Updated: Preparing for the Rogue Wave of Collapse — 8 Comments

  1. This is one of the most interesting and stimulating posts I’ve read in some time, as it actually makes one consider the possibility that we have already succumbed to a TEOTWAWKI state. After all, when so many peoples lives starts to even marginally change from one way of doing things and/or thinking about those same things, due in large to outside influences which we have no control over, isn’t it fair to suggest that the end of the world as we know it has actually begun?

    “-Are the facts mixed with speculation. Or are facts mixed with a fiction that becomes the new reality? See what I mean about being fascinating?-”

    Interesting question, SW. Personally, I feel that people frequently sprinkle their own speculations in with the facts. It’s a distortion of the truth, big or small, but a distortion nonetheless. Sometimes those same distortions can cloud a fact to the point where (and this can be very dangerous) it (the fact) is seemingly no longer anywhere near as attractive or as appealing as the distortion.

    Sometimes I catch myself wondering if some aren’t actually hoping for a cataclysmic event or events to transpire, a real end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenario, thereby validating everything they’ve worked so long and hard to prepare for. Now, in no way do I believe this type of self-fulfillment prophesier to be the norm, so please hold all the bashings. My point is this: there are some who would have us believe that EVERYTHING is bad, evil, counterproductive, a waste of time because all is soon to come crashing down. Us versus them; Boris and Natsha against Rocky and Bullwinkle; etc. 😉 THOSE sites that dwell on the negative but offer little advice in the way of a solution of any sort are the ones that I avoid at all costs. If everything is doomed then what the he.. are way prepping for anyway?

    My contention is now and will continue thusly: I hope to have a fighting chance at surviving IF the world goes to hell-in-a-handbasket even more than it already is, thus my ongoing preparations. But never (and I mean never) do I want to give up all hope that mankind cannot somehow miraculously right this seemingly sinking ship. Maybe I’m the eternal optimist, or perhaps just naive. But to hope for anything less would be giving up, and I cannot envision myself ever getting to that point.

    • Thank you for your comments, Rob. I very much agree that there are sites that promote doom and gloom with baited breath, hoping that bad things will happen so that they can prove themselves right. I learned early on in my journey to simply avoid these sites but I must admit, many are cleverly disguised and it is easily to get sucked in to their muck.

      You’ve heard the saying: “there isn’t a conspiracy I did not like”? Well, I think that attitude and mindset it out there and that it carries a loud voice. We need to recognize the differences between fact, fiction, speculation and prophecy. And as long as we can distinguish the differences in our own minds, there will be hope and optimism and a continued effort to learn from our mistakes and to move forward with the evolution of our society. S.W.

    • Rob, Sadly history shows us that for the most part these things happen as a way of righting the ship. I am sure that the citizens of the roman empire had the same feelings that we are starting to feel right now. I am sure that there was a fractional few that really saw through the smoke screen that the powerful elite had spread about the fact that the empire was doing just fine. Well it was doing just fine for them because they had a majority of the wealth at the time. But the Republic still fell. This is also true for most of classical civilization too. It is just part of a cycle that all civilizations go through. It is caused by elitism and an uneven distribution of wealth and power. For some reason we never seem to learn from history. My worst fear is that like those other civilizations that all of this goes very slowly and does not gain momentum like all the rest in history. In every case it has always been caused by the ruling class being given far to much power and not enough knowledge.

  2. A thought provoking post. I often wonder about the self fulfilling prophesy question as well. Then I recall that back in Y2k a lot of people were also seeing portents and predicting doom and gloom. I must’ve had about a week’s worth of water and food then and felt that was enough. Nothing happened in spite of all the prophesies. These days, it feels “different” with various disasters happening at the same time. We can’t deny that things have changed from a couple of years ago. I still cling to the hope that this is a temporary phase, but continue to prepare just in case.

    • If you will recall, the MSM and PTB were on board with the prepping for Y2K. There was a lot of work done behind the scenes to insure that our digital world did not fail – it was a humongous and costly effort. I don’t see a fraction of that level of attention being given to todays economic and planetary issues. So for now, people like us are learning to do it on our own, making our own preps and making an attempt to educate others, because as you say, it just feels different this time. It’s all so much – so much at once – and so difficult to understand from a pure logic point of view.

      Like you, I cling to the hope that this will pass, but I will be ready, just in case. (I often refer to the big “IF” which I hope does not happen.) S.W.

  3. Most who come here can probably see the “status quo” is unsustainable. Population is still growing, food production, energy production, and real economic activity are not growing. Also, the recent climatic optimum, (also called global warming) is fading, and weather volitility is increasing, which usually (looking back centuries) means cooling is ahead short term (6-60yrs but usually 22-44). Cooling and volitile weather impact food production. Since we live on a (mostly) finite planet, and may have already hit the economic limits of most resource extraction, it is unlikely food production efforts will be ramped up enough to maintain the current population, much less continue its growth.

    I don’t think we can know if a “Rogue Wave” of collapse is coming, but it is likely enough that preparing makes sense. Preparation efforts build resilience, and make a cascading collapse less likely, not more. If enough effort is directed to localise economic activity and support the population instead of trying to rescue vampire banksters at the population’s expense; it might be possible to engineer an orderly decline. There is little sign of organized effort in this direction yet, but i see individual effort everywhere. Who knows if it will be enough?