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Thank you for being a Backdoor Survival Subscriber!

Light Your Way With Nokero Solar Lights | Backdoor Survival


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Part lantern, part light bulb, the Nokero N233 Solar Light is lightweight and small but puts out an extremely bright beam. From my review, here are 8 suggested used for the Nokero N233.  I am sure you can think of others! 

1. Clip to a coat or parka to lighten the path or trail while moving around in the dark.

2. During a power outage, set along the stairway so no one trips, falls, and hurts themselves.

3. Signal others in your group by setting up codes (for on-off five times means the coast is clear).

4. Use as a reading lamp.

5. Hang above your outdoor cooking source when it is pitch black outdoors.

6. Attach to your dog’s leash during nocturnal trips outdoors to do doggy business.

7. On low beam, use as a nightlight to keep zombies and monsters out of the kids room.

8. Provide light inside the honey bucket aka outhouse.

For more information on the N233 and other Nokero products, visit their website at  You can also click here to read my review.  Good luck!



Nokero Subscriber Thank You #2 — 42 Comments

  1. Hi Gaye! I’m still using your 12-month prepping schedule and am excited to try the Nokero Solar Lights in the next shipment. Thank you so much for offering these in the give away!! Jimmie

  2. Yours was one of the first sites I found when I discovered there were like-minded folks out there wanting to be prepared. Yours is still the one I look for first each day. Thank you.

  3. It is a nice item to have and would love to have one for my two college age kids who walk and don’t drive. They both have classes that get out at 11pm. So my daughter walks back to dorms on campus with her friends but my son has a two mile walk from a city high rise to a apartment complex over two miles away. He also has classes that begin at 7am in the morning so a two mile trek back to school. He is in his early twenties and yes I use to call all the time to make sure he was ok. Now I just send text message the get “k” in response. If I don’t hear from him for a few days I invent very long list of why we may not have heard from him for days such as being kidnapped, abducted the aliens or as simple as lying dead in a ditch some where just concerned parents checking in. His friends say he should write a book of “Crazy Things Moms of College Kids Text.

  4. I’m getting one of these!I’m tired of always looking for batteries. Yes! I’m getting one of these. Thanks for all your sound advise.

  5. These lights look great. I bet they would be good to use around my chicken coop to make it easier to keep an eye on things at night. The dog collar was a great idea too.

  6. Another power outage last night for several hours for NO apparent reason was another reminder of what I still need in preps. Light and more light, of various kind and stengths! And books, puzzles, a battery operated fan in this heat, and my list goes on..
    Be Blessed & Be Safe!

  7. I have a few solar lights, but these look interesting with so many ways to use them. I don’t have a dog now, but used to, and clipping a light to the collar is a great idea. You can’t have too many lights when its dark!
    Thank you for all you do. I have been in the prepper mode for years, and your site is one of the more ‘rational’ approaches to being prepared for the common person. I always check what you have to recommend before getting something I need.

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