The Survival Buzz #182: Prepping For a Road Trip

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Welcome to this week’s Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps plus news and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

This week started out great, prepping wise.  I finally completed the job I started weeks ago organizing my food storage.  Everything is labeled, dated, and properly ensconced in Mylar bags, buckets or mason jars.  I have griped about my overall lack of organization is this regard but as of last Sunday, I am golden.  What a relief.

Prepping for a Road Trip | Backdoor Survival

We have a week long road trip coming up next month so I have also had a lot of anxiety about putting together a road-worthy first aid kit.  I have been working on this first aid kit for months and finally finished that as well.  Not that it will ever be truly, complete, mind you, because circumstances change; but I am pleased with it.  Not to tease, but I will be doing a show and tell, hopefully for this coming Monday.

The last part of getting a jump start on my road trip was to test out a new multi-function jump starter from 1Byone.  You might recall that I have one of those all-in-one charging stations but I really wanted something smaller that would not take up so much room.  More about my new charger below.

After telling you about it last week, I watched the PBS documentary on Fukushima and all I can say is WOW.  It is still available to watch online and if you have any interest at all, please do so. Here is a link:  Nuclear Meltdown Disaster.

That about covers it for me this week.  Let’s continue with the Buzz.

Mini Review: 1Byone Portable Car Jump Starter

Sometimes a girl does not stand a chance.  Whenever Amazon brings anything remotely interesting, Shelly aka the Survival Husband snatches it away from me.  Long story short, after opening the box, my charger was whisked away. There was a price to pay.  Shelly had to write the review.

1Byone Charger | Backdoor Survival

Here is what he had to say.

This multi-function jump starter is incredible.

First off is its size. Then there is the fact that the battery pack and components fit into a small carrying case, taking up very little space. Here are the rest of the things I like.

1. The battery pack is a polymer lithium battery capable of jump starting a car approximately 200 times per charge.

2. Has the ability to charge your smart phone and other digital devices (iPad, Kindle, etc.) with the AC adapter which is included.

3. Has an LED  showing amount of charge remaining in the battery pack.  Very handy!

4. Has a built in flashlight which also flashes an S.O.S plus has a strobe function.

5. Has the capability of recharging the battery pack using the cigarette lighter in your car.  This adapter is also included, although it is not described in the instructions)

The only negative is that the instructions are not easy to understand.  Also they don’t explain how to open the access tab/door where you plug in the jump start cable or the fact you can charge the battery using the cigarette lighter adapter.

On the other hand using the 1Byone charge is intuitive so I wouldn’t let this deter you – this is a great device!

For more information, read about the 1Byone Smart Portable Car Jump Starter on Amazon.

Water Month Tip: How Much Water Do You Actually Need?

Most of us greatly underestimate the amount of water we need to see us through an emergency. Everyone likes to quote the rule of thumb about 1 gallon per person per day, but this leaves out some other very important factors.

For a two-week emergency, you need to plan on not only that amount for drinking water, but also cooking water, and water for hygiene purposes. You’ll need to wipe counters, wash your hands and face, and handle basic sanitation needs.  Even if you have a septic system, you’ll need water for flushing.

Some options are storing additional water, using alternative methods for hand and surface hygiene, and sourcing in advance water that you can purify, should the water from the taps be unusable.

Speaking of Water Month, there were so many fantastic questions posed in the Prepper’s Emergency Water Guide giveaway that it looks like the Q&A will need to be broken up into multiple articles.  What that means is that Water Month will run two months.  Just setting the bar here, you know?

Deal Alert! Try Mountain House Food for Free!

You know that rock I sometimes hide under?  I just learned about a rebate program at Mountain House.  Purchase one of their food pouches with a value up to $11 and then complete a form to be sent a rebate.

Very cool.  Pick something out at your local retailer (check the camping section), or pick up a pouch at Amazon and get free shipping.  Either way, pick up something new and try it for the first time or snag a favorite.  Here are the links you need:

Mountain House Meal Pouches on Amazon
Mountain House Free Food Rebate Form

Current Backdoor Survival Giveaways

This week’ book festival featured an interview with Joe Nobody.  In it Joe gets personal; you are not going to want to miss it.  Plus, for sure you will want to enter the book giveaway.

Prepper Book Festival 9: The Toymaker by Joe Nobody + Giveaway

With all giveaways, winners are notified by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate will be selected.  Once selected, the names of winners are also displayed in the Rafflecopter on the original giveaway article.  This usually happens on the Friday following the end of the giveaway. 


Essential Oils: Tip of the Week

Ruth wanted to make some an essential oil Boo Boo Stick but has a problem with lavender.  She asked:

Just curious.  Can you recommend something besides lavender for this? I’m not break-out-allergic to it, but find the smell irritating. Although, come to think of it, I tried using lavender soap and it made me itch, but that could have been something else in it.

As always, if one person asks a question my take is another person may need the same information.  Here is my response.

My first thought would be to use Frankincense since it is a good all-around oil that seems to boost the effectiveness of other oils. Even on its own, Frank is amazing.

You can also try omitting the lavender completely.

I banged my head on a car door a couple of weeks ago and had a huge gash. I used the boo boo stick topped with Frankincense (mixed in Simple Salve) and a week later it was gone. Shelly thought for sure I would have a scar.

True story about the gash in my forehead.  If you want to give Spark Naturals Frankincense a try, be sure to use discount code BACKDOORSURVIVAL to get 10% off.

The Most Shared Article on Backdoor Survival

Last week, the most shared article on BDS was What is the Baseline of Prepper Fitness?  There is also a bonus giveaway for a personally autographed copy of Richard Broome’s book, Good Crazy.  It is not to late to get in on the action.

Prepper Fitness | Backdoor Survival

The Final Word

As I mentioned in the beginning, Shelly and I will be taking a road trip next month.  It is the first week-long road trip in over 20 years and maybe longer.  For now let’s just call it our big adventure; I promise to share more details in the coming weeks.

Other things coming up include more water tips, a water-related giveaway (I know how you love those), and in celebration of National Preparedness Month, another webinar event.  I also have a major update to my Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide scheduled for release within days.  This is the book that goes out to new subscribers for free but no worries, I will be sending the new version out to existing subscribers as well.

Not a subscriber?  No worries, it is not too late to get in on the fun:  Click Here to Subscribe.

So tell me,what about you?  What did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin: For your discernment, here are items related to today’s article plus some personal favorites.

1byone Smart Portable Car Jump Starter: For me it was time to downsize to a smart charger that doesn’t eat up a lot of space.  You are going to love this ultra-portable charger that will not only jump start your car battery, but will charge your gizmos and light your way with a built in flashlight that also serves as an SOS signal.

Mountain House Meal Pouches on Amazon:  In order to take advantage of the 100% rebate from Mountain House, pick up a pouch with free shipping from Amazon.

The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource:  Water Month on Backdoor Survival is focusing on free resources but if you have $7.00 to spare, this is the book that I recommend.

Now Foods Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend: This budget priced oil has done wonders for my sleep.  It is a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood.  I am using 30 drops to 1 ounce of carrier oil.  My preference is BDS Simple Salve (that you can make yourself).  You could also try making a room spray by adding 30 drops to 1 oz. of witch hazel in a a spray bottle.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items   Backdoor Survival:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2 oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.

Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart: This is the book that made me a Joe Nobody fan.  It will teach you how to defend your your homestead in the event of civil unrest or a collapse.

Ticket to Ride:  Speaking of morale booster, when it comes to board games, this is my favorite.  (It helps that I usually win.)  This is fun for the entire family.  Warning, you and your gift recipient will become addicted and will often ask the question:  Want to play train aka “ticket to ride”?


Shop Emergency Essentials Sales for Fantastic Deals!

For over 25 years Emergency Essentials has been providing the highest quality preparedness products at great prices.  Plus, each month they feature sales that quite honestly are fantastic.  This month note the great sale prices two of my favorites, the Mobile Washer (Hand Operated Washing Machine) now only $14.95 and the Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid, now only $11.79.



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Are You Interested in Essential Oils?

OOTM is a great value and shipping is free!
Spark Naturals Oil of the Month Club | Backdoor Survival

The Spark Naturals Oil of the Month Club is the best value out there – all oils are 15ml bottles – shipped out to you once a month (on the same date you ordered the product). The price is $15.99 a month and includes shipping and tax. This is a great way to collect oils at a discounted price.


The Survival Buzz #182: Prepping For a Road Trip — 6 Comments

  1. Continue to make progress as a newcomer. Joined the seed of the month club, ordered a lifestraw, am mking notecards on firestarting tips and edible plants, found lots of goodies at a rummage sale, including a big bag of boys scout camping equipment for five dollars, bought local honey at the farmers market.

  2. I need to know if you are a single lady as I am. I have to do all these things by my lonesome. It’s not easy and despressing at times. How about you? I don’t go anywhere away from home for any distance any more.

    • Lynn – No, I have a husband, Shelly, who hangs out here in my articles from time to time. I have an article coming up on prepping tips for a single woman so please do watch for it.

      We do not have children (or grandchildren). Many of the readers do what they do for their families plus enlist their help. Although I have a man in my life, we are still on our own. We are also not spring chickens anymore (if you know what I mean).

  3. Those little battery packs fascinate me. How do they pack so much power in such a tiny case. Then I remember that the Tesla automobile runs off of rechargeable flashlight batteries.

    One thing to remember, HEAT is one of the biggest enemies of Lithium based battery chemistry, so never leave them in a hot car! That is the one thing that can outweigh the convenience of them, is to have to lug them in and out of the car.


  4. Have been reading on your site for a long time now, and have learned alot. Would like to make my own small contribution in advice. I use one of those plastic toolboxes to hold all my first aid supplies. It is very handy as everything is visible and easy to get to when opened and protected when closed. I keep it in this toolbox at home, and if I go somewhere ( we RV ) then it is already ready to go. I also have one for all our OTC meds. If we ever had to bug out, they would be ready to go.

    • Thanks, Kathy. I was planning to share my version on Tuesday but will be delayed by one week. One thing for sure: having first aid supplies in a toolbox or other box with a handle makes them eminently more portable.

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