A Thanksgiving Message of Miracles and Survival

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thanksgiving turkeyAlbert Einstein said: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

For some, this may seem like an odd way to start a Thanksgiving Day message but to my way of thinking it is perfect.  Why you might say?  Well think about it.  We wake up each morning with the capacity to think and to feel and to share and to love.  We have air to breath and endless skies to enjoy.  We have friendships to embrace and food to eat.  And most important, we continue to survive in spite of the chaos and corruption around us.

Each little aspect of our life touches upon one of these little miracles.  Sure, times are tough.  Not only that, indications are that things may get tougher very soon.  I do not need to remind you that natural disasters of epic proportions are occurring around the globe.  World economies are falling and in all likelihood the entire world may declare bankruptcy and we will all have to start over.

Still, as someone who prepares, you have your own little miracle going.  You are learning skills to make things and to build things.  You are creating a dependence on your garden and your pantry instead of the supermarket.  And finally, you are establishing relationships with like minded members of your community that will watch your back as you watch theirs.

The True Story of Thanksgiving

Last year this time, I wrote about the history of Thanksgiving.  I said:

How many Americans, as adults, recall the true story of Thanksgiving, starting with the settlers landing at Plymouth Rock, through their beneficial relationship with the Wampanoag, and the eventual falling out with the Native Americans ten or so years later?

And how many know – or care – that the original caretakers of our land were either booted out, killed or imprisoned by a culture utterly foreign and unacceptable to their way of life?

A year later, I still feel the same as I did then.  I continue to be saddened that, for better or for worse, we as the middle class are being set up for the big boot much as the Native Americans were booted from their land and their culture in the late 1600s and beyond.

The difference is that in one short year, the preparedness community has gained strength, stature, and respectability.  We have become our own prepper nation of individuals and families that are becoming independent and self-reliant without needing the “system” to take care of us.

As I look back at the true story of Thanksgiving as told in Thanksgiving and the Abandonment of Life as We Know it, I am proud of the accomplishments of our bold and brave clan of preppers and see the establishment of a prepper community as a small but significant miracle.thanksgiving 2012

The Final Word

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, I encourage you to reflect upon the good that is happening in your life and to count up those little miracles around you however small and seemingly insignificant.  And equally important, I hope you will give thanks and be grateful for all that you have and not fret about what you have not.

This Thanksgiving message is being delivered to you today with heart with gratitude for being so loyal to Backdoor Survival.  My wish is for you to continue to thrive, to be well and to be safe.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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A Thanksgiving Message of Miracles and Survival — 2 Comments

  1. Conrad Jaeger’s new book “Deep Web Secrecy and Security – Guide to the Deep Web and Beyond” would seem to be both a very interesting and also a very timely book to read. However, it is very difficult for me to imagine how he might think that ANY electronic means of communication would not be accessible and monitored by corporate or government intruders who disrespect our right to privacy. Would not the “Deep Web” also use the same electronic means as the “Surface Web”? Admittedly, I’m not as smart… as I am confused on this one.

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