Book Festival 7: 77 Days in September

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Book Festival 7: 77 Days in September

Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the Backdoor Survival Book Festival 7.  Ray Gorham, the author of Daunting Days of Winter, is here to answer the Book Festival questions and to award three lucky readers with copies of the two e-books in the Kyle Tait series: 77 Days in September and Daunting Days of Winter.

That’s right, there will be three winners!

Ray Gorham Kyle Tait Series

Before I turn things over to Ray and his interview, I feel compelled to mention that as recently as last week, scientists were warning that an attack on the US power grid is not something to disavow.  It could happen and if it does, we will, as a nation, be woefully unprepared to be thrown back to a time when technology as we know it did not exist.

As Ray describes in his books, “the road back home is a long one and the obstacles are great”.  It is my opinion that the more we read about fictionalized tales of survival, the better we will be able to plan for our own “rescue” should the unthinkable happen.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

An Interview with Ray Gorham, Author of 77 Days in September

Tell me about your book, 77 Days in September. What is it about?

77 Days in September is the story of a guy from Montana stranded in Houston after a successful EMP attack, and his ordeal trying to return home to his family. It’s done from the perspective of an average guy who is not prepared to deal with the new reality and how he flounders while trying to survive.

What type of research did you have to do while writing your book?

Most of the research went into EMP’s and the impact they’ll have on our society. Beyond that I had to try and come up with a realistic route and scenarios for the characters to endure.

How long did it take to write?

First draft took me about 6 months to write, then another 6 months of rewrites and polishing. Still not perfect, but it’s in pretty decent shape, with much thanks to my patient wife for all her efforts editing it.

Every book, fiction, and non-fiction includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading 77 Days in September?

I guess I have two messages in this book. First is that modern society is just a small nudge away from a pretty bleak future, and that ultimately the only one looking out for ourselves is us. When things get bad there won’t be anyone there to take care of us. The other message is about love and family, and what price a person will pay to have that in their life.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m just a normal guy living in Montana, building log homes, and trying to help my wife raise our five kids. 77 Days is my first novel, and while I’m no Steven King, I think it turned out alright.

As an author in the survival, prepping and/or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?

I’m prepping for an EMP. I figure that’s about worse case, so if I’m ready for that I’ll do okay no matter what comes along. I’ve got stacks of canned foods, a large garden and orchard, beehives, guns, and a wood stove. Hope I never have to rely on them, but if I do I can probably struggle through.

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes. I have a sequel to 77 Days in September, called Daunting Days of Winter, and I’m also halfway through a first draft of a book that takes place 15 years after a massive pandemic. With the Ebola thing going on I’m kind of wishing I already had it done. At least that will raise awareness when I get it out there.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

77 Days in September is not a how to manual, and the characters frustrate a lot of hard core preppers because they are pretty clueless.

I wrote it more as an effort to alert people who are unaware of our vulnerability to such a devastating possibility, and have had lots of comments from people who said they were going to start prepping. I think it makes a great read for people who don’t see the need to do anything to prepare themselves for disaster, as well as for people who just want to meet some decent characters.

The Book Giveaway

Two eBooks in the Kyle Tait series, 77 Days in September (Book 1) and Daunting Days of Winter (Book 2) have been reserved for three readers.  To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that winners must claim their eBooks within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Final Word

An  EMP initiated by terrorist organizations could set up back 200 years or more.  I don’t know about you, but I am making up a list of those things that would impact me most if an EMP were to occur. Give some thought to that giveaway question; it is an important one.

Good luck, everyone!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  77 Days in September (Book 1) and Daunting Days of Winter (Book 2) 

In Book 1, Kyle Tait is settling in for his flight home to Montana when a single nuclear bomb is detonated 300 miles above the heart of America. The blast, an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), destroys every electrical device in the country, and results in the crippling of the power grid, the shutting down of modern communications, and bringing to a halt most forms of transportation.


Kyle forges his way home, his frightened family faces their own struggles for survival in a community trying to halt its slow spiral into chaos and anarchy.

In Book 2, having survived the harrowing, cross-country journey home to his family, Kyle must now struggle for existence in a post-EMP world that no one could have imagined just three short months prior. Follow Kyle, Jennifer, and the citizens of Deer Creek, MT as they plumb the depths of their resourcefulness, strength, endurance, and humanity while struggling together to survive the daunting days of winter.

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Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

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75 Responses to “Book Festival 7: 77 Days in September”

  1. My biggest worry would be taking care of my family – food, medical, shelter and water. I live in a suburban environment near NYC so I would be competing with millions for everything needed to survive.

  2. Supposedly 90% of those living today would starve to death in the first year. Therefore, Food should be a high alert item, followed by a reliable water source.

  3. Wow, I’m am amazed at all the cool information here (just discovered your site) and am sharing with family. I was looking for information on mylar bags, food storage, etc.

  4. internet, right now, if I need to know how to can something bam I got the info in such an event the lack of info would get me.

  5. Not being able to find out what’s happening to my kids who live on their own. 2 live in big cities far from us.

  6. Keeping food “safe” in the heat…if there is no electricity, then there is no refrigeration, and since the lakes never really freeze around here, there’s no way to “cut the ice” and store it like they did 100 years ago…so keeping food safe, or learning how to preserve meat, like salt-curing, is something I really need to learn. I know how to can veggies, but I’ve never canned meat, and I’d rather “cure” pork than can it.

    • Sharon,
      to keep food cool in the summer, build a box as big as you like. Line the inside and outside with burlap. Wet the burlap and as the wind evaporates the water it cools what is inside the box. Keep the box in the shade always.

      You may also find very large clay flower pots, one that will fit inside the other with some room to spare. Same idea. Put sand in the bottom of the largest pot and set in the smaller pot. Put sand in between the two pots.
      Wet the sand, as it evaporates it will cool the product inside. Put the pot in the ground in a shady place and you will need to only drop the temp from 55 degrees to whatever you can get to. A test we did a few years back we got the inside pot down into the 40’s enough for meds.

      Got a creek, build a milk house ( brick/block ) over the creek and insulate the building some and that is how milk was kept cool back in the day. Goggle milk house for more info.

      Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

      Merry Christmas,

    • In fact, denim, canvas or any heavy duty fabric will work for any of these suggestions. We also called them ‘spring houses’ because a spring ran through them. Thanks Ranger. 🙂

  7. with the world having gone off of their rockers even our own police forces sworn to protect us has gone nuts lately it is important to keep some sort of kit available. I have not read the book but am thinking it would be a good entertaining read of upcoming craziness..

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