BDS Book Festival 7: The Perseid Collapse Series

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It is time to shake things up with Backdoor Survival Book Festival 7.  This week we are going to dispense with the interview and head almost directly into the giveaway.  Steve Konkoly, the author of The Perseid Collapse series of post-apocalyptic fiction, is giving away two sets of personally signed copies of all three books.  That means two winners!

You might recall that Steve was part of the Spring 2014 Book Festival and again as part of the Summer 2014 Book Festival.  He is an interesting guy and you are going to want to go back and read his two interviews.

The Perseid Collapse Series by Steve Konkoly - Backdoor Survival

His latest book in the series is Point of Crisis. It is another page turner featuring Alex Fletcher and his tribulations following a lethal pandemic and the subsequent collapse of society. While normally it takes me weeks if not months to get through a book, I got though each book in the Perseid Collapse Series in a matter of days.  Expect some late nighters under the covers with these.

With that introduction, let us move on to the giveaway.

The Book Giveaway – The Perseid Collapse Series

Two complete sets of the three books in the Perseid Collapse Series (The Perseid Collapse, Event Horizon, and Point of Crisis) are up for grabs.  They will be personally signed by Steve. To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The Final Word

It is always a pleasure to welcome back authors who have participated in past Book Festivals.  Because Steve is a boater, as I was for many years, I have a special affinity for both him and his books.  Of course the fact he lives in beautiful Maine, the east coast equivalent of Washington State, does not hurt either.

Good luck and congratulations in advance to the winners.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Spotlight:  Point of Crisis (The Perseid Collapse Post Apocalyptic Series Book 3)

The epic post-apocalyptic series continues… In the aftermath of the brutal attack on his family compound, Alex Fletcher embraces his rapidly expanding role within the New England Regional Recovery Zone (RRZ). Fueled by a limitless drive to protect his family and a rekindled sense of duty, he enlists the reluctant aid of a local militia commander–to ease the public’s fears of a federal government takeover.

As Captain Fletcher digs deeper into the government’s plans, he starts to question the federal government’s intentions–and ability to stabilize the situation in New England. With the region’s critical infrastructure destroyed and the nation’s electrical grid crippled by a suspected EMP attack, he foresees a human cataclysm, with several hundred thousand desperate refugees marching further north through Maine.

The bad news doesn’t end there.  Alex discovers that Eli Russell has rebuilt his militia–with the intention of hastening the Regional Recovery Zone’s downfall. Obsessed with stopping the deranged psychopath that attacked his family, Alex scours the back roads and rural towns of southern Maine to find him–unaware that Eli’s plans are far more personal.

Alex will face his most difficult decisions ever, as the world unravels in the aftermath of the “event.”

Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a list of all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Book Festival.

Book Festival 7 – Non-Fiction

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide
The Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness
The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse
Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan
Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide
5 Acres & A Dream
Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook
Preppers: History and the Cultural Phenomenon
Urban Emergency Survival Plan: Readiness Strategies for the City and Suburbs

Book Festival 7 – Fiction

Liberators: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse
77 Days in September and Daunting Days of Winter
Good Crazy
Point of Crisis
Avalon: The Retreat and Avalon: Beyond the Retreat
Rebellion in Northwoods
Prepper Pete’s Twelve Days of Prepper Christmas
Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son: A Gun Safety Book for Kids

Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

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BDS Book Festival 7: The Perseid Collapse Series — 74 Comments

  1. Wrap up any unfinished preps and quick check all preps. Fill car tanks & fill any empty gas cans. Buy all fresh produce that I can store. If economic collapse, liquidate bank accounts & buy barter items.

  2. Thanks for always bringing great material, food for thought and for our bellies and for great give aways! These books sound great, would love to have them! Keep Looking UP

  3. I have read the first book of this series, it is very good. I always learn some good things to do or not to do from these fictional books. I would love to have the autographed set.

  4. I was reading last night just on that topic and I would get to the store since I had time and get some last minute items to add to my food prep and home items, gas of course, and cash from the bank. I would charge up my electronics and communicate to my family and friends about The Plan. Finally, great set of books –thanks!

  5. Sorry, I commented before reading the topic. I would withdraw all money from the bank and buy fresh seeds(extra for barter),fresh meat and produce, fill any gas cans and my tank before heading out of town to a safe place. Also, communicate with family and urge them to leave the city before the freeways are clogged.

  6. I would get all my money in cash out – small bills if possible – Finish up any last minute preps and head to my “bugout location”. I would get everything in order to hunker down for the beginning of the collapse. As I feel the first week or so will just be a killing session.

  7. I LOVE these books. Still need to read the third one and would love to have the autographed set. Ironically I gave the first book to friend long before I became a prepped just because it seemed like a really great read.

  8. Gas up all vehicles & gas cans, withdraw everything possible from the bank, head to the grocery store if feasible, coordinate with family & friends & generally get ready to hunker down for the duration.

  9. I would round up the family, check on all the preps that I do have. Prioritize the last minute things that I need and can still do. Then make a plan and pray.

  10. First, withdraw all cash in the bank – in small bills and mostly coins. Top off the stock of water, groceries, ammo, more garden seeds, critter feed, propane. Gather the clan – and lock the gates!

  11. Like others here I would do what I could to finalize my prep’s. Charge all rechargable items and batteries. Depending on what the “big event” was, make sure all electrical/electronic items are unplugged and emp shielded as well as possible. Fill all containers with fresh water. Fuel up my vehicles and make sure all fuel cans are full. Also, if the news was to everyone, *stay away* from all big stores (there will be riots and looting – I want nothing to do with that!) Perhaps visit any small local stores to get a few things. Otherwise, relax and see what I have to duck when it hits!

  12. Top off gas in all cars and if possible go to grocery for as much fresh food as possible. Secure home windows and doors. Store as much extra water as possible. Get all cash from bank.

  13. Charge up phones & batteries, last min run to the store & bank, gas cans are already refilled w/fresh gas (dont want to be doing this at last min as you mat not be allowed), wash up all laundry if electricity still on, pack car in case becomes unsafe to stay at home,contact family if possible,head down to local spring & start bringing the water bk in my 5 gal buckets b4 anyone else gets same idea,and then pray for guidance… or maybe that should be first!

  14. If I only had two days I would refresh my water storage, try the store, pick up more of my percriptions, obtaine all the cash I could, activate my home defenses, hide the valuables and extra weapons and call the kids home.

  15. With just two days warning I’d gather the family, gas up all vehicles, empty bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, buy fresh food, more water and medicine ( AFTER checking if stores were safe with no rioting/looting) then …come home and make as much ammo as possible.

  16. I would max out my credit cards buying things like: plywood, screws, and sandbags, more canning lids, pet store meds, vacuum sealer supplies, and water filters. I’d snatch up gloves of all sizes, socks and undergarments, (especially in stairstep sizes up from the size my kids wear now) same goes for shoes/workboots. I’d also hit the book stores to load up on hard copies of info/instructional books that I dont have yet and text books to continue homeschooling through the higher grades. This is a good exercise and has given me an idea. I’m a list maker and now I’m going to have a list in my preparedness binder for exactly this purpose. My “it’s hitting the fan now list.” I would intentionally avoid the items that everybody else would be targeting like, gas, food, bottled water, and ammo. A prepper ought to be already set for things like that.

  17. I would love to have these books to read while I am snowed in. We have lots of ice and now snow so I will be inside until it melts off.

  18. Empty my bank account, gas up my car, fill every container I could find with water.
    Check my list for any gaps. And make sure my family was with me and prepared. I’d love to read these books! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  19. First I’d take a deep breath, exhale, say a prayer for us and all our friends. Try not to panic 😉 Check with the neighbors next door and across the street, see how they are and how they are situated.
    Bop Da Hubs upside his head,(for not believing me).
    Just kidding guys, just kidding.
    Check the preps and try to fill in as best as we can using the smaller stores, dollar stores,etc. With the two of us depending on how bad it is to start I’d send Da Hubs off in one direction and I would go another to the stores
    Round up my children, grand kids and other family members that can make it here with what they can bring in the way of food, water, clothing, blankets, etc. Have my BIL bring his motor home/camper and get it parked in back of house,it sleeps 6-8.Sounds a bit out there but I would board up/close the slider off our bedroom just in case. IF it gets REALLY bad We’ll do the windows as well.

  20. I wanted to comment a bit about this book itself. I finished reading #3 last week and it was a real thought provoker. For a non military person like me, I did stumble at times over the jargon but not enough to take away from what a great book it is. There was a line that really stopped me and I had to literally stop reading for a bit and just absorb. Not to give too much away, but when Fletcher was asked about weather fellow marines would enforce, or dutifully perform certain tasks that might soon be ordered of them, he replied simply that “they are good marines and would likely follow orders”. I am certain that if we were facing a time WROL that there would be a lot of authorities that would abandon their post to tend to their own personal family, (and I couldn’t really blame them) but I never really considered that there would be some that would follow orders believing that there were truly doing the ‘right thing’. BTW I read these on Kindle and would LOVE to have the hard copy…autographed even!

  21. Gather family…Replenish meds…Retrieve contents of safe deposit box…Use all available credit to add to supplies…Move home defense materials into place…Can meat…Take a bath…PRAY

  22. Love this genre of stories. By reading them I learn so much. These books look intriguing and would provide a good add to our library of stories. Have read some of the comments. The poster from 2/18 “learner on” talked about whether our military would do what was asked of them…scary thought that they would blindly obey, but know that people today seldom question their orders, just blindly obey. Their moral compass leads them to do what the authorities tell them. Don’t know if this is the context of the book but would be interested in knowing so hope I win!

  23. Cash out of the bank, fill up vehicles and gas cans, fresh produce and other items still lacking, including barter items. get our propane tank filled. thanks for this generous giveaway!

  24. So it looks like I was a little premature in starting to switch my everyday carry from winter to spring. It’s really just because I’m always looking for an excuse to pull out my goodies and look at them.

  25. I would get my children and grands here asap, fill gas tanks, water containers, make one last run to the store if no rioting for last-minute items, do laundry, try to stay calm and pray.

  26. I’d fill up the car, get cash at the bank, recharge electronics, wash the laundry, buy more batteries, fill more water containers, check the flashlights, grab some fresh produce and comfort snacks from the store.

  27. I think it’s been pretty well said already, but I would do similar, exhaust the bank accounts, including any and all credit cards and buy supplies that wouldn’t normally be considered, mostly clothing, etc. I like the idea of washing clothes and showering one last time. I’ll also contact all my prepper friends/family to ensure that they are ready and we have our Plan B, C, etc. all ready to go. Then just hunker down and wait for the fireworks. And throw up a whole lotta prayer!

  28. Gather last minute supplies [ones I can get from places other then a grocery store], store more water, fill car and gas cans, and finish any last moment things I can think of. Then hunker down for the long haul.

  29. Something big has happened and you have two days before you feel the effects of a collapse. What will you do?
    Time to use the credit cards one last time for stuff that I have been putting off.

  30. As the day has progressed, your question has been on my mind. It occurred to me that I should try to live each day as if I had 2 days notice. Today is day 1…Keep up…Add to…Be aware…Be ready…Make a list for day 2. That day is for the one-time tasks…Bank, etc. A mindset…A way of life…

  31. I would secure the house with plywood and door braces. Gather the food that is my favorite and begin to run through the living process, eating ,sleeping, doing something.

  32. I would gather the extended family and we would together inventory what we have, just so we all knew. We would all do our last-minute buying and scrounging, and systems checks. Pogo’s suggestion of trying to get some last-minute mileage out of credit cards had never occurred to me; have to give that one some thought.

  33. First thing, make sure everyone gets home. Second, get to the store and stock up on more water, ammo, fresh food stuffs, and any other preps that I was “waiting till I had the money for”. Third, fill up all the cars and gas cans, and fill up any partially used propane tanks. Fourth, hunker down and pray.

  34. I’ll size up the situation. Fill our largest vehicle with fuel, purchase extra, gather our resources, pack the vehicle and determine if bugging out is necessary.

  35. Gayle, I see a very big potential issue here.

    I would like to caution everyone who is thinking/planning some version of “cashing out” your bank accounts. It has been the experience of my family that most banks do not actually have much cash on hand. If you seek to make a somewhat significant cash withdrawal from your account(s) it is often necessary to return to the bank a day or 2 later to actually receive your money since they do not have sufficient funds on hand. I’m not talking about 6 figure amounts here either. The funds that you have on deposit with your bank are not physically sitting in a vault at your local branch. Most is apparently carried electronically.

    So if that is the way that things are TODAY, imagine if everybody is looking for cash at the same time…….

    Folks if your plan includes the intention of running to the bank at the last minute and making a cash grab, I fear you are going to be “up the creek”.

  36. Do a quick check of my stockpile, then send husband to the hardware store and gas station, while I went to the bank and grocery store. Call certain people to inform them to either do the same or pack up and head to our house. Then spend whatever time left fortifying our home.

  37. First ensure the roads are clear enough yet to get out of Dodge. If so, pack up and head up to the retreat. If the roads are already unsafe, wait for a week or two and cautiously move out after the masses have started turning on themselves.

    • Would love to know what you think of the editing of the series. I did the proofreading/editing for most of them and would love some feedback from readers.

      That aside, I have gotten some really great information from Glen’s books and others that have really been thoughtprovoking.

      Have to check with our bug out buddies to make sure everyone is set. As there is a group of us, send everyone out to different stores with filler lists. Make sure the vehicles, etc are ready to go (which they should already be) and set up locations to meet with family. Make sure the ones who can’t make it are covered.

  38. I have plans in place. So do my children. We all have our in “vehicle equipment” as well as stock’s at home. Also have in place plan’s to meet up at the retreat. Hopefully all will work out well if it ever does happen. Thanks for the great website and wonderful job you are doing. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO PEOPLE!

  39. Move preps for easy access, double check gas & propane storage, fill up all containers with extra water, call family go over plan & get those home that we can, touch base with neighbors to be sure they know what’s coming and they have their supplies easily accessable (we have some elderly neighbors that might need help), battan down the hatches (house) for what is to come and anything else the Lord leads us to do. Then PRAY!

  40. Depending on what the situation is, the family might need to consult on whether everyone was sheltering in place or someone needed to get moving while it was still easier to do so. Then, the same as others, whatever additional supplies or water or gas could be had should be acquired. It might be a good exercise to run through that type of scenario at least mentally to be better prepared. Thanks for the blog!

  41. With only two days before I would feel the effects of a collapse I would take a deep breath and work the plan we have in place. Final tasks could include checking with family and dividing up last minute tasks such as going to the gas station, grocery and bank. Would only do these things if necessary. Thank you and Good Luck to everyone in the give-a-way.

  42. I would do what’s already been stated by other posters: follow the plan that our family has already planned: secure the safety of family and elderly friends, then secure the well-being of those family and friends.

  43. Pray – for knowledge and the wisdom to use it to do what’s needed and what’s best for me and my family. Then get going!!!

  44. Our plan is to “hunker down” so we already have our supplies (water, food, the means to cook and heat, etc.) on hand. We would have cash, knowing there would be a run on the banks. We would contact family and friends and review plans to bug out should that become necessary. Try not to panic that what we have been preparing for is actually happening. Maybe make a last minute run for more chocolate!

  45. Get as many last things as I can get (bread & milk of course!) & hunker down at home with my family & pray we don’t have to leave & no unwanted people come.

    Thank you very much for these giveaways! I love the state of ME! Someday I will have to get to WA to compare them.

  46. I’d check the generator and make sure all cords were ready, then get more gas and fresh foods if able to get into the stores. If the weather’s cold, I’d make sure there was ample wood in the house, get out some candles to save on the generator, then hope for the best.

  47. I would check my preps and see what I need if anything, get what money I can out of the bank, fill up the car with gas, go to grocery store and get the things I need to add to my preps if there’s anything I need, contact my family

  48. PRAY. And then liquidate all assets, buy what else I may need. Then head for a relative who lives in a more under the radar location, and has access to streams, lakes and wildlife in a pinch.

  49. YES! Would love a new read- right up my alley. I go over the what ifs daily with the fam…maybe a new book would give them a break from me!

  50. Gather family, supplies, and all essentials together. Depending on the event, we would either fortify and prepare to bug-in, or hit the road ASAP while there’s still a chance to bug-out.

    • Don’t know what happened to my 2 previous posts — will try again by replying to the last one shown. Given some advance warning of a collapse we would obtain additional supplies of water and ammo, top off our fuel (for our vehicles and propane tanks), go to the bank to get a larger supply of cash and the contents of our safe deposit box, print out some copies of info on the computer, strengthen the security of our home, purchase any additional gardening and food preservation supplies we might need (already have a good supply of seeds). If it seemed that the electrical grid would be down, we would obtain some more batteries, charge up items we have, and set up the solar panels we have to be available for later charging/powering. It would be a busy 2 days!

  51. With the advance notice of a collapse, we would be increasing our supplies of ammo and water, topping off fuel for our vehicles and propane tanks, going to the bank to supplement our cash supply and remove items from our safe deposit box, printing out some paper copies of info on the computer, and strengthening our home’s security. In addition, we would purchase additional items we might need for our gardens (we already have a good supply of seeds) and for preserving foods. It would be a busy two days!

  52. Don’t know what happened to my post — will try again. Given some advance warning of a collapse we would obtain additional supplies of water and ammo, top off our fuel (for our vehicles and propane tanks), go to the bank to get a larger supply of cash and the contents of our safe deposit box, print out some copies of info on the computer, strengthen the security of our home, purchase any additional gardening and food preservation supplies we might need (already have a good supply of seeds). If it seemed that the electrical grid would be down, we would obtain some more batteries, charge up items we have, and set up the solar panels we have to be available for later charging/powering. It would be a busy 2 days!

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