Survival Casserole is Not Your Mama’s Tuna Dish

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How to Make a Survival Casserole | Backdoor Survival

How to Make a Survival Casserole




Survival Casserole is Not Your Mama’s Tuna Dish — 5 Comments

  1. Wow! Usually, I don’t spend much time in my life reading food recipes. However, you got me looking at your “Survival Casserole” by mentioning “Mama’s Tuna Dish”… because I CRAVED Mom’s tuna casserole all through my kidlet years.
    Then, when I read the ingredients for your “Survival Casserole”… OMG! I realized that I’ve actually got all the ingredients! Which also means that I’ve found a new way to eat some of that Costco canned chicken! What a dream come true! (Er… that’s probably more a bachelor’s culinary delight, eh?)

  2. Oh gosh, I had to giggle a little at this. My 91 year old grandma gave me a recipe similar to this that she would feed to her six sons when they were little. They loved it and we love it now. I will have to try your version! Thanks!

  3. It’s good to know about the cheeses, my goat cheese isn’t real popular by itself so I’m going to try this and mix goat cheese with some cheese powder. Thank You!

  4. I recently made a very similar casserole. It had pasta (short spaghetti), tuna, cream of mushroom soup, onions (could have used dehydrated), and peas (again, could have used dehydrated), no cheese. I like to find ways to add vegetables however and whenever I can.

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