Is Your Standard of Living Going to Suffer in 2012?

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Is Your Standard of Living Going to Suffer in 2012?

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Strategic LivingGood question.

I think so and so does my friend George.  Check out our latest article at Strategic Living where we share our thoughts on unemployment and what we think is going to happen to our lifestyle – money wise – in 2012.

We also offer some tips for getting by – nothing complicated or exotic – just simple things you can do to prepare for less disposable cash in the coming year.

Plus another recommended read:  And in case you missed it, Bernie over at the Apartment Prepper blog tells the story of a food storage maven who had a BIG problem.  Not such a maven after all?  Read about it at:  A Food Storage Mishap that may Require a Haz Mat Suit.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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2 Responses to “Is Your Standard of Living Going to Suffer in 2012?”

  1. With the way things are going (higher prices, bailouts, etc) I would say “yes” but at the same time it’s very possible that 2012 could be a seemingly good year with the hope/expectation that we’ll have a different president.

  2. If a person’s standard of living hasn’t been affected yet, then that person is part of the problem. I don’t know anyone personally that hasn’t had a HUGE slice out of their standard of living already. 2012 will just make it worse. But at what point will people actually DO something about it in mass?

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