A Review of the Camp Chef Lumberjack Tripod Grill

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: July 2, 2019
A Review of the Camp Chef Lumberjack Tripod Grill

Regardless of some of the recent weather trends, grilling season is close at hand. Matt and I like to cook outside sometimes when weather allows. We sometimes do it just to help keep the house from getting too hot after working outside all day.

We have air conditioning but we only start to use it when it hits the highest temps of the summer. It makes it easier to get acclimated to working out in the heat after months of cold temperatures. It is nice to have versatile and easily moved cooking options for setting up on our property.

The Camp Chef Lumberjack Grill has a lot of offer to those that want a basic grill they can sit up just about anywhere.

The Essential Info

  • Tripod design makes it easy to set up the grill on uneven surfaces and terrain so you can take it with you no matter where your travels lead you.
  • Lightweight design that folds down to a small bundle and disk.
  • 18″ grill is capable of cooking 12 regular size burgers so it is plenty big enough for family meals and group camping.  Of course this amount depends on how you do your burger. If you pat them out a bit thin you may not be able to easily fit 12. I did 4  burger at 1/4 lb each because it was just my husband Matt and I.
  • The grill is strong enough to support pots, pans, and even cast iron dutch ovens, giving you a lot of cooking options.
  • Made of heavy duty nickel plated steel.
  • Overall height of tripod is 62 inches.
  • Can be used with just about any existing fire circle.

Setting up the grill is easy. Insert the rods into the top when you first get it out of the box. Attach the chain and adjust the grill height to suit your fire and cooking needs. Set up takes 5 minutes from box to set up.

We grilled burgers over grapevine cuttings from pruning the vineyard. We are having some pretty sunsets and longer days now that Spring is here.

Barkley is our 5-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy. He heartily endorses this grill!  He was trying to figure out how to sneak a burger but the fire was way too hot so he fell on the backup plan of looking cute and giving me the puppy eyes.

Flipping the burgers took me a minute because I made the grill swing. After I managed to go in the direction of the grill pattern all was well.

Tips For Better Grilling On The Lumberjack Grill

  • The grill swings around a bit so be careful removing foods.
  • Use a spatula to turn over foods but be sure to go in the direction of the grill marks.
  • Hanging the chain and grill on the tripod should be done after the fire burns down for best results. It heats up fast so after it is hung and over the coals, you may need some gloves to protect your hands from heat.

Barkley is really hoping I drop one of these burgers  because he has dibs on anything that hits the ground!

Best Uses

  • Car Camping
  • Cooking whatever adventures take you
  • Backyard camping with kids
  • Meals when the power is out
  • Solid cooking platform for larger pots and dutch ovens offers cooking versatility.
  • The tripod and chain can be used to hang a lantern or other light


This is a good deal for a tripod grill that can be used for cooking so many things. I like that it allows a solid platform to set pots and pans and offers an opportunity for adjustable cooking heights. It is really an outstanding value for those just getting started out off grid or for a family that wants an affordable and compact grill for the occasional evening or night out under the stars.

burger patties grill fire

The size allows it to store away easily so even if you are low on storage space or live in a small apartment, this is something you could keep around for camping. Not everyone has room for a floor model grill. This is a good compromise and would make a good gift for a birthday or other holiday.

I like that the Lumberjack Grill while compact and easy to store, is big enough to feed a crowd. 2 batches of 12 burgers each mean 24 burgers in little time at all, maybe a few less if you like them big. If you crowd them in too close they may be more of a challenge to turn over.

Our Future Plans For This Grill

1. Kebabs

I plan on doing kebabs on this more than once in the upcoming grill season. You could fit a lot of kabob sticks on this grill, plenty in one batch for 4 or more people depending on what else you are eating on the side.


2. Lamb Gyros

We butchered a few sheep this year so I want to grill some marinated Gyro meat and bake some Pita bread. I have a Camp Chef oven for outside use too so I can bake outside with ease.

3. More Burgers, Of Course!

It is hard to beat a burger for ease of cooking. There are a lot of different variations. I want to try stuffing blue cheese between two layers. It can be a challenge to do these without the cheese running out on my regular stove but with a good hot fire and fast cooking, maybe it will be a little easier to accomplish.

Getting To Speak To A Real Person = Good Customer Service

Camp Chef also prides themselves on great customer service. If you need to get in touch with them you can do it via live chat, phone, or email. Unlike a lot of companies, you can actually talk to a real person and not be ignored. They will get back to you ASAP and do what they can to make you happy.

What are you looking forward to cooking this grilling season? Are you planning on any new outdoor cooking equipment? Let’s share some recipes and meal ideas!

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  1. I use a old metal washing machine tub with a grill on top. Very stable & fire burns well because of all the holes in the tub. It makes a great “fire pit” for camping.

  2. I have one similar to these that I made about 30 years ago with iron rods laying around the shop. Yep still serves me well! And oh yes…bacon with blue cheese burgers are GREAT on it!

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