2BeXpert By 2BEsafe Car Crash Emergency Tool 6-in-1 Escape Device Review With Video

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: February 16, 2021
2BeXpert By 2BEsafe Car Crash Emergency Tool 6-in-1 Escape Device Review With Video

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I am often skeptical of gadgets that offer to do a lot of different tasks. All too often either the gadget or tool is made cheaply or just doesn’t work very well. Even those that are ok often just do a few tasks minimally while not doing any of them extremely well.

The 2BeXpert by 2BeSafe intrigued me because all the functions it offered made it something that people would be more willing to invest in since it has many practical uses beyond just using in case of a serious emergency. Who doesn’t need a little extra power for a small device like a cell phone or a flashlight for example.

This tool has a carbide tip glass breaker that doubles as the connection to your car’s 12V system. It is pretty sharp. When I first saw that this was supposed to be the glass breaker that could save your life, I wondered if the charger would still work after getting bashed against tempered glass repeatedly.

Seat Belt Cutter

I like how the seat belt cutter is tucked away but easy to get the strap in and cut. There is no fumbling around trying to open anything up or sawing frantically. This could be very helpful if you found out that your seatbelt was stuck and you could use it to help any passengers get out a lot faster.

2,200 mAh Power Bank

When you have the charger plugged in, it will keep the 2,200 mAh power bank topped off. The great thing is that you can unplug it and take it with you for topping off your cell phone or small device. Of course, you want to make sure that it makes its way back to the car so you have it when you need it so it may be best to just try to keep it in the car as much as possible anyway.

Flashlight and SOS Beacon

While the flashlight is bright enough to allow you to make your way somewhere in the dark or search around in your car, there is also a mode that is a red SOS emergency signal for using when you really need help or want to make sure that others can see you and avoid running into you or something.

The flashlight will last for 20 hours on low if fully charged or 4 hours on high. The SOS beacon can run for up to 28 hours so you have a lot of signaling power if you find yourself in dire straits.

USB Charging Ports

You get two USB ports on this handy little tool. One is rated for 1.2 V and the other for 2.4 V. I really like this feature because it makes this tool usable for just daily needs. If you are going to take up a 12V outlet in your car, it might as well offer you as much as possible.


You barely notice this is in your hand. This makes it a bit hard to believe it will break glass but one has to consider that a tactical pen does the same thing and doesn’t weigh much either.

The Test

Matt and I tore down an old building a few years back and it had an old back windshield for a Chevy truck leaving against it. We figured it might be useful or we could give it away or sell it. Well, it sat around longer than it should and my idea was that I should use it to test out the glass breaker tip on a tactical pen. Since this never happened, we still had it to use to test out this emergency glass breaker.


I know that in a real emergency you might not have any eye protection or gloves. Since I have the opportunity to have safety gear, I decided to use it. If you were in a real situation, you could wrap something around your hand and make sure to turn your face away as much as possible. Tempered glass shouldn’t send out sharp shards but it is best to be as safe as possible.

To simulate the setting position of being in a car, we attached the windshield with clamps to the side of our Kawasaki Mule. Since even tempered glass makes a mess, we took the liberty of laying down something to catch any glass.

Where you hit the glass has an influence on how easily it breaks.

There is a trick to breaking glass. Around the edges is where it tends to break the easiest. You may have to strike it several times before you get any remarkable results. While some videos and reviews make it look really easy, it is going to vary based on the ability and strength of the person. Some auto glass is better than others as well and that can have an impact.

Please bear with me as I get more used to being on video. Matt is a good director but I am really awkward on camera!

The seat belt cutter would probably work better on a real seat belt even though it is thicker than a ratcheting strap because a real seat belt is more rigid. Part of the problem I had was that the strap bunched up and I didn’t really notice it at first. I was also not using a quick and forceful motion. Instead, I was trying to get the strap in the slot and just kind of push down. When I got the strap in and the bunch came out, I was able to cut the strap cleanly.

As you can likely tell from the video, I was not slamming the glass breaker as hard as I could using either hand. I wanted to feel out just how much force and striking were the bare minima. I thought this was important to consider because strength and ability vary. My conclusion is that you could break a windshield and get out even if you are not that strong of a person. The key seems to be where you hit as I said before. You know the little symbol in the corner of the glass that shows it is tempered? I aimed for close to that symbol because the edges are where tempered glass will fail most easily. 

I wanted to see if everything still worked after using it to bust something. I am happy to report that this device was fully functional after emergency use.

This device replaces a lot of things that you may be considering adding to your car safety kit and costs far less than all those items would if they were bought individually.

Sometimes people are aghast at the list of things they think they might need in a car safety kit so it can be nice to have items that perform many different tasks, especially if you drive a smaller vehicle that has limited space for accessories and gear.

Buying a lot of different items costs more than buying a single multi-purpose device like the 2BeSafe. A single flashlight and cheap battery bank alone cost more.


This is a neat addition to your vehicle and would make a good gift for anyone that drives. It has practical features that allow it to be useful on a daily basis rather than just in an emergency situation.

For those that like gadgets, this is at least a more useful one than some. It is affordable enough to put in all the vehicles a family might own too. Like any device, you want to be sure to explain the different functions to anyone that drives in your family.

The fact that it is still usable after breaking a windshield makes it well worth the money. I honestly didn’t think it would be fully functional after breaking the windshield but as you can see in the video, I was wrong.

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  1. I started carrying a glass breaker after stopping to assist on an accident thanksgiving before last. It was a head on at highway speeds. I lost both people in the car I was working on. In my own personal AAR the only things I figured out I could do better was to have more rubber gloves and a glass breaker. Time can be critical when getting through that glass. It wouldn’t have helped me or them that day as the injuries were just to severe but maybe the next one …..

  2. Nice article, I only have one thing to add, never use any glass breaker on the windshield, always use a side window. The windshield is thicker because the windshield is two pieces of glass with plastic in between the glass.

    • It stays in place really well. You have to be intent on getting the cover off. I cannot see it ever just coming off. Even if it is removed the cutter is recessed enough that you cannot cut yourself. You can only get something thin like a seatbelt into the cutter slot. Thanks for reading!

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