Musings on the Annual Food Drive

Earlier this week I listened to an audio clip from Harry Chapin relative to Thanksgiving food drives.  You know the ones.  Everyone in school brings cans of food, bags of rice, and oh yeah, remember the sacks of potatoes?  They weighed so much that the class that brought thse bulky items always won the “who can bring the most to the food drive” competition.

Anyway, for one or two days a year, typically Thanksgiving and Christmas, the poor and the homeless eat well.  Big deal.  I agree totally with Harry.  We should be worrying about the remaining 363 days of the year.  Let’s feed people then.  Let’s come up with a plan.  Let’s get to the bigger issue which is why the richest country in the world can not feed its poor. Yes, the economy is a wreck and the formerly middle class folks may now be part of the underclass.  But still,  if you are reading this you probably have a roof over your head and lyou likely have a full belly.

So kiddos, we know you are well meaning.  Heck, so was I when I sent my hundred bucks holiday donation to the Union Gospel Mission this year.  But maybe, just maybe, there is a bigger issue here.

What do you think?

Enjoy your next adventure; wherever it takes you . . . Gaye



Musings on the Annual Food Drive — 2 Comments

  1. Here are a couple thoughts on ‘hunger in the U.S.A.
    I’d like to see every department of social services center install a window to which ANY hungry person could approach and utter the words, “I’m hungry” and get a packaged, minimum nutrition, MRE type meal handed to them with a heater pac.
    No forms to fill out, no waiting, no qualifying with minimum incomes, no condescending or sarcastic comments, just an, “I’m hungry” followed by the meal pouch being handed to them. No charges- no questions. Just a pouch meal of a given calorie amount. given with no strings or requirement. As many as one wants. Not fancy meals, plain food to sustain life for those whom can’t seem to make enough for basic nutrition.
    I know this sounds like socialistic dribble. However, for those who are hungry it will be a lifesaver.
    They would be given away at the walkup window. One food program. Seven basic meal plans. Good for children’s nutritional needs too. Hot meals to go. Just like the soldiers get.

    Put the farmers to work.
    Put the food processors to work
    Eliminate the expensive ‘food stamp program(s) with their ‘poverty qualification’.
    Streamline the waste in the system squandered on making people dependent on begging the government for basic nutrition.
    Eliminate the stigma that are attached to the sudden need for assistance.
    Eliminate the black market possibility by making the program available to anyone. Needy, flat broke, winos at the park, welfare recipients, rich, poor, NO MATTER. Just ask and receive.
    Eliminate the shame of this nation by providing that no person has to go hungry in this land of plenty. Not fancy but also not hungry. NO PERSON IS LEFT TO STARVE.

    If a person were to try scamming the system, a safegard to prevent this would be that no WELL-MARKED pouch meals could be moved by any means, out of this country. Otherwise they would be provided without charge or requirement to any person speaking the magic phrase, “I’m hungry.”
    If one had a family to provide for, just tell the person at the window how many.

    • Ed, as someone who has had to ‘stoop so low’ as to get on food stamps, I LOVE your idea. It was a horrifying day, the day we realized that our children hadn’t eaten fresh fruits or veggies in some weeks…. we had to swallow our pride and go ask for that hand out.

      And because it *is* a hand out, they totally lord it over you. SUPER long lines, stupid “now everyone move over here” like cattle… waiting until your name is called, and it takes ALL day long, you can’t leave for lunch, and your kids are whining that they haven’t eaten since breakfast, they wont let you bring in snacks for the kids. its really really degrading. By the time you go in to see your ‘worker’ you are close to tears, or at least I was.

      and it just doesn’t work….I personally KNOW people that are not trying to live beyond their means, and don’t qualify for food stamps. They can’t afford to buy healthy foods, or they think they can’t…. so they are forced to live on McDonalds, because the skills to make healthy foods from scratch are no longer widely known.

      anyway, I just thought this sounds like a great way to help those that need it, for as long as they need it, while eliminating those that *are* trying to take advantage..

      Bravo. wish a higher up somewhere would read it and think…..

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