff hits the fan), a good pair of boots will be well-purposed during everything from a trip to the lake for fresh water, to an emergency evacuation on foot to higher ground.  For that reason, I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted a week before my Alaska trip and asked if I would be willing to review a pair of ALTAI tactical boots.

These Boots Are Made for Hiking BDS

Thanks to some quick maneuvering on the part of manufacturer, ALTAI GEAR, I had them in time for my trip.  Lucky for Shelly (known around here as the Survival Husband) but not so lucky for me, they were out of stock in my size so Shelly was given the assignment to field test the boots.

Before I tell you about the boots, note that I have worked things out with the folks at Altai Gear to give one pair away to a Backdoor Survival reader.  More about that in a moment.  First I want to let Shelly tell you about the boots themselves.

A Review of the Altai Tactical Boot

When Gaye told me I was going to have to test out a brand new pair of tactical boots without any sort of break in period I did a roll-eyes.  I did that because what you do not see behind the scenes here at Backdoor Survival is the ton of stuff we purchase that somehow ends up over on my little section of the kitchen counter for testing.

Anyway, I should not have worried.  We just returned from our trip to Alaska where we hiked over 55 miles.  We hiked around the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, the Dewey Lake trail (rocky, narrow and very steep) in Skagway, and through a section of the Tongass National Forest in Ketchikan.  I did it all while wearing my new tactical boots.  Not bad for a 74 year old if I do say so myself.

Boots Gaye Shelly Hiking

Hiking in Alaska

Let me tell you about the boots.

First of all. the Altai’s were comfortable from the get go. The soles securely gripped all kinds of terrain including sand, gravel, stone, mud and general trail brush.  Most impressive was that when worn in water (Gaye made me do that not knowing if I would end up with squishy wet socks or not)  the boots were totally waterproof.  The water literally rolled off when exiting the water.

Boots Trekking Over Rocks

Depending on the kind of hiking we were doing, I laced the boots all the way to the top or, for the less strenuous hikes, left off the top  two eyelets and just wrapped the laces around the boot and tied them together.  I do not recommend the latter if you are trekking thru water.

Boots - Wading in the Lake

Wading in the water – she made me do it!

Boots Right Out of the Lake

Photo of the boots moments after stepping out of the water

Spec wise, here is what you need to know.

The boots run large so you need to order them half a size smaller than your normal size.

Gaye’s Note:  While the boots are offered in men’s sizes, I am told that the custom shape of the ALTAI boot fits most women.  Women should order one full size smaller so a size 8 in women’s sizing would be a size 7 in men’s. Return shipping via Amazon is free so there is no risk in giving them a try.

They are remarkably light weight.  I weighed them on my scale at home and the two boots (size 9.5) came in at 3.32 pounds.

The boots are totally waterproof (look at photo), the water rolls off of boot when exiting water.

There is a heavy duty no-slip sole and heel and the inside of boot is padded from the ankle up for comfort.

The eyelets are riveted for strength into the upper and have no sharp edges for easy wear on the laces.

The first five eyelets the laces string thru, the last two upper eyelets are the hook type for easy on and off.

In summary, these tactical boots were worn for 5+ hours at a time and were very comfortable.  My feet did not feel overheated which is the case with many other boots.  And no, I didn’t get a single blister which is amazing given no break-in period.

Boots are Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine Boots!

. . . . . . Yours truly,  Shelly aka Survival Husband

The Altai Tactical Boots Giveaway

Are you ready to win a pair of these boots of your own?  I have a new giveaway question for you.

What is your favorite survival or post-apocalyptic movie?

All you need to do is answer the giveaway question in the comments area at the end of this article.  A winner will be chosen totally at random so everyone has an equal chance of winning,  The way this works is you win the boots, and I have a great list of movies to watch!

Seriously, the giveaway ends at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday, June 19th.  The winner will be notified by email and will be announced on the Sunday Survival Buzz on June 22nd.  You snooze, you lose.  If the boots are not claimed within 48 hours, an alternate will be chosen.

The Final Word

I recently learned that Amazon now has the Altai Tactical Boots available in my size.  I don’t want Shelly to have all of the fun so I am going to get a pair of my own.  This falls right in line with my desire to update my emergency evacuation kit with a few more pieces of clothing, better hiking socks, and a pair of PJs.

The problem I am going to have is that I will want to wear my new boots during my daily hike; they are too darn cool to stow away, only for emergency use!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item:  Todays spotlight is the ALTAI Black Tactical Boot.  What can I say?  These boots are terrific and with free shipping and returns, your purchase is risk-free.  Plus, if you are unsure of the correct size, order two sizes and send the one that does not work out back.


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For our hiking needs, we each need a single pole and let me tell you, having a hiking/trekking pole really has made a difference as we scramble up and down rocks on our hikes.  And yes, they are currently with me on this year’s journey to one of my favorite vacation spots.

These poles telescope to different lengths and also feature an anti-shock technology that can be turned on or off (although I have not quite figured out when it should be on and when it should be off).  There are also three different sets of “feet” for different types of terrain, and I suppose weather.

For a starter set of hiking poles or as a replacement for a cane, these are great and the price is right!

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205 Responses to “These Boots Are Made for Hiking + Altai Tactical Boots”

  1. My fav would be Naked Emperor by Terry Goodkind. I think it is technically sci-fy. Those boots look really cool. I have lots of boots but almost none are comfortable. Also I like dual survivor.

  2. Mad Max Road Warrier. I love the tv show “Dual Survival” and “Naked and Afraid”. I really miss “I shouldn’t be alive” and “Man,Woman,wild”.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. Hiking 55 miles in Alaska !!! I am so envious. Were these a combination of “day hikes”, or “overnight camping” hikes? Wow, can I go with you next year?
    My favorite movies is “Panic in the year zero”. Black and white and an eye opener.

  4. “THE COLONY” TV episodes which aired in 2009 was the most realistic post-apocalyptic scenario that I have seen. The situations presented and the creative solutions to them were most educational as well as entertaining. The viewer becomes one with the “colony” as they fight for survival albeit with very little “prepper”ation.

  5. Difficult to say, I feel there are several good ones!
    I guess I’ll start with Virus – which shows what a bunch of idiots can do to the world.
    Add to that The Day After Tomorrow, then The Day After, The Road, The Beach, Red Dawn – heck! I’d be hard pressed to pick a second favorite, those and many others are great (or at least unique) in their own way.

  6. My favorite survival movie would be “Castaway” and favorite posy-apocalypse movie is The Stand,(book of course is much better).

  7. I liked Independence Day, Armagedon, Day after tomorrow and 2012. :)Red Dawn was shot partly in Las Vegas, NM where I lived for several years. That was a good movie too. I guess Independence Day is my favorite.

  8. Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen then Day After Tomorrow – so many good ones to choose from.

  9. “Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome” .. Two men enter – one man leave! .. Bust a deal – Face the wheel!!

  10. I’m with Dawn. I like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The “devolution” of the children’s language and their society, especially.

  11. For a movie? The Day After (especially since I grew up ‘next door’ to the base that launched the missiles, even if they did displace its location by 20-miles)

    TV series? Jericho (had to buy the graphic novel after the show was canceled just to see how the story ended, lol); Falling Skies; Frontier House; The Walking Dead (to a lesser extent – how in the heck can they just walk by all that military hardware just laying around?); Mountain Men

  12. On the Beach with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. Filmed in B&W. I liked the movie so much I bought the DVD and have watched this movie many times. The scenes of San Francisco totally deserted were amazing!

  13. I would have to Mad Max because it was my first. But to be honest, I love them all! I would like for a tv show to spend more time showing what it is really like like to survive year one, then the next season how groups are formed, then they can move on to the rest of the story line.

  14. The Day after Tomorrow is the movie that got me. I have a friend that said a some of the data in the movie was spot on. Makes one think that weather could happen.

  15. Two movies actually. The book of Eli and a little indie film called How I live now. It gives a very realist look at war, how loved ones get seperated and what you must be prepared to do to go on.

  16. This is my favorite genre–The Day After (still scary after all these years), 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, etc. Throw in zombies and the list gets longer–World War Z, 28 Days/Weeks Later, the remake of Dawn of the Dead, etc. For TV shows, I’m a total Falling Skies addict!

  17. I would have to say “The Road.” Every time I watch it I add to my food stores because we really like to eat around here. 🙂

  18. movies like “mad max” and “the postman” are popular because they have the ring of the truth… what the obvious course of society will be as the old fades and the new age begins, a return to feudalism and the rise of the war lords…. “the road” is haunting because the first days/years after will be so very bleak and “the road” has a way of illuminating this , “book of eli” as well… and some of these movies show a world without hope, and that strikes a chord in all of us today when hope is so very fragile… “postman”, “waterworld” and others all show a world on the verge of re-newed hope and some people in our world today need this promise of hope desperately…
    All are a mirror of ourselves at some time or another…

    As far as pure survivalism and the will to find a way… I like a movie from the old days…. with Richard Harris called “Man in the Wilderness”… true story of a mountain man scouting for a crazy man trying to get a boat over the mountains and he is attacked by a bear and left for dead, his companions take all his belongings to avoid them being found by hostile Indians… he survives and crawls out of the wilderness… finds his companions, recovers his rifle and limps away on his own toward home… it was a true story and people in his day must have had huge balls…

  19. I have to say the old red dawn. a little much for a bunch of high school kids but did show some of the possible scenarios.

  20. Hands down, the original Red Dawn, and all the ridiculousness that it was. I was a young teen when I first saw it and thought that whole scene where the pee in the radiator and magically fix the car was the coolest most rebellious thing I’d ever seen in a movie. Other movies have come out since that are better done, more accurate, and even more entertaining – but this will remain my favorite. I wear I size 8 – thanks ;-)!

  21. I have been watching a number of movies this summer. Best to include Solar Crises, 100 below Zero, Tidal Wave, and Scorcher, all available from Netflix. I tned to watch Natural crises in lieu of man made events. Solar flares are a very real as are hurricanes and tornadoes.

  22. This was truly a difficult one to answer, as there are many. I too liked ‘The Road’, and ‘The Postman’, but will have to say ultimately the 80’s ‘Red Dawn’ will be my fave.

  23. I remember reading The Stand back when I was into S. King and really liked I’ll vote for “The Stand”. Thanks for all the good movies ideas to watch and re-watch!

  24. I actually have 2:
    The original Red Dawn and a little seen B movie called A boy and his dog. It starred Don Johnson many years ago and it is still hilarious to this day.
    Watch it if you can find it!

  25. Hard to pick one, Mad Max as probably the original one I watched, Day After Tomorrow and of course On The Beach an all time fave that I just re-watched last week. I also enjoyed “2012”

  26. So many good suggestions for movies! However, I am going to go back a couple of decades to the ’70’s with my entry of Damnation Alley. A pre-“A-Team” George Peppard and those awesome Landmaster All-Terrain Vehicles were the highlights of this campy post apocalyptic movie. It’s intended as a serious movie, but as long as that is not what you are expecting, you should be fine!

  27. I might label it more dystopian than apocalyptic, but Children Of Men hit me in a way very few things have. It is more moving than any other media of this genre I have ever seen.

    I agree with the commenter up above who recommended How I Live Now, it’s appropriate for teens as well in a way that many of this type of movie might not be. They can relate to it better as well.

    Pontypool is a practically unknown Canadian movie framed during a life altering event spread in an unusual way (don’t read up on it, just watch it, it is better that way), and feels like a more high-brow version than people are used to but I’ve never heard of anyone who has seen it and disliked it, I’ve only heard from other people who enjoyed it as we did.

    And this is getting absurdly long so I’ll end with Blindness, which is a very tough watch but worthwhile.
    This might help with your to-watch list a little more than the parroting of the Big Ones in the rest of the comments 😉

  28. Defiance or The Pianist or The Hiding Place. Waiting for Unbroken to be released on Christmas Day this year.

  29. I’d have to say Independance Day was good. No wait! I liked The Road too. Twister and 2012 was pretty awesome. Deep Impact was cool too. So many faves!

  30. For the movie, it would have to be the original Red Dawn. But for education/education, it would have to be the TV series The Colony.

  31. I actually have 2 of them that I like the best, 28 days later, and the day after. Awesome movies!

  32. I’ve always liked the strange and different like a Boy and His Dog (telepathic talking dog); The Bed-Sitting Room (it was the 60’s and English); Soylent Green (environmental catastrophe).

    Remember…no matter what they tell you, Soylent Green IS people!!!!

  33. You’re gonna laugh at me! I’m 47 years old and my favorite survival movie is the old Disney classic Swiss Family Robinson. Love it!

  34. I would also choose Children of Men if it were just one movie, with my second choice being 2012.

  35. I happen to love post-apocalyptic movies…I’m weird and my husband tells me so all the time. LOL! The one that stands out the most to me is the Postman, as I can see so much of the movie happening in real life…although coming in disguised as a postman was far-fetched.

    I also enjoy two TV shows that are survival-based: The 100 and, of course, The Walking Dead.

  36. My family and I have a few movies particularly because we have children and we’re teaching them basic survival skills. My sons like Swiss Family Robinson and Wilderness Family Trilogy. My daughter is a softee and likes Armageddon and World War Z. My wife and I both like Lord of the Flies, however she also likes Castaway, Children of Men, and Waterworld. I like a fair few more, My list begins with a TV series “Lost”, Movies lets start with Apocalypto, Behind Enemy Lines, Reign of Fire, The Postman, The Book of Eli, I am Legend, and Frozen (not the cartoon) I specifically put this movie last so I can talk about it. Frozen is about a ski resort where a massive snow storm is moving in. 3 skiers, who appear to be spoiled or well-off, bribe the chair lift operator to let them ride the lift one more time. The rest of the movie is based on their decisions to survive or freeze to death. This movie made me start to think about survival and prepping for our survival more-so than the others. I think because it showed a more realistic version of what people would do when confronted by the unexpected and being poorly prepared.

  37. The original Red Dawn hands down. Independence Day and day after Tomorrow were pretty great too! Awesome boots!

  38. The Colony There are two reality movie versions. One is in LA – Most scariest moments were the marauders. The other one is Louisiana, I think< near a bayou – again marauders. Everyone should see these to get the feel of the real thing in a disaster.
    I have been shopping for a good good pair of boots. Winning them would be the bomb.

  39. Gilligans Island? Ha!! kidding!
    I left a post but don’t think it stuck, but it just said that I don’t remember a good survival type movie, except for maybe ” On The Beach”?
    Getting a slight taste of getting by after a disaster, still now and I frankly think that if things go bad, we’ll have a better chance then soooo many others.
    Going to look at those boots now….trekking across our property is reason enough to have a GOOD pair. Good Luck Everyone!!
    Tongass Forest hiking is fun and visually beautiful!!

  40. Red Dawn, Mad Max, The Book of Eli, The Road, Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – like all of them !!!

  41. I second (or third) the recommendations from j. earlier, Children of Men and Blindness. Not survivalist movies so much, but very unique and moving post-apocalyptic dystopian stories. The Road is also really great.

    If you want a good post-apocalyptic dystopian book series and haven’t already read it, Hugh Howey’s Silo series (Wool omnibus, Shift trilogy, and Dust) is phenomenal, as in the best stuff I’ve read in years.

  42. Made the mistake of reading the previous comments before I commented. I think all my favorite movies have been mentioned, but I will throw another vote toward the original Red Dawn and Omega Man.
    You might also consider reading Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam trilogy.

  43. “RAMBO” of course! It’s thee most famous survival movie of all time. All a person has to do is mention the name RAMBO and everybody immediately has a mental picture of what you’re talking about. Rambo is woven into the fabric of our society.

  44. Red Dawn, the first one. That movie was my first introduction to the idea of survival (I was pretty young when I watched it), and it has stuck with me through the years.

  45. I like them all. It is hard to say a favorite. Maybe Zombieland, Day After Tomorrow, World War Z, I Am Legend and the Resident Evil series.

  46. I would have to agree with many of the other comments that the Mad Max movies would be my favorite survival movies but The Book of Eli is my all time favorite post apocalyptic movie. This movie seemed to show vividly what I believe the Biblical tribulation will be like.

  47. I don’t know if anyone remembers. I was a child myself. But the movie Testament really left an impact on me. A newer one I found intriguing is the Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

  48. Post-apocalyptic movie would be a toss up between “The Last Man on Earth”, “On the Beach” and “Reign of Fire” (hey who says that dragons couldn’t be the end of the world?)

    As far as survival movies go…”Blast from the Past” is highly underrated.

  49. There are so many good movies and some good tv shows too. I’ll go with what I don’t mind watching a couple of times.

    “My Side of the Mountain” helped get me started when I was very young. I read the book and then saw the movie. I’ve watched in numerous times with my children when they were young.

    “Jeremiah Johnson” and “Man in the Wilderness” are two good western type survival movies.

    “Jericho” and “Survivors” were good tv shows. Survivors is set in England and is pretty good.

  50. Babylon A.D. Although it’s considered a sci-fi, the story takes place in a post-“crash” world. And it stars Vin Diesel–enough said.

  51. On the Beach was the scariest movie I ever saw because it “could” happen. However, I would like to think my family could survive like Swiss Family Robinson. Someone should produce a re-make if they could avoid the temptation of turning it into Sci-Fi or introduce a race of zombies.

  52. “Seven Alone”… based on a true story.
    I think it’s good in that it tells the survival story of children – something that might help children understand the some of the challenges that “survival” actually involves. Especially, children who count on their parents… or the emergency services to “be there” for them no matter what might happen.

  53. My favorite movie of this type is “The Postman” with Kevin Kostner. It was crucified in the reviews but my husband & I loved it! I highly recommend it!!!!!

  54. I’d have to say ‘Fatal Contact: Bird Flu Hits America.’
    It’s meant to be a worse-case scenario of a pandemic. It’s not the usual post-apocalyptic movie, but certainly highlights the need of preparedness!

  55. Do the Evil Dead or Army of Darkness movies count as survival movies? 🙂 Cast away is a foo one too…

  56. Just to be contrary, I’ll pick one that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

    The original, late 1960s, Planet of the Apes movie.

    The scene of the felled Statue of Liberty lying washed up on the beach has to be the ultimate Post-Apocalyptic image of the past couple of generations.

  57. Now that is a tough one! I like both versions of Red Dawn, but I also liked the Postman and Waterworld….guess that makes me wishy washy lol…

  58. The Stand,The Day After Tomorrow,Mad Maxx,Water World,Escape From New York and The Book of Eli to name a few.

  59. Soylent Green and Waterworld are probably the only two of this type movies that I’ve seen. A movie I enjoyed much more than either of those that involves survival to some extent is Gone with the Wind!

  60. Don’t see many movies. Liked the Swiss Family Robinson, but felt it was a wee bit unrealistic. I doubt we could have devised all the stuff they did even with an electric saw, etc. I thought Waterworld was eerie and sad. I’d miss the trees. Castaway made me think. Start with almost nothing.

  61. The first apocalyptic movie I saw is still one of my favorites, The Omega Man. Based on I am Legend however not as true to the book as the Will Smith version.

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