Nokero N233 Thank You Giveaway

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Note:  Due to customs requirements, all winners must have a US mailing address.


Part lantern, part light bulb, the Nokero N233 Solar Light is lightweight and small but puts out an extremely bright beam. From my review, here are 8 suggested used for the Nokero N233.  I am sure you can think of others! 

1. Clip to a coat or parka to lighten the path or trail while moving around in the dark.

2. During a power outage, set along the stairway so no one trips, falls, and hurts themselves.

3. Signal others in your group by setting up codes (for on-off five times means the coast is clear).

4. Use as a reading lamp.

5. Hang above your outdoor cooking source when it is pitch black outdoors.

6. Attach to your dog’s leash during nocturnal trips outdoors to do doggy business.

7. On low beam, use as a nightlight to keep zombies and monsters out of the kids room.

8. Provide light inside the honey bucket aka outhouse.

For more information on the N233 and other Nokero products, visit their website at  You can also click here to read my review.  Good luck!



Nokero N233 Thank You Giveaway — 56 Comments

  1. Thank YOU, Gaye, for providing us with valueable information, and for blessing us with your rants & raves. Otherwise, I for one would feel ‘am I alone in this?’. We’ve had our power to go off too many times of late. Once someone ran into a pole, twice by lightening stike, and other times just because the wind blew. Sooo I’ve been looking at everything alternative to electrical power. A few short years ago I lived with no power OR water for 2 years, then was provided with water but for outside use only. My advice is to never move to an area in the boonies and EXPECT power and water. It was during those hard times I realized just how hardy I was. I’d roughed it during floods and a devastating fire but I grew closer to God and firm in Faith. My ONLY regret is wishing I had the knowledge then that I have now. I believe I can weather anything. Now, if I could just get it through my better half’s head to be frugal..

  2. Love your giveaways – thank you!!! I bought several of these lights and they’re great. They’re so light and compact and take up so little storage room. I’d love to have lots more of them.

  3. Sounds like this limitless lite will be a good addition to our lighting options. Thanks for keeping us up to date on new products.

  4. Would love to have one. Will have to check them out on-line. Always need more lighting options and one that I don’t have to replace batteries, crank or shake sounds too good to be true……

  5. Thank you for an excellent opportunity, and for all the other things you do for us. You will never truly know how much of a help you are.

  6. Thanks for your positive approach to prepping. I am so tired of being pegged a “pessimist” by friends and family that I have rereading some of your “rants and raves” for the positive reinforcement they provide.

  7. Thank you for all you do for us. Your experiences and discussions help to keep me focused. I learn new things from you, and am reminded of things I once knew long ago that I need to refresh. I have borrowed your phrase “common sense and thoughtful preparedness” for use with my adult Community Emergency Response Team students, and encourage them to follow your excellent site. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for all of the information and advice on your website, leading us to be prepared for various emergencies. We appreciate your efforts and also opportunities like this!

  9. I appreciate all of your wonderful information. I have learned so much from your site. I love all of your wonderful giveaways. Maybe this time… 😃

  10. I’ve been a solar-power enthusiast for many years now. Buying solar-stuff from time to time. My wife complains about how much stuff I have. I’ll get more!

    Won’t she be pleased when/if we “need them”?

    Paul G.

  11. You are my favourite prep site.

    Just sorry you cannot ship to Australia. We all love you down here.
    Good Luck in everything you do Gaye, you do it so well.

  12. This site is great! I don’t know if it’s possible to have too many lights. I have one that I actually won on this site and I have 2 flashlights with rechargeable batteries. Now I just need some kind of kick-ass solar charger to charge a bunch of stuff. If any of you have any recommendations please post them. I need to get a handle on it.

  13. I have not seen any of these but will put that on my shopping list. Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and informed.

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