Will it take a 21st Century Revolution to Bring Us Around?

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Will it take a 21st Century Revolution to Bring Us Around?

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In 2010, the History Channel broadcast a series called America: The Story of Us.  This 12 episode documentary is a highly stylized chronology of American history, starting with the first settlers and taking the viewer through the landing of the pilgrims, the founding fathers, the quest for democracy, the wars, the wagon trains, the building of the railroads and more.  It ends in current times citing an America that booms in both population and prosperity.

This is a fascinating series that gets into things we never learned in school such as George Washington’s secret spy society – who knew?  But more important, it brings to the forefront the founding principals of our country as well as the reasons for revolution and disengagement for tyranny.  Over and over again, the series relates tales of hard work, of courage and of perseverance.  Each episode is a lesson on its own and from each I have learned something.  Actually, lots of something’s.

Here is a short clip.

While watching the second episode, Revolution, it became clear to me that we may be on the brink of another revolution, this time from the PTB in Washington on the national level, and our State capitals on the local level. Yes, it is evident to me that the feelings of the people today are remarkably similar to those early revolutionaries.

As discontentment and chaos breed in our cities and throughout the land, I sense and can actually feel the brewing of an underground movement to overthrow the government in its current form.  Perhaps not with guns and bayonets, but a revolution none the less.  Let me call this a revolution of the minds and a revolution of the very fabric that makes up life as we know it.

People are feeling squeezed and people are feeling oppressed.  And they are fed up.

You see, for many, there is little to lose.  Their homes are gone.  There are no jobs. And there is no hope. Destructive flash mobs, riots and civil disobedience will all be likely outcomes of a population gone wild and mad with frustration.  Already we are seeing crimes of passion where man goes again man, and innocents are hurt or even killed simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What does this mean to 21st century Prepper?

Today, more than ever, there is a need to be prepared both mentally and with adequate physical goods and self-defense mechanisms in place.  A revolution may be brewing.

I have said this before, but now, after watching this series, it is important to say it again:  Something has got to change.  I just hope that it happens in my lifetime.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

PS:  America: The Story of Us is available to watch for free   


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13 Responses to “Will it take a 21st Century Revolution to Bring Us Around?”

  1. All the chaos is for a purpose. Did not GOD have a plan for man? We were to love our neighbor as ourselves and be obedient to his laws and his commands. We now do just the opposite. He has something similar to a puzzle and he’s been putting it together forever and there are not many more pieces to assemble.

    Add the one world order, the one world religion, one world government and that’s some of what is ahead. Add the change in our weather pattern that’s another. You can put in greed, uncaring, selfishness, lawlessness, boastful and bragging people, and disrespect to parents, self-love, poverty, homelessness, greed, false religions, false man-made holidays, deceit, corrupt government, lies from those in authority are all part of it. Add abortions, acceptance of homosexuality, and now polygamy ( has just been approved), gang violence, thief, murder, adultery, disrespect for life, worship of idols, the abolishment of GOD’s Sabbath Day. Illegal drugs, wars, cruelty to animals. GOD had not wanted any of this. We have it all, we’ve been there, done that, and now judgment day will come. We were warned, the problem was we’re just too stubborn and prideful to listen, so GOD’s puzzle must be finished. And that is the “truth”. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

    So, you are right something is about to happen. I hope we’re prepared mentally, physically, and above all spiritually ( where it counts).

  2. Will there be a revolution in America? No, not likely. You see, everyone agrees that the government should respect the will of the people, but we don’t seem to agree on what the will of the people is.
    About half the people in America want the government to do more, while the other half would like to see the government do much less. How did we get so divided?

    Well, it’s nothing new.

    The American Revolution was fought because the colonists wanted the King of England to do much less. In fact, they wanted him to leave them alone.

    But, at about the same time in history, the French people fought a revolution because they wanted their King to do a lot more for the people.

    There have always been people who cherish freedom and liberty above all else, and there have always been people who want to be protected and cared for. Recently, we’ve seen both sides making news – the Tea Parties and the Occupy movements.

    The Tea Parties want less government intervention in the lives of its citizens. The Occupy groups want the government to do more to protect the people from the evil bankers and corporations. Of course, they seem to have not noticed how the government is in bed with the bankers and corporations. Their wishes are even more naive than expecting the fox to guard the hen house. They expect the fox to guard against the other foxes!

    But as long as the country is nearly equally divided (when was the last time a President was elected with more than a 5% advantage in the popular vote?) we can’t really expect the government to do “the will of the people”. Instead, we should expect the Congressional gridlock we have grown accustomed to. Each side is trying to comply with the wishes of the people.

    The two sides are so ideologically opposed that no compromise is possible. You simply can’t have a nanny state AND individual freedom at the same time!

    And as long as the populace is about evenly divided there will not be a revolution.

    But there might be a civil war.

  3. They have fired the first shot. When that shot is at me or my family, then the war has begone, I will die but I will take a lot with me.

  4. I’m not as confident that anything can be done. The machine is so big, and it runs on autopilot now. Anyone who stands up and tries to stop the federal government winds up in prison, or dead, or they just have their assets confiscated and go to live under the overpass. I wish I could see a way to reform what we have without destroying it completely, but I don’t. How do you refuse to pay taxes if the government takes them out of your income, for instance. How do you decline to comply with laws you don’t believe in? You either get ignored or jailed, depending on what it is you are protesting.

  5. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    –Thomas Jefferson

    I hear through the grapevine that a lot of people are now beginning to discuss the pros and cons of resistance, and freedom from oppression and tyranny, by organizing grassroots revolutionary organizations of sorts. I also suppose that the above words of Thomas Jefferson, in it’s entirety, have possibly not been completely well thought out by some. I make these comments because it is my opinion that many brave and patriotic American people would be more inclined to refresh the tree of liberty through the blood of tyrants, but may not be as eager to shed their own. Unfortunately, anytime the lead starts flying, you can count on significant casualties on both sides.

    It cannot be disputed that the acquisition of true liberty is not for the weak or faint of heart. I would imagine that all revolutionaries have, since the beginning of time, routinely been categorized by the ruling classes as being insurgents and terrorists. Can you even begin to imagine the hardships inflicted upon our founding fathers by the edicts of the British Crown? I daresay they were maligned to the point of exhaustion and hopelessness at times, probably even to the point of occasionally questioning their own separatist views and actions. I have no way of knowing these suppositions for a fact, but I do consider myself extremely familiar with human nature and the many frailties we all struggle with.

    If one is to consider themself to be a revolutionary or leader for change, but refuses to offer any real sacrifice other than lip service, then they have no chance whatsoever of success. They have failed before beginning. One must walk the walk if they are to talk the talk, otherwise the risk (particularly those my age and upwards) is run of living up to the old saying that says something along the lines of “War is old men talking and young men dying.”

    Now, all that said, I’m not implying there aren’t those amongst us that would not be willing to sacrifice. I’m just saying that revolution, in any form, does not come without a price; and the rank-and-file citizenry must be both mentally and physically ready and willing to put, if necessary, their very lives on the line for the cause of liberty.

  6. Gaye, your link to comment about the super congress is broken (blocked?). I will look for it elsewhere.

    • So odd, I just tried it and it is working for me. Here is the direct link:

      — Gaye

  7. more than you know. virginia has joined 15 other states in studying printing and backing our own currency. the obama regime says thats tatamount to seccession and would not be tolerated…… tolerated?…… va and 35 states have challenged obamacare and other intrusions into states rights. nevada and arizona have threatened to use national guard troops to block federal implimentation of such projects as nuclear dumps and chemical munition disposal sights and on land usage regulations. in va we lost a hard faught suit to stop yankee garbage from being sent to our landfills. that one nearly came to blows as citizens tried to block the entrances. a sheriff in georgia, i believe, threw the feds out of his county, as he has a right to do. the sheriff is the soveriegn law enforcement of a county and the feds are supposed to ask permition to enter his jurisdiction. do they? in california a county government legalized growing pot for sale to medical supply houses. the feds are warning them and over 100 others that they will not permit it..permit it? sooner or later someone will fire the second shot heard round the world and it will be on.

  8. the last thing we need is to pay even more useless, greedy, self-centered politicians overbloated salaries, full retirement, non-social security benefits, and the best medical benefits in the country. The spending needs to stop, and now the left is calling the right terrorists because they are trying to do what the people elected them for. Obama promised fundamental change and the sheeple voted for him, now we all are going to suffer the consequences. This current administration has been gearing up forces in response to a revolt, they are ready to squash us.
    did you know that Abraham Lincoln started the civil war to try and keep the states from seceding from the union, he wanted more tax revenue. since the people were getting taxed without representaion, they revolted. then he appealed to the people and abolished slavery, but many states were still unhappy

  9. I sincerely hope that things do not decay into anarchy. That scenario would, I believe, lead to a complete destruction of whatever freedoms we have left for the sake of “National Security.” But there IS a way we can fight, and it is very simple: stop feeding the beast! Move as quickly as possible in the direction of personal and family self-reliance as you can. Get to know your neighbors and do as much as you can together to meet your needs locally. Reclaim your health from the corporations who addict you first to their disease-inflicting “foods” and then to their drugs. Learn how to do more with less and see the quality of your life improve as a result. Turn off the TV and go look at the stars–the REAL stars–and get a new perspective. In my humble opinion, true freedom begins “down-home” right where we live, and HOW we live. By all means keep your weapons ready for self-defense, but wage this fight primarily with your minds, your faith, and your hearts in peaceful, passive, MASSIVE resistance. Therein lies our true power, and we can–if we WILL–free ourselves from the tyranny of a corrupt power much like the people of India freed themselves from British colonial rule through nonviolent resistance. It’s a tough road to walk but it sure beats useless talk…or rioting in the streets.

    • I think Sharon is so right when she says we must “stop feeding the beast”.
      It is something we all have the power to do.
      As a Christian, when I read what God’s word says Christians are to do – there’s nothing
      there about fighting for our “rights” or fighting tyranny.
      But – to live a simple life is something we can all do if our minds are right.
      To stop being “consumers” and begin being “citizens” again.
      Whether you are a citizen of this world or of God’s kingdom is up to you –
      but I do resent being referred to as a “consumer”.
      I am a citizen. We have pretty much dropped out of the consumer lifestyle and found
      a richer life.

    • I need to make a comment that may seem just to be a conflict in terms but it’s really not. We have been very covertly lead down the path of political and economic destruction over the past 100 years (yes, one hundred years, and even longer). As you read this, let me asked you to answer one question, under what form of government was this nation founded? Did you answer Democracy? Totally understandable,totally wrong! This is one of the most telling signs of how our Constitution and way of life have been corrupted through the years. We were never intended to be a DEMOCRACY! Let me explain. Have you ever wondered why the pledge of allegiance was REALLY removed from the public school system? Let me sight the pledge and you will see in glaring black & white! “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands , one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” There is a BIG difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic. We are suppose to be a Constitutional Republic and we have been covertly changed to a Democracy, hence the political term oil we now see in our society. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thomas Jefferson. We ALL need to go back to our basic civics lessons and really understand what we are all about. Read civics books from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s,you will think you are in a different society!! YOU ARE!!

      I am a U.S. Army Veteran, Viet Nam 68′. I took an oath, “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” to that end I give this information. If we are to take back the Republic, we need to know what it is and what are forefathers fought and died for!

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