A Review of the Jackery SuperCharge 26800 mAh Portable Power Bank

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: November 3, 2019
A Review of the Jackery SuperCharge 26800 mAh Portable Power Bank

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Jackery has been putting out a lot of quality power solutions for those that backpack, travel, or that simply want to be more prepared. I know that some of you have read my previous reviews of their products. I keep reviewing new ones as I get the chance because I feel confident that this brand will perform well during an emergency.

The 24-month warranty on all their products is also very reassuring since a lot of companies only offer 6-12 months. That at least shows they are confident in their product performing well with their customer base.

A little bit of water won’t hurt the Supercharger but I would not want to submerge it for any length of time.

Size and Weight

This portable power bank is lightweight at just under 1 lb and small enough to fit in a medium-sized pocket if needed. It is quite thin so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk when packing it for travel. I like that they considered carefully how wide to make this power bank because the width makes it much easier to fit in a lot of pockets.

Options For Charging The Power Bank

You can charge the power bank via USB or using the included 110V wall charger. When using the USB-C wall charger you can totally recharge the power bank in a mere 3 hours. That is a lot faster than other similar products I have seen. Jackery says that it is 3x faster than typical 1A chargers.

If you have a solar panel that allows for USB charging, you can do that as well. The Jackery Solar Saga 50 watt portable panel has this capability. Of course, you could also charge this power bank off of any Jackery power center or power center and solar panel array.

Jackery products usually work very well together. There are just a few panel and power center combos that will not work.

By using smaller power banks in conjunction with other power centers and panels, you can increase your power storage and have exceptional portable options for those times when you just want a little extra power that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Important: This power bank only charges laptops that have USB-C charging capabilities.

USB-C is the laptop charging option that you are going to see more and more of but at the moment it is only on some newer laptops such as Macbooks and some Chromebooks. You can check online to see if your laptop has this capability. The rest of us are out of luck at this time. USB-C has a rounded connection so it is pretty easy to see the difference when you look at a cord or a port on a computer.

The Jackery will charge one standard USB device and one USB-C device all at once. So if you have an I-Phone and another small device that can charge via standard or mini USB, you can keep them topped off.

USB-C is pretty neat and it makes a lot of sense to have universal charging capabilities on laptops. I bought a refurbished ThinkPad that was built for business. At some point, even the refurbished unit laptops being sold will have USB-C charging ability and that will be nice. Sometimes it is annoying to have to special order a charger cable that is specific to a brand. I keep two laptop chargers just in case.

So what kind of performance can you expect?

A power bank of this size can offer the following:

  • 1 Full Charge for a 15.6 Macbook
  • 1.8 charges for a 12″ Macbook
  • Go from zero battery to 54% in 30 minutes if you have an iPhone 8 and purchase a PD cable for fast charging.
  • Dual USB output means you can charge two devices at once so you can keep your computer or tablet, and phone charged with ease.

To purchase the Jackery SuperCharge, follow this link for the best current pricing. Be sure to check any boxes for coupons to take advantage of current discounts. These are usually in green print under the regular price on Amazon!

TSA Compliant

I don’t plan on traveling on a plane anytime in even the far off future but for those of you that do travel for work or fun, this power bank is ok to take on a plane in your carry on. If I traveled this would be a nice thing to have to keep a phone and a laptop going. Since the bank charges up so quickly it would be really easy to keep some power on hand at all times in most cases.

Battery bank fully charges as fast as Jackery claims.

I tested the SuperCharge out by charging up my Kindle E-Reader and several cell phones. I have a very basic Kindle Touch that is a few years old. I also have a very power-hungry cheap Smart Phone. Matt’s Samsung has better battery life.

After charging the e-reader once and leaving the wi-fi on while it was charging, and then keeping two cell phones charged up for 3 days, the Power Charge is still at 38% capacity.

I am pretty impressed with that considering how many times I wandered off with the devices on and charging and using power at the same time. This is an excellent power bank for keeping small devices topped off and with a little more awareness on my part, I am sure that the Power Charge would have performed even better.

When I received the SuperCharge it was only at 35% capacity. I noted the time as being 3:54 pm then I wandered off and did not look again until 5:39 pm and it was at 100%. It definitely lives up to its claims for charge times.

Similar battery banks have charge times of around 4.5 hours so for those that don’t want to wait around that long, the Jackery is worth it. I would recommend it for those that travel or like to take their office to the great outdoors often. Although I would recommend keeping the power bank in something waterproof when not using and on the trail. A small dry bag or Otterbox style case would be an option.

It is also excellent for power outages. While some people in the country are facing blackouts, the typical power outage is fairly short in many areas. I live on the windy side of a mountain and the longest the power has been out since I had regular service has been about 8 hours.

Be careful reading the digital battery percentage.

You need to make sure you are seeing the digital readout correctly. If you are in a hurry and read it upside down, you might mistake the numbers. This is not a big deal to remember but it is something to consider when you first get this charger and begin to use it.

The digital readout will go off after so long but you can easily check it by pushing the button.

Jackery 9000 mAh versus SuperCharge 26800mAh

The most obvious difference in these devices is how much power they hold. The smaller 9000 is just for small tablets, e-readers, and cell phones. It also has a built-in flashlight and is more rugged and waterproof. I would drop this charger in the creek or on the ground and not be worried about it.

The larger SuperCharge is made for those that want more power or that have very modern laptops and other devices that can utilize USB-C charging. While the housing feels substantial and is made of metal, I would be horrified if I dropped it on my hardwood floor or the tiles at an airport or office building.

If you are an Apple products fan, then it can offer some sleek performance and an easy power option on the go, including air travel. The price difference is stark between the two chargers. While the Jackery 9000 can be had for under $30 the SuperCharge retails for $120 but is often on sale for $100. Jackery often has some coupons available for some products. It can vary but don’t be surprised when you find a product for $10-$50 off the retail price.

Other Jackery Products

Having a small to large power center is a good idea no matter where you live. I have been surprised just how handy our Jackery 500 has been for getting work done around the farm and having some extra power storage in case the weather is bad. We can easily keep it charged off the 12v power system for our house and since it is portable, it means we can take it wherever we need a little extra power out in the field. We also have some portable panels to keep the power going longer when away from the house.

Matt’s parents have a Jackery 240 power center and 50-watt solar panel for backup power too. While they live in a small town, the power has actually gone out there for longer periods of time than Matt and I have experienced living on the side of the mountain.

Probably my favorite features of the Jackery line of power centers is that they are lightweight so they are easy for a lot of people to use, including the elderly and they live up to their claims for charge times.

Do you have any experience with Jackery products? While I have tried a lot of their products, I have never tried out any of their power centers that are licensed by Honda. Have you?

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