A Review of the Jackery Bolt Power Bank

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: November 23, 2019
A Review of the Jackery Bolt Power Bank

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Jackery sent me a small power bank to try out. It is a much smaller version of the 26,800 mAh SuperCharge.

This is a compact power bank that is ideal for even small handbags. There are times when you simply don’t need a large charger but having the option to keep a phone or other small device topped off is nice.

What if you are delayed from getting home or stuck in traffic and your phone battery is drained? What if you have to utilize your get home bag and walk for some time. You could turn off your phone to conserve energy but have your power bank to help get you through and ensure that you have at least one option for communications in many cases.

The Bolt comes in two sizes. I am reviewing the 6000 mAh version. For a slightly higher cost, you can get the 10050 version. For those of us that have cell phones that really eat up battery life, the larger version might be a good idea.

Jackery makes a lot of products with the iPhone user in mind. The Bolt comes with a built-in iPhone fast charger. The Bolt claims to charge the iPhone twice as fast as the original charger. If you are the type of person that forgets their cord a lot, having a built-in cord may be really nice.

Metal Housing

The housing of the unit feels solid and durable in the hand. It is aluminum which saves on weight.

Slim Profile

This will fit into a regular shirt pocket or a small pocket in a backpack. I could see using this if I was as a student. I remember staying away from my dorm room in college for most of the day. While my power needs were less, now having a cell phone, tablet, or e-reader is pretty common with students.

Small Flashlight

There is a small flashlight built into the power bank. While I would not want to rely on this light for much, it is enough to help you make your way from point A to point B in the dark. In some cases it may be better than a light that is hard to make dim. There are times when you need to see for safety and making your way while still being able to be stealthy and keep a low profile.

Dual Charging

The Bolt will charge two devices at once. You can completely charge two iPhones in just 1.5 hours. This means the Bolt is good for couples traveling together as well.

Weighs a mere 5.3 oz!

Every ounce counts when you are out hiking or traveling. The Bolt weighs a mere 6 oz which is barely noticeable. Since it can fit in a pocket, you don’t even have to feel like you need to put it in your bag.

Charges via USB or you can purchase a charger that plugs into the wall.

Unlike the SuperCharge, this power bank does not come with a wall charger adapter. If you want that then you have to purchase separately. There is a chance you already have one too since they often come with cell phones. Charging times for the power bank will vary depending on what type of plugin you are using.

Warranty of 24 Months

Like all Jackery products, they have a very long warranty program. I know that I have reviewed a lot of Jackery products on Backdoor Survival. They are a very motivated company and obviously want to get their product out there as much as possible. I have continued to work with them because they have offered consistently good quality at a good price point. They made me realize the real beauty of using lithium ion-based power banks and centers rather than the heavy lead-acid versions.


There are a lot of small power banks out there and the cost varies a bit. If I am going to rely on something during an emergency, I want to be as sure as possible that it is worth having. Jackery is a trusted brand and they do keep product prices reasonable. I have been using Jackery products for a while now and there has never been a single problem.

I do think some of the portable solar panels they sell are priced high. The quality and convenience is great and there is a good chance that they will outlast the cheap panels sold on Amazon but it is always a hard sell to get someone to spend $300 on a 100-watt portable panel when they can buy a solid panel that costs under $100 but weighs in at 16 lbs rather than 5.

Bolt makes a good gift that everyone can use. The compact size and easy charging it offers is good for placing in a bugout or get home bag. Students and those that travel could benefit from a charger that is this size. Jackery products are TSA approved so you don’t have to worry about getting hassled at the airport.

If you have someone in your family that is hard to buy for, then consider a small power bank. Practically everyone has some use for a little extra power here and there for a device. The small size means it is not cumbersome to carry or ship to the lucky recipient.

To get the best price on the Jackery Bolt 6000, please click on this link. Jackery sometimes offers coupons on Amazon so be sure to check below the regular price for any coupons you can click on. If there is one, it will be applied at check out just as long as you click to check the box before adding to your cart.

For those that want a bit more power, check out the Jackery Bolt 10050 by following this link. It weighs in at just over 8 oz so it is still small enough for those on the go.

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