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A Review Of The Survival Filter Pro

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: August 22, 2019
A Review Of The Survival Filter Pro

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Survival Filter Pro offers outstanding 0.001-micron filtration for under $60. The makers of this filter are dedicated to offering affordable outstanding water filtration capabilities to anyone around the world.

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The Design

The design of this filter has a lot going on for it. When I first opened the package, I thought that the clear cover was not necessary and then I realized that it not only helps protect the pump part from impacts and wear, but it is also a cup that you can pump water into to drink. That is not a bad idea.

This means even if you broke or forgot to bring your water bottle or canteen you would still have something decent to drink out of.

Very smooth pumping that doesn’t hurt your hands. No strain.

Filtration Capability

The 0.01-micron prefilter provides up to 26,417 gallons of clean drinking water with occasional cleaning and backwashing.

Carbon Filter

528 gallons is what you will get before you need to change out the Carbon filter. The carbon filter makes the water taste better so even if you wear this part out, you still can get water that won’t make you sick, it just might taste a bit different.

Internal 0.001 Micron Ultra Filter

This is your filter that gets rid of the very nasty stuff like bacteria, metals, protozoa, and chemical containment. This filter has a capacity of 26,417 gallons if you remember to clean it regularly.

I could not find a replacement cartridge price or any indication that you could buy another 0.001-micron replacement but at $60 you are getting a filter that can be used to filter twice as much water as my Katadyn Pocked that costs 4x as much.

Lightweight Rugged Design

At only 8 ounces including the cup style lid, this is a remarkably lightweight filter, especially for the price point. At the same time, this is not a pump that lacks strength. In fact, the unit is made of military grade materials so if you ding or drop this pump all is not lost.

I am all about being careful with pumps but things happen. This pump is only 6.5 inches tall so it is small enough to fit in a tiny compartment in your pack. Even a child could carry a pump like this as part of their gear and use it.

Amazing Flow Rate

A lot of pumps have high flow rate claims. When I hear that a pump can do 2 liters per minute my first thought is “Yeah, if I pump it that hard”. Survivor Filter Pro has a 17 ounce per minute flow rate which is a slower claim than some pumps but at least part of that has to do with the fact that Survivor Filter Pro is a 0.001 micron filter whereas a lot of others are 0.002 resulting in them being able to have a faster flow.

The reality is that better filtration is going to cost you more time but a little extra time for safer and better tasting water is well worth it for your long term health and survival.

Good For Low Water Volume Sources

I am partial to these pump style filters because I have been in situations when out on the trail where the only water source that I was aware of was just a trickle coming out of a rocky outcropping. With this type of filter you can suck in water from a light source like this or even a tiny puddle.

Sure, you might suck in a lot of air at times too, but you are still getting some water and that is what is important. With the flow rate that is listed, you could easily pump enough water with this filter for a family.

The popular straw type filter systems can be hard to use in these low flow or shallow spots. Sure they cost less and you don’t have to pump the water but there are times when sucking up water with a straw or not being able to use something to scoop water out with to fill a canteen could cost you a lot of time and energy.

My Test

I took the Survival Filter Pro to a shallow moderately flowing creek. There has not been much rain in the area so conditions are dry.

Even with the pre-filter only halfway submerged I got a good rate of flow.

1. Easy On The Hands

I have had some pretty exhausted hands using some water pumps. The Survival Filter Pro was easy to pump. I really didn’t feel like I was having to put much effort at all into it.

It was easy and no fuss; within seconds, I had a glass of water that had absolutely no off flavors or colors despite my stirring up some sediment and having the pre-filter in a fairly shallow and somewhat muddy spot in the creek.

The creek that I tested it in definitely has cattle above it so while the water quality looks okay, I am sure it has some things in it you would not want in your drinking water.

This filter is so lightweight. I am so amazed that it is capable of what it is while remaining seemingly weightless. While using the filter I was reminded that it almost looks like some of the OD green old fashioned canteens from the US military that were at surplus stores in the 80s and 90s.

Very Inexpensive Replacement Filters

Cost: Check here for the latest prices.

So if you ever find that the filter actually needs replaced, the main filter cartridge is available for a very low cost on Amazon. I would definitely buy a back up just in case because why not at under $14?

2. Bug Out Worthy 

This is definitely a filter that is worthy of inclusion in a bug out bag. The lightweight and rugged design all in a compact size means that it is going to be easy to fit in and the over 26K gallon filtration capacity means that if you take care of it it will last you for many years and would actually allow for enough water filtration capacity to get a whole family through a major emergency.

3. Good Gift Idea

We all know plenty of people that we care about that are not prepared for even a small emergency. Water is the most important thing on any list of basic preparedness.

This affordable filter offers outstanding capacity and is easy to use making it a good gift idea. 

4. Worthy Of Consideration As A Back Up

Even if you have a water filter already, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a back up. No filter is perfect. Also during a survival situation loss and theft can occur. This filter is an affordable highly effective back up.

I would definitely rather have the Survival Filter Pro on hand than a Lifestraw that is only good for 264 gallons. This filter could be the back up for a whole group if necessary since the flow rate and overall life span are so good.

5. Bargain Backpackers Or World Traveler Filter

A lot of people like to get out on the trail or travel. Finding an affordable lightweight filter that can handle everything from bacteria to viruses can be a challenge.

The Survival Filter Pro is an excellent choice for those that are making that trip overseas for work, pleasure, or volunteering. Traveling with a lot of luggage is cumbersome so the small size of this filter is good for those trying to live out of a single bag.

6. Easy To Take Apart & Clean

You don’t need any special skills or tools to clean and care for this filter. Backwashing the filter after each camping trip or after heavy use will ensure that you maintain flow rates and get the longest overall life out of the filter.

The prefilter will need cleaned out more often than the other parts generally speaking. Water conditions are the major limiting factor when it comes to just how often everything needs attention.

7. Stability

One peeve I have had with a lot of pump style filters is that they require one hand just to steady and control them while being held in the air while the other hand is used for pumping. The Survival Filter Pro can be placed on a somewhat level surface so you are not holding the whole framework up in the air for an extended period of time.

The position in the picture below is a lot more appealing to me then holding something for long enough to pump enough water for several people.

You can put more energy into pumping so it goes faster and with far less stress on the hands than some other much more expensive water pumps I have used. The simple up and down pump is also more appealing to me then the pumps on filters like the MSR Sweetwater where you have to remove a pin to store and then swing the arm around to get into place when you are ready to pump again.

Less joints and moving parts means less to break or cause other problems in my opinion. I am glad that Survivor Filter really seemed to try to keep this design simple without sacrificing overall performance.

Downside: The Camo Issue Again

Alas this filter is only available in a single color.

OD green camo color is great if you really want to be inconspicuous but I am a bit cautious when it comes to potential loss. This filter could be very hard to see in some situations so you want to make sure to keep good track of your filter and not step on it or forget to pack it up.

I know you are probably thinking “Oh, I would never do that”. Well, when you are out on the trail or in a very stressful situation you are not always on top of your game.

If I find myself needing to use this filter often, red electrical tape is going on it. Not worth it to lose a filter.


This is a solid filter that offers one of best values out there for the superb level of filtration that it offers. I would recommend this as an option to anyone that wants reliability and value. Even if you have a really good Big Berkey or a top of the line portable filter, you need a back up and not just one that will do a few gallons for yourself.

Why settle for a filter that doesn’t have a good capacity when you can get something like the Survivor Pro that can fit in a very small space in a pack?

Replacement filters are easy to get and some of the least expensive I have ever seen. There is no aftertaste even when filtering brown water. As far as I can tell you don’t have to run a lot of water through this filter before you start drinking it.

I drank the water immediately and it tasted fabulous.

One thing I have to say and it is a very minor thing, is that the clip that holds the outlet tube onto your cup or whatever you are pumping into has a tendency to slide down the tube and fall off. I don’t think this is a big deal because the clip is not really necessary to the overall performance but if you like the clip then just be aware when putting the pump away.

Special Discount Reminder: If you use code BDSURVIVAL15 and take 15% off of your entire order at

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  1. Thanks for this review. I bought this filter months ago during an Amazon sale but haven’t used it or even looked at it much to see how it works. You’ve inspired me to do some pre-runs and put bright tape on it, and then stash it into my BOB.

  2. Is this indeed a 0.001 filtration? At the site it says 0.01 filtration. Just curious. The article was very informative & am considering getting it.

    • Sorry about that Virginia. It is 0.01. That heading has an extra zero in it. I will be more careful in the future. Thanks for letting us know. It as a great filter to try out. After I did this review I threw out my old MSR Sweetwater because it was due for replacement. I like the Survivor Filter Pro a lot better. So much easier to pump.

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