Tucker the dog

I have a one year old puppy named Tucker.  He does his best to please me and keeps me smiling.  He curls up with me when I am feeling down or when I need some serious relaxation.  And best of all, he is my unconditional friend, forgiving me for my mistakes and protecting me with all of his tiny might. 

So why write about Tucker the dog?  BecTucker the dog   Backdoor Survivalause everyone needs a Tucker.  A Tucker to share the ups in life and a Tucker to share the downs.  But your personal Tucker does not have to be a dog.  He or she can be a spouse, a friend, a kitty cat, or even a snake.  Makes no matter (although I must admit the snake might be a bit scary.)

A week ago I wrote about the Promise of Retirement and a ten point survival plan for coping when the retirement rules of engagement have changed.  Here is #9.

9.  Give someone a hug every day. No one to hug? Get a puppy

So while I am blessed with an adoring husband, I also have my Tucker.  Everyone needs a Tucker.


Hot of the Press: ‘Barefoot Bandit’ indicted in interstate crime spree

Colton Harris-Moore.  Now here is a 19 year old kid that is being charged with interstate transportation of a stolen aircraft, interstate and foreign transportation of a stolen firearm, being a fugitive in possession of a firearm, piloting an aircraft without a valid airman’s certificate, and interstate transportation of a stolen vessel.

Yeesh.  Supposedly he came from an abusive family.   Talk about someone who never got that hug.

Yes, everyone needs a Tucker.

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