Survival Friday: Free Food Again!

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It is somewhat of a joke among my family and friends that I talk about food all of the time but never eat.  Let me re-phrase that a bit; I don’t eat all that often or all that much.  That does not, however, prevent me from having good, healthy food on hand not only for day to day meal planning but also for long term emergency needs.  And to that end, I am always on the lookout for something new, food-wise.

Given my penchant for all things food related, it should come as no surprise that once again, I have done a taste test on some pre-packaged meal pouches.  This time around, the meal pouches were provided by Backdoor Survival sponsor, Survival Based.  Not only that, Survival Based is providing an assortment of 12 different Food Supply Depot meals to one lucky Backdoor Survival winner.  More about that in a moment.

Survival Based

First Things First

One of the first things I do when I sample food is to read the label, open the package and do a sniff test. According to the label, Food Supply Depot meals are 100% vegetarian.  The manufacturing date is prominently displayed along with the estimated shelf-life at varying storage temperatures.  This is important.

Another thing I note when reading the label is the total calories per pouch.  The Food Supply Depot meals run about 930 calories per pouch so depending on your size and how hungry you are, a single pouch could serve 2 to 3 people.

I have learned the hard way that opening pouches is not always easy to do.  Even though I always have my Swiss Army knife available, it is a lot easier to tear open a pouch.  In this case, it was a cinch.  But the real test – before eating, of course – was the sniff test.  The two meals I tried, “Wisconsin Cheddar & Pasta” and “Texan Sunrise Skillet”, smelled good.  As a matter of fact, the mac and cheese smelled wonderful and so much better than a cardboard-y box of Kraft.

The Nitty Gritty: Cooking and Eating

The Food Supply Depot contents are dehydrated (as opposed to freeze dried) and thus each pouch packs a lot of product in a small amount of space.   That said, dehydrated foods require a bit more water than freeze dried foods.  As a result, they need to be prepared in a pot and are not designed to be prepared and eaten straight from the pouch.

I do not perceive this as a problem at all since we all know how to cook outdoors over an open fire and have the tools to do so, right?

Survival Based Mac and Cheese

Survival Based Cooking

One thing worth noting is that I felt that too much water was added when prepared according to the directions on the package.  You might recall that I felt the same way about the MH products.  I asked Jacob at Survival Based about this and here is what he said:

I tend to use about 1/4 less water than the directions call for but for some meals (like the pastas) I only use half the water called for. I like my food thicker but that is just my preference.

I do have a hint for you.  If the final product is more soup-y than you like, let it cook for a bit longer and then take it off your heat source and let it sit for 5 or 6 minutes.  This gives you a degree of control over the final result because after all, our preferences and tastes are all different.

Survival Based Texas Sunrise Skillet

As I mentioned, we prepared two pouches, not knowing whether the quantity of a single pouch would be sufficient from a satiety point of view.  In other words, would we be satisfied when our meal was over?

We need not have worried.  We were full after eating only half of the two prepared meal pouches but we kept eating more none-the-less.  The taste was that good.  Heck, I ate so much I never made it the after dinner chocolate.

The Giveaway

food supply depot

Would you like to win a meal kit from Survival Based?  All you need to do is answer the following question in the comments area below:

What is your prepping related resolution for 2014?

Don’t have one?  Time to get thinking!  Seriously, a winner will be chosen at random from the entries received by 6AM Pacific on Wednesday, January 8.

The Final Word

Survival Based actually is offering free food for everyone.  Even if you are not the winner of the giveaway – but please enter – you can score a free sample pouch of Southwest White Bean Chili.  All you need to do is fill out a form and Survival Based will send you a Mylar pouch containing a tasty, dehydrated meal, no strings attached.  Click here to check it out.

I just love this food stuff, don’t you?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Survival Friday: Free Food Again! — 269 Comments

  1. My prepping resolution for 2014 is to learn how to hunt and clean small animals from squirrels to deer (I checked off grouse and deer last year, only need the rest!).

  2. My resolution is always organize, organize, organize, but I also want to focus on hand and garden tools and non electric appliances more.

  3. My resolution is to find ways to store more food in my travel trailer. Having a small storage area is challenging, but I’m rearranging and finding more room.

  4. I actually have two resolutions this year. One is to expand my preps and the other is to test them. I’m going to simulate emergencies and see where I need improvement. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize package and good luck everyone.

  5. 2014 Prepper Resolution: Take care of our water supply. We will be receiving our 320 gallon water barrels just today (1/3/2014). We will properly fill and store them changing out the water every 6 months. We have well water…which of course runs on electricity. We have been watching youtube videos on how to hand dig a well for manually pumping out water. THAT is our goal for 2014!

  6. My 2014 survival resolution is to become more self reliant in my day to day health issues. I feel I rely too heavily on modern ‘medicine’.

  7. To organize the clutter and restructure where we put different things so that I truly know what we have. This will get us out the door quicker along with letting me know where we fall short and what we still need.

  8. I need to try this dehydrated “stuff” I don’t normally eat. Powdered butter, powdered eggs, powdered buttermilk. I eat the powdered cheese on my popcorn and it is great, but not the powdered butter.

  9. My 2014 prepping resolution is to covert a bedroom into “prep storage central.” We have already built free standing shelves for each wall. We also bought a 55 gal. Water storage barrel with a pump. I have food stashed all over the house and it wil be so nice to finally get things squared away in one place.

  10. my resolution is to continue finding hiding places for my preps, and especially to make a list of where everything is. if i don’t do that, some of my stuff will NEVER be found, even by me!

  11. My resolution is to pack up our little camper with dehydrated food in case we need to bug out. Also I need to organize my preps at the house.

  12. I have 3 main goals for year. 1) Get the wife on board, 2) Better organization, and 3) truly rock out my vegetable garden

  13. This time of the year brings us to pre-planning the garden. Yes we start around this time of the year.
    What we are going to plant for this years harvest, and how much. We grow all of our seedlings . . . plants for the garden! Pre-plan and rethink.

  14. Become a CERT (Certified Emergency Resource Technician) Compiling lists to help others become better prepared for disasters. BOB, Vehicle Emergency Kit, Fire starting techniques, List of what you can do with vinegar, baking soda, coffee filters, paracord, etc. Set up at fairs, flea markets, etc. and have these lists available for anyone interested in being prepared. All your info. has helped me on this new adventure. Thanks

  15. My resolution is to get better organized and to try to get friends and family more aware of what is going on. Most people I know are in denial as to what is going on.

  16. My 2014 resolution is to efficiently plan and cycle my food and water supplies–also to get them more centrally located (not scattered in “hidey-holes” throughout the house!

  17. My resolution is to organize and catalogue the products I have stored all over. I have forgotten what I have and I need to have a master list that tells me what I have already bought and what I need to fill in

  18. My resolution is to finally get all of my supplies organized. I had to bug out during a tornado in Oklahoma in 2013 but would like the chance to go on a third vacation in the desert to test my skills and equipment.

  19. I have two main resolutions: 1, to organize the preps I have, which are scattered in many different places, and 2, to work on learning new skills, such as self-defense, cooking outdoors, new gardening techniques, etc.

  20. I have a couple: one is to hopefully learn first about self-defense without a weapon, and then also with one, and two is to learn more and buy some alternative currency/bartering items.

  21. Being new to prepping my goal for this year is to accumulate enough food for my family to last six months. And as money allows to buy other neccesary prepper supplies. Starting with next to nothing so have a long road ahead!

  22. My resolution is to Can more meat and vegetables that are on sale now and to put in a bigger garden for fall canning time.

  23. Well I am a beginner, so my resolution is to also help my childrens awareness, make sure I have a healthy garden to can and dehydrate my food grown, and to make a long story short, make sure I have and organize everything on my prepper list.

  24. I plan to figure out how not to kill so many fish in my aquaponics system, cut down energy consumption, get 2 more chickens and expand my vegetable garden.

  25. I need to set aside more water and replenish some of our food stores we had to use this year. Our pantry and cabinets work great for storing our food but space is limited for water storage. Maybe I’ll get some of those packs of dehydrated water from the camping supply store.

  26. My 2014 prep resolution is to stock up on more barter items. Also my wife is starting to come to the “dark side”…lol so I want to get her even more involved!

  27. My resolution is to buy and store only foods I and the family actually enjoy eating, and to be more systematic in keeping a good balance of different foods, not just grains and canned soup.

  28. I’ve been stocking up on canned, dry and FD food plus some water for a little while. Just made up an inventory list so I can keep track. This year I’ll be adding to my supply for all of these and also adding to my gear for water purification and maybe even a rain barrel. I’m also going to expand my garden this spring and try canning. I’ve gotten the equipment, but never used it.

  29. In 2013 I worked on short term storage, for 2014 I want to focus on long term storage foods. The purchase goals are a good water filter and hand operated wheat mill. But the number one goal is to get out of debt. Just 3 more credit cards to go.

  30. I need to work on solar this new year. Plan some solar lights and hopefully be able to get some type portable solar generator.

  31. My prepping resolution for 2014 is to stockpile essential supplies. And to start an indoor year round garden in tubs in my basement.

  32. I’m older so I plan to sharpen those skills that I have (gardening, chickens, cooking, herbs/oils, etc.) and find others with the more physically intense (wood cutting, bow hunting, shelter building, etc.) so that we can be a self-sufficient community, if necessary.

    • My resolution is to start with the first two major requirements – stocking both water and food for a minimum 6 months to start.. I will supplement this with a good garden this spring and learn to can or store the produce from the garden….This is a fairly simple goal and has three separate projects, 1 – get containers and fill with water, properly store off concrete floor in the garage. 2 – order and store 6 months of food supplies. 3- Plan garden, refurbish old garden, plant and maintain, study about canning and purchase supplies and at harvest can and store. The three projects should probably be done in order (also based on calendar – since it will be a while till gardening time the first two could easily be done and out of the way)since water is the first critical item followed by food storage and then followed by food production and storage (learning a new skill – canning/or?).

  33. My resolution is to expand my rainwater collection system and put in a garden irrigation system. Second is to expand my food stores, they are looking pretty anemic these days…

  34. My prepping related resolution for 2014 is twofold. We have been prepping for a while and are blessed to have accumulated many good things but we need better organization. This is the year to organize and declutter. Second on our list is to improve our butchering skills. We butchered our first deer a month ago. It was exhausting but we now have some good protein in the freezer. We now have to butcher some rabbits and a rooster that we raised last year.

  35. I have always concentrated on a well equipped bug out bag but now I am going to prepare on staying where I am and I need to organize my foodstuffs according to what the item is and how long I have had it.

  36. My prepping resolution for 2014 is to plant and grow a real victory garden (“freedom garden”) that I can share with neighbors, friends and online to help and encourage others to do likewise. Having stored preps is very important but nothing beats the taste and nutrition of fresh food you’ve grown yourself.

    Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and well-prepared New Year.

  37. My resolution is to keep trying samples of foodstuffs to find a brand that my picky teenagers would be willing to eat. So far, not so good. Once found, I’d like to stock up for at least 6mos. worth. Thanks for the contest.

  38. My prepper resolution this year is to rotate my food storage and expand it. I also resolve to declutter my home to allow more space for storage of prep supplies. I’m just beginning to prep, so I resolve to continue to learn and increase my preparations and to learn new skills.

  39. My resolution is to spend more time at the gun range. I was born blind in one eye which is a problem or a blessing when it comes to the way I shoot. Depending on the gun, I’m either spot on center, or a mile off target. Practice!

  40. Like many others, I REALLY need to organize all the supplies I have bought and stashed (read – piled up in their original plastic bags). I have started inventories but they, too, are haphazard. The one thing I’ve admired about veteran preppers is they know the what, where and how of what they have stored.

    • you are started and thats really good. when i started prepping and storing food stuffs i started with the basics…salt/pepper/sugar/Coffee/any/all spices/powdered milk&eggs/flour/etc…you get the idea. take what you have and get it outta plastic bags and into mylar bags and into plastic food quality 5 gallon buckets. make sure to label them. water is a must. ive been buying the 5 gallon jugs at walmart, is a start anyway. do not buy anything for storage that will not be able to store….i.e….bread milk frozen or referigerated items. the articles on this site is great for stuff like that. might consider downloading the articles on prepping. that way you have a ready reference.

  41. 2014 Prepper resolution – Spend 3 months focus on communication, preservation, alternative energy, and storage organization.

  42. My resolution is to purchase a dehydrator so that I can increase my food storage for long term versus the shorter shelf life I have at he present and also to be better organized in my storage.

  43. Learn to dehydrate and vacuum seal. I got the dehydrator for CHristmas..hoping the sealer comes for my birthday in March. 🙂 Also want to learn more herbal stuff and get a first aid kit going…lots of goals!

  44. My 2014 food storage goals are:
    get enough onions and garlic dehydrated for 2 years
    add some freeze dried food to the pantry
    increase my long term, 20 year, food storage in mylar and buckets

  45. My news resolution is to increase our food reserves in several areas, including learning to make and store sour kraut. We are also dedicated to increasing our skill sets as a family by learning first aid, out door survival skills, and soap making. Increasing barter items and other additional emergency supplies are also on the agenda.

  46. Increase my canning to something new once a month and reorganize my 3-month supplies to where I can find whatever I’m looking for.

  47. my resolution is to start raising chickens for eggs and meat, to start raising meat rabbits. and to expand my garden to include a permant herb section. my family wants to be as self sufficient as we can get

  48. Like others my resolutions for 2014 include loading more ammo, spending time at the range to improve my skills, organizing and rotating the food stocks that I currently have, and attempting to improve or relocate my B. O. location so that it is less visible. Also to check and restock the prescriptions that I need. I also want to expand my Dutch Oven skills.

  49. My resolution is to fill in the glaring holes in my survival preps. Just got a solar cooker and a hot water rocket so I can cook the food I have stored. I also want to add a greenhouse and long term water collection.

  50. I have two resolutions for 2014. First is to get in a little better shape for overall health and just in case. The second is to build a portable HF Ham Radio rig so I can capitalize on my General license. It will need to able to run off internal batteries as well as 12vdc cigarette power port in a vehicle and AC. Maybe solar if I can figure out the charging circuit. It will also require a portable collapsable antenna (to be built). All this will be set up so it’s EMP resistant. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  51. Being new to prepping I have three resolutions. We have emergency water filters and a nearby water source but we don’t have enough stored water. Resolution one is to purchase and fill at least 4 55 gallon tanks. Resolution two is to incorporate self sufficiency more into our every day lives with canning, gardening, dehydrating foods, solar power, etc. Resolution three is to purchase and learn to use firearms. As a city girl I am not sure if canning or using a gun worries me more. But we have moved to the country and I am determined to learn both.

  52. I plan to improve my physical fitness status, implement solar power where I can, get my ham radio liscence, and increase my long term food storage supplies.

  53. My goals are to get my chicks into the chicken coop the hubby built, put pigs & goats into the movable paddocks that the hubby is building, to finish the Master Gardeners class & get a big garden started. Other projects are under consideration, as we work to make ourselves completely self-sufficient in 2014.

  54. I tend to not make resolutions, I never follow through, but my plans for this year are to make a better inventory system and to make sure I am well-stocked on every day foods we eat for a year’s supply. Things like spaghetti sauce, et. My biggest goal is so be well-stocked on toiletries, like TP, shampoo, conditioner, and especially deoderant. I have three teenagers in the house, besides me and my husband, and this tends to be the second largest part of my shopping expenses…the first being animal feed (hay, grain, chicken feed, cats, dogs, bunny). Funny isn’t it? Anyway, I have learned to shop sales and use my coupons wisely. This way I was able to really build up our food storage quickly last year. I have added a bit of FD food, but the majority is canned and frozen, plus we have chickens…my next goal is a milk goat or two. 🙂

  55. My resolution is to get another 100 gallons of water stored (I live in a small house so this is a challenge), stock up on antibiotics, and make progress on moving to a state that does not require an exam where the sun don’t shine to own a firearm.

  56. Amp up my storage space. I have a good supply for my husband and myself; now I need to consider family who will be ‘dropping by’ in an emergency. I do not want to turn anyone away if I can avoid it.

    I am also spending the winter learning more about raised bed gardening so I can expand our backyard beds (started last summer). I have a space ready in the front yard for 3-4 fruit trees. It will take a few years, but that’s all part of the plan too.

    Having dehydrated food stored for the future will be a huge help to ensure enough supplies for my family and friends. after all, who wants to survive alone?

  57. My goal this year is to take some first aid and survival courses, learn how to make fire in several different ways, and start building my preps up to truly be better prepared if anything should happen.

  58. Not another entry, but a suggestion to those wanting to raise chickens for eggs (like a small flock or 4-5 hens). You can just use a large dog house with a liftable lid instead of building a chicken coop. As long as you have a good pen to keep them safe at night, it makes life easy…just keep the hay/straw in there fresh. We have a small coop and three such dog houses for our rather large flock, and we free-range during the day with a Border Collie “flock dog”. We also have ducks and they LOVE the “duck houses” as we call them. If you have a small pond the Rouen duck will outlay a hen during the warm weather months. We pen everything up at night…and duck eggs make the best baked goods!

  59. To make sure i keep an onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a sharp knife (always) in my go bag for search and rescue ‘stone soup ‘ USSARR TECH L.KLEIN

  60. That’s a big question. I really just started prepping officially this past year. Or I should say, got my wife on board this past year. But “Our” resolution is just to be more prepared across the board. What that means is:
    – More food supplies. Plant more and can more. Plant fruit trees.
    – More medical and first aid supplies. And first aid training.
    – More ammo. Firearm training for my wife.
    – Start raising chickens.
    – More exercise.
    – More bartering items. Ammo, alcohol, toilet paper.
    – Maybe a little solar power.

  61. Inventory what I have, assess what I need, implement a strategy for improving my stores. I know, I should have done this instead of flying be the seat of my pants.

  62. I resolve to try and actually convince my wife that she needs to get started. I drive OTR and am not there everyday to do it. It needs to be done.

  63. This year I have two big prepping goals: first is to get my Ham license and set up a mobile base station at home to communicate with our growing prepper group; second is to expand my medical knowledge and supplies.
    Food and water storage, gardening, canning, livestock and security are always ongoing, so those I will continue to expand and perfect!!

  64. I have recently started building my survival pack. I don’t have any food or meals in it yet. Over the year I hope to have something that starts to resemble a complete survival kit.

  65. My prepper resolution for 2014 is to get organized and inventory all of my supplies. We just had a snow storm here on the East coast and I had to go searching for my back up propane heater!

  66. What is your prepping related resolution for 2014?
    I plan on working on myself.Get in better shape and exercise more.I want to organize and store my supplies better also.Just a FYI i finally picked up that bettery charger you werer ecomending awhile back.the one that charges alkalines.thanks for the tip

  67. My Resolution for this year is going to be getting at least a 2 month supply of freeze dried/dehydrated food for my family in case a natural disaster strikes.

  68. Mine is to expand my garden, plant a few more fruit trees, and water, water, water. This is the year to get our water storage fully in place.

  69. My prep resolution for 2014 is to make the effort to buy two of everything as often as possible, in order to increase the long term storage of our pantry.

  70. This winter got to use some of my supplies so relace all 3x plus….keep putting back, set up my solar solar panels find a way to pump spring water uphill, enclose fruit trees…oh yes these are 3 yr old dwarf and were loaded this year except the deer ate them all in one night I was gone…prearation was the secret to the great growth…I used Nitron, some vitamins and minerals, fish emulusion all in a large tub for a day then my husband put all new dirt in the hole and we watered them in with this and even the next spring we had some Granny Smiths blooming until a freeze.
    I’m widowed now but plan to raise come chix and rabbits and a Jersey cow.

  71. My 2014 prepping related resolution is going to be, building a special spot for my foods to be rotated a little better then just hiding in a box. Then I would like to go through all those long term boxes and put what I need on those new shelves and keep an inventory and start a new rotating system so that I do not have waste and bad food when SHTF.

  72. I resolve to get my well set up with a Simple pump [deep well hand pump] beside the electric one so that I have a solid water supply available no matter what scenario arises .

    I will also plan to add more berry options to my garden which will be dehydrated for long term storage in my large dehydrator.

  73. I will increase the yield/sq ft of my garden. Getting horse poo from local farmer and tilling it in over the winter to better condition garden soil.

  74. My New Years resolution on prepping is to save money to build a nice aquaponics greenhouse so I can have fresh greens and fish readily available year around.

  75. Increase my water storage capability. Get the garden going again. Been away from it too long.
    Lose weight & get in better shape. The garden should take care of a lot of that.
    Get a dehydrator & start using it.

  76. In my situation, simply continuing to prep is a monumental task, so I resolve to continue. My husband is in no way, shape, or form on-board (and actually says it’s stupid and I’m crazy). But, I use my own money, and I prep for the two of us plus my 75-year-old widowed mom. I would LOVE to have a garden and raise chickens and other livestock, but at this point those are literally impossible. All in all, I’m thankful for what I’ve accomplished so far.

  77. To learn how to properly store bulk products (grains etc) and to increase my food storage to 6+months. My longer goal plans are to get my raied bed gardens in, learn how to can, and acquire goats and chickens.

  78. My prepping goal for 2014 is 2-fold…I want to get everything inventoried so I know what I have, so I will know what I still need to get , and to work on a new shelving / bin system that allows for better rotation. I know that I need to add more protean, but how much home canned do I have? That is what I need to get fixed this year.

  79. Our plans are to continue canning during the new season and learn more about fermentation and meat preservation. Sausage making is first on my list, then pickles, etc. All the things that previous generations knew and most of us have forgotten. Pretty well have covered most of storage items but need to fill little gaps. Thanks for all the help and information, Gaye!

  80. My resolutions/goals for 2014 include 1.eating better and getting in better shape (you can prepare all you want, but if you aren’t healthy then it will be a lot harder) 2. Learn and improve my skills (we have a “camping” trip planned for the summer, during which I will practice as many skills as I can) 3. I am going to organize and make a list of what I have and then try to preserve food from my garden or buy foods to fill in the gaps. 4. I also have some new gardening techniques that I want to try out.

  81. I am going to follow your 12 month prepping plan. I’ve printed it out and put it in a three ring binder. There is plenty of room for adding notes and inserting interesting articles. My family is looking forward to getting prepaired for whatever chalenges life is going to send our way. Happy Preppig

  82. What is your prepping related resolution for 2014?

    Start my Bug Out Bag and begin stocking up on food stuffs, water and first aid.

  83. I want to work more on garden preparation and hopefully get more out of it that I have in the past. It can be difficult living in Arizona but I am determined to do better this year. Then I hope to learn more about canning so I can preserve some of my garden bounty (if I can get enough to save).

  84. I am going to create (and keep up to date) an inventory log. I was cleaning out a storage closet recently and found some really cool ‘survival’ type stuff I had forgotten about. Thank you Gaye.

  85. My prepping related resolution for 2014? I have been looking in to things. I need a way to cook without the conveniences of the modern day world. I am determined to try cooking in a one log rocket stove, a homemade solar oven, and even try the whole chicken in the coffee can thing. I think my son will like the last one too.

    Also to keep up with my routine prepping and go to the firing range at least once a week

  86. What is your prepping related resolution for 2014? Hmmm that is a hard one, I guess it would be to get all the stuff that I have around the house and get it into some kind of order. I have stuff all over, and I don’t know what I have or don’t have…I guess that would be a good place to start.

  87. My prepping related resolution for 2014 is to become more educated in areas of survival without the luxuries of bugging in at home. Practice what I learn and not assume that I have it “covered”.

  88. Husband is now retired so funds are a little tighter but I plan on continuing to prep but at a slower pace. A few items will be bought each time I go to the grocery store or dollar tree.

  89. My goal for 2014: to organize my stuff and see what there is and what I need. I plan to store things properly, label them properly and store them logically.

    Next goal: learn stuff. We all know or can figure out what is needed.

  90. I would like to put together some smaller mylar/meals in a jar for gifting to friends to pique their interest in FD/Dehydrated foods. I will also include some recipes to use the food.

  91. My resolution is that I am going to get more organized in food storage, I will add medical supplies, and take an updated First Aid/CPR class.

  92. My resolution is to add to my food stores weekly during my trip to the stores. Instead of waiting and buying quarterly, I will buy weekly in order to increase my amount and safety!

  93. Work on learning herbal medicine. I’ve been studying but I need to become more knowledgeable. I want to be able to help my family.

  94. My resolution for 2014 is two fold. To come up with a better rotation for my water stores AND to actually learn to use my dehydrator….forget the world ending, how about storing all the veggies I grow each year to eat, instead of giving all the extra to the chickens.

  95. Take inventory of what I have and figure out a systematic way of staying organized on a week to week basis. I need to know what I have left after cooking for few days to know how much to replenish. Also making more space for water storage. I got a pressure/cooker canner for Xmas so big goal this yr is to learn how to can, and a bigger goal than that is to figure WHERE I’m going to put my canned goods!

  96. My goal for 2014 is to finish my garden. Fenced in and predominantly watered from rain barrels through a soaker hose system.

  97. Mine is to try a new meal, that I haven’t tried before, at least monthly. Maybe I’ll find some meals my family would actually want to eat on a regular basis.

  98. My goal is to begin prepping in 2014. I think it’s time I was ready for anything. This site is great and thanks for the contest!!

    • I just went and started stocking the pantry with canned and bagged tuna, canned chili, canned veggies etc. it’s only about 2 days of food for my wife and I but it’s a start!!

  99. I have so many! My main one is just to have balance in my prepping. What good is 50lbs of flour if I have no idea how to use it? What good is all my medical supplies if I don’t know basic first aid, and finally what good are my guns, if I don’t know how to shoot. Skills are more important, I think then any physical preps you can have.

  100. My prepper goal for 2014 is to continue to stock up on the items this great website features and to keep adding a few food items-beans, canned stew\meats\soups, etc.with my weekly grocery shopping. These food products would be a welcome addition! Most of my Christmas presents were ‘wish list’ prepper items. So happy to have received my Family Life Straw!

  101. My prepping resolution for 2014 is to get as many of my family members as I can, involved in some sort of prepping. Some of them are already doing some sort of prepping, but they need proper guidance to get more involved. Please, everyone, pray that GOD gives me the strength and knowledge to help them, and to guide the other family members into prepping…you never know when the SHTF!

  102. My goal is to acquire more essential oils and to build up my medical supplies. Also to work on being in better shape. I’m moving to a new area and have been holding off on buying/storing food. So need to work on that too once I get settled.

  103. I need to increase my food and water storage, Upgrade my BOB’s I need 8. Your page has been a huge part of have far I have come in 2013.

  104. While I do feel prepared in some areas, having a good food supply is an area I am lacking. My goal is to have at least a few months food stored. Next I hope to start a garden and can/store my own food so we can become self-sufficient. I haven’t tried any prepackaged foods so I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. There are so many great comments and ideas! My goal is to continue to stock up, plant more “directional” vegetation, and experiment with straw bale gardening. Thank you for your wonderful posts!

  106. My 1st prepping resolution for 2014 is to share the importance of prepping with as many family members and family as I can. I am creating a list articles/posts that outline why prepping makes sense along with some sites that help them get started.
    My 2nd resolution is to do at least one thing Every day to become better prepared. I’ve started a list that breaks things down by priority. Then each item has an approximate time to complete and estimated cost.

  107. Our goal is to finish the basement so we can work on getting more storage places. Our current storage consists of 2 book shelves and 5 file boxes.

  108. To learn how to can. I have been freezing tons of produce from the garden every year, and have dehydrated some, but if we lose power, I lose ALOT of food…And I hope to get my family on board, they are not forward thinkers so I know it will be mostly up to me. That’s a big worry for me.

  109. My top goal is to actually start gathering preps instead of spending my spare time reading about it. I need to actually start. I love this website and all the great tips. I’ve been takes notes for a little over a year, so I need to just start my prepping project. You have so many great articles to read on your site that it would take me a lifetime to read them all. I need to quit worrying about doing it wrong. That is my biggest goal to get over. I know i’ll be able to because I have read over and over that nothing goes 100% right all the time. I should know that from all my years of gardening.

    • you have already gotten started by realizing you need to do it. now then just start picking up several things at a time at store and put them back when you get home. walla…you are doing great…and go from there. good luck

  110. I have several goals for this year: better organization of food & supplies, more experience with dehydrating foods in the Excalibur, setting up the rain barrels and getting more people onboard with prepping (including some family members). Sadly, I have a feeling the last goal will be the most difficult to achieve.

  111. To continue collecting items and researching an alternative for my one RX, in case I am not able to obtain it ( which is likely. in a.long term emergency ). We all need some alternatives to fall back on, besides the obvious storage of foods, etc.

  112. My goal is to successfully grow some herbs, which suffer greatly from my black thumb. Not green or even brown 🙂
    Due to our medical situation, I do not expect to bug-out, but I think I have most of that covered. I am currently working on our long-term storage, as I need to double my stock.

  113. My goal is to build a Steve Harris battery backup system so I can run my Nebulizer when the power goes out instead of having to crank up the Ginny.

    • The info below is something my son found & posted on his FB page. He is a police officer & paramedic so he has dealt with the situation of no power/no Nebulizer.

      I have met & talked with the guys at Practical Preppers – do not judge them from the tv show Doomsday Preppers.

      “Now this is cool! If any of you have a family member that may require the use of small medical devices, such as a nebulizer, this could be a real lifesaver. I’ve seen too many times that the power goes out and someone’s child is in distress and needs a nebulizer treatment and they have to call 911 for help. Be self reliant.”

  114. My 2014 goal is to finally start and use a garden for all my vegetables as well as start a small orchard. Why rely on the stores when I can rely on me?

  115. My resolution is learning to use all of the equipment I have purchased. Mostly canning and my food dehydrator. Next would be starting a garden and learning more about water storage and Ham radio. Hoping to get this all underway by summer.

  116. To designate a particular area to store everything. from water bottles to snowshoes, so everyone will know where things are; and hopefully remember to put things back…(No names mentioned!)

  117. In 2014, I will be retiring (yay!), and so I will have more time for homesteading-type things (it says here in small print!). My goals for 2014 are to 1. give the house a thorough cleaning/organizing; 2. be more involved in the garden that my husband usually handles, and 3. can lots of stuff from said garden!

  118. My prepping related resolution for 2014 would be become more organized and to learn a new useful trait or expand on my current knowledge each week.

  119. My prepping resolution is to have all areas of my life completely organized and prepared for. I am more than secure in my own home, and in traveling, but not completely sure about when I visit others, etc.

    contact: ipoliticalworld [at]


  121. My resolution is to come up with way to convince my wife that having a plan and the preps to carry it out is a valuable and worthwhile thing to do!

  122. My 2014 resolution is to purchase a wood burning stove and continue to educate me and my family on how to be a better prepper, in and and outside of the home.

  123. I guess my resolution this year is not to give up in my preparations. I have a large family and my preps seem so tiny at this point. It would be easier to go back to putting my head into the sand about the problems I see coming on the horizon.

  124. 1. Find a way to make prepping more inviting and fun for my fiance. She gets why we stockpile, but is not as involved as I would like her to be.

    2. Put the cigs down, cut the drinking in half, and get in the gym (a.k.a. prepping MYSELF)

    Keep up all the great suggestions folks!

    BP out…

  125. 1. To organize and inventory my food storage.
    2. To make a monthly menu and multiply that by 12 and make a shopping list.
    3. To stock enough food for our family of 8 to last a year according to the above menu and shopping list.
    4. To build my Thrive Life business ( so that I can get my food storage for free and discounted.

  126. 1. Eat healthy and get in better shape 2. Organize and expand my preps, and make a list of what I have and where it is 3. Try out some new gardening techniques 4. To finish putting together my BOB, get home bag, and EDC, for now at least

  127. This year I intend to grow enough veggies to provide all my family’s needs until the following spring. I’m still learning how much I need to grow of what, and came pretty close this year. I would like to have a year’s worth of canned food in my canning pantry by next fall.

  128. I have several goals for 2014. I try to take a balanced approach to my prepping, I tend to work on one category then move to the next.

    first is to upgrade my reloading equipment to an auto indexing reloader as well as increased in the miscellaneous components example bullets brass primers etc.

    Second, will be working on my medical supplies.

  129. Is this contest open to Canadian readers? I can’t find anything saying it is OR isn’t.

    MY 2014 prepping resolution is to finally *buy* some of the things I’ve felt we needed, since we finally have the wiggle room in our budget.
    One of those things will be a good dehydrator, which I hope to get in time for strawberry season 😉

  130. I committed to removing non-essentials from my life, like alcohol. They are unhealthy, habit-forming, and steal both time and money from the present and the future. I owe it to my wife, kids, and my future health and financial security to make better spending choices with my dollars. This will allow me to better prep…physically, financially, and spiritually!

  131. Really need to think about this one. I guess organize my store room. Use up the old and make more for the new. Clean out the garage to make room for unfreezable goods and more room in the house for items that can’t go outside. Plant my garden and can, can, can. That is pretty good for a start. Have a great year prepping.

  132. This years main objectives are to extend my stored food supply to three month plus and to improve storage and get it inventoried. also this year will see a small raised bed garden with about a dozen different veggies.

  133. Work on a prepping budget. Last year I just bought what I wanted the realized what I had spent and it was a little much. Don’t want to break the bank with this, even as important as it is.

  134. Start by preparing a small garden for fresh food, and a stored food supply for my family & Reorganize my garage for stored supplies.

  135. My resolutions are to grow a bigger garden, and learn how to can veggies myself. And most importantly, I need to work on storing water, I have next to none stored, and that won’t do me any good when the time comes to need it.

  136. My goal is to help make my children more aware and prepared. I started with emergency bucket toilets for Christmas and will start the 12 months before Christmas 72 hour “Comfort Buckets’, ‘Bug Out Bucket’ or what ever we want to call it!

  137. I have been wanting to update my logistics book(s) for the longest time! So I’ve already emptied my storage closet that holds untold food cans and all the canning I have done. I need to rotate,and write down what I have and what I need. That’s #1 on my list.

  138. My preparation goal for2014 is two fold:

    1- Move my family to a pla we can become more self sufficient.

    2- Continue to develop my own website and YouTube channel by networking with others like this great site



  139. I want to focus this year on medical supplies and more waterI also want to do more target practicing but finding bullets to do that has been difficult that’s probably another big thing that we want to do is Increase our ammunition.

  140. I’ve worked hard on most areas of preparedness but have realized (after multiple health issues) that all the food and supplies in the world don’t matter if you aren’t physically prepared. This year is more about exercise and eating healthier. If we are not in good health, then we become a burden on those around us in a survival situation.

  141. My goal this year is to continue preparing my first aid gear and continue learning about emergency first aid methods. I also want to improve my food and water stock.

  142. Finish the BOB’s – yeah, I know pretty basic. We’ve got a good kit in the car and a decent start on Bug In’s but the actual hiking-out-on-foot BOB’s are a work in progress!

  143. My prepping resolution for 2014 is to be better prepared in the food and medical areas. We have basic first aid kits that I want to upgrade. Also I want to have a minimal 3 month food storage on hand at all times.

  144. I am going to work on creating more meeting points and create a plan for not making the meeting spot; back up plans. Everything else is pretty tight.

  145. My 2014 goal is to use the preps that I’ve amassed with my wife and children. This for several reasons, test to see what works, PRACTICE, get rid if items that don’t work or break, involve my family so they learn, and to use items with an expiration date / replace with newer date code.

  146. Having come to the ‘prepper’ game a bit late in life, I’m learning that there is a LOT that I don’t know. I recently purchased an assortment of freeze dried foods. Some were quite good, others not. Not I’m hoping to get to try dehydrated foods. You’re never to old to learn although it may not be easy (grin).

  147. I am just beginning to prepare so, my goal is to add to my food supply every time I shop and once a month get at least 3 items. This month I got the Morakniv knives you suggested, whistles, and fire starters. My shopping cart is already for next month.

  148. My goal is to increase my stored water and food supply. Also starting to really survey the area around me for thing that might be of use and where things might be located (trails, water, other shelter, food supplies etc). Also increasing my survival gear.

  149. I really want to get my husband pinned down to a resolution to store food and water and I want to take a course or two in Naturalistic Medicine and wild edibles! I feel like I need to know my plants, both edible and medicinal!

  150. 2014 prepper goal to convince my non-believer wife of the precipas this country is on and headed on the road to disaster. To also learn more and be better prepared myself

  151. What is your prepping related resolution for 2014?
    I’ve been prepping for a little while … Trying to convince my family members to do the same! So this New Year I told them I was gonna give them a list of a few item a week and as soon as they filled that list I’d give them another … Hopefully this will save my family if anything happens!

  152. What is your prepping related resolution for 2014?

    I’m going to do my best to follow one of the 52 week buying plans, think I found that reference here. Also going to do much better at keeping an accurate inventory of all the stuff I’m constantly buying and forgetting about – yeah rough problem having 3-5x something like batteries!

  153. For my wife and myself, it’s getting a camper trailer that will allow us to be mobile should the need arise. We have been working hard the last year and a 1/2 to gain more knowledge in all areas of survival. We finished our B.O.B’s, and have quite a bit of food saved up plus additional things we found we were lacking. Just hope we dont need to use our stuff this year.

  154. Please forgive my hijacking this thread.
    I got a real your face…reminder to be prepared for ALL emergencies. Have a bag or box that you can grab, while running out the door or keep things in your vehicle. I didn’t, but I will in the future.
    I live on Prince of Wales Island, AK.
    Tuesday, early afternoon, the earth moved. We had a very very large landslide bash right into our house. It is …..surrounded by large trees and mud that came down from the mountain above us.
    There was no warning….at least none that we might have recognized. There was only time to get out and run.
    Enough about that right now.
    Even though , in a modest way, I was slowly prepping with foods, hardware, extra water, etc. They are still in that house that is not livable at this point Not every emergency is easily prepped for. We had to Get OUT or ….
    Anyway, my preparations are still in the structure and I even know where they are. I’m about to go in and retrieve them. It’s time to utilize many of the things.
    We are fine….and thankful. It was not our time.
    However, Nature has made a brand new avenue for disaster. I hope the DOT will be able to barricade the next onslaught…or Spring melt. The trees are no longer a threat…..because we have them at our place. it’s the mud, the slurry, the rocks. Mother Nature is an awesome thing to behold. Not all threats are by the mammals called Mankind.
    Anyone need some free firewood??

    I’m prepared…..thank goodness!!

    More Power To Us All!!

  155. I want to get to a place where I have replaced all of my medications with herbals and natural cures. I know some will be difficult but nothing could be as difficult as waking up one day unable to get a refill!

  156. I am on a very low income, but I am going to get more organized and I am trying to get my kid and grand kids involved in prepping for SHTF scenariol . believe me its very hard, they are very stubborn. But I am more lol 🙂 I am not leaving with out them. so winning would so be awsum and very helpful and very important to us. Thank you for letting me enter. Have a wonderful day and you all be safe Thanks for all the information. I am also making all of them BOB for 6. wish me luck….:-)

    • Bob; I am also on a limited/low income. Having typed that, I”m trying to include my daughters /family in my plans. I mention that I’m prepping and that they are welcome here, if it looks as if, something is going to hit the fan (hopefully they will have time ). So far, they think I”m over-reacting. Besides all that we can see internationally, there could be weather oddities. I’m hoping we have years, because I need as much time as possible. GOOD Luck!!

  157. i have been in the prepping mode for a year now and consider myself/wife modestly prepped. need more water storage…not a problem there but im still perplexed at how to keep water from freezing in winter temps. need more propane bottles, need some para cord, have nothing in reserve for electictcy but thinking about venues on that. have bags packed just n case have to evuacate but so much loss on food storage will happen. wife and i both are reaching age where more to do equals alot alot alot more time to accomplish. would really love an underground shelter in my back yard…but unles i win the lottery it wont happen….hahaha. fire not a problem even to cook not a problem. prepping this year am focusing on water/propane/some food-and non food stuffs for bartering. i have finally gotten started canning and so far so good i hope anyway. got bacon , buttter, salsa so far. our garden didnt pan out this year so going with local farmers for produce to can this year. would love to can some deer/elk anybody got any out there?? im sure there is alot more i should be considering but eludes me right now. tks for the site love it and follow 100%.

  158. My prepping goal for 2014 is to get WATER & WATER PURIFICATION! I want to keep adding to my food stores but with most of my small stash, water is Imperative… not to mention simply needing it to stay alive!

  159. My goal for this year is to build my outdoor “earth oven” and to keep gathering my supplies, which not only include food, but medical supplies and cooking supplies. I have a supply started, but not near enough, my goal is to have enough for a year.

  160. Just to continue preparing as much as possible, and taking advantage of sales, when possible. Can we ever prepare enough?

  161. I have three goals for 2015. 1 – Build a portable emergency HAM radio rig now that I’m an Extra. 2 – expand my food reserves. 3 – learn as much about advanced first aid as possible.

  162. Our number 1 goal for 2015 is to acquire and store the final week of a months supply of freeze dried food for my wife and I. We have a varied selection of survival foods from several different vendors for variety and testing and would like to top off our goal with food from Food Supply Depot.

  163. My 2015 Prepping resolution is two parts.
    1st – store more food
    2nd – learn primitive skils – fire starting (several ways), advanced knot tying, leather working. just to pick a few.

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