Mountain House Responds to Reader Questions

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Early this year, I featured an interview with Kenny Larson, from Oregon Freeze Dry, the makers of Mountain House products.  In the article, Everything You Wanted to Know About Mountain House, I invited readers with an opportunity to comment on Mountain House and to submit questions to the Mountain House or Oregon Freeze Dry team.  There were over 200 responses which tells me two things:  you love these free food giveaways and you also are interested in learning more about Mountain House.

Today on Backdoor Survival we not only have some answers for you, but also another Free Food Friday giveaway featuring an assortment of some of the newest Mountain House meal pouches.  This time there will be THREE WINNERS!

Mountain House Responds to Reader Questions 380

More about the giveaway in a moment; first the answers to your questions.

Q & A with Mountain House

First off, I want to say that we at Mountain House were very impressed with reader response here at Backdoor Survival. We cataloged each and every comment, suggestion and question. We will keep these in mind as we make our plans for the future. We may not be able to implement all of your suggestions, but we wanted you to know that your voice was heard. Thank you!

Do Mountain House products contain GMOs?

We understand and are aware of concerns about GMOs. While, Mountain House products are not certified GMO free, our focus is to provide a premium product with delicious flavor, and good nutrition at a consumer friendly price point.

Up until the last year or so, GMO hasn’t been a big concern among our customers, so it wasn’t really on our radar. Issues like shelf life, pricing variety, easy of prep etc., were bigger customer concerns and received most of our focus. Since we’ve been receiving more questions about GMO, we’ve started exploring the possibility of using non-GMO ingredients. As you can imagine, there are trade-offs: price and consistent supply from certified vendors being among them. Non-GMO certification is a costly and time-intensive process.

Speaking of which, to our knowledge, there is no certified non-GMO product in the long term food storage industry. While some companies claim to be non-GMO, according to the non-profit Non-GMO project:

“While you may see other claims regarding GMO status (e.g. “GMO free”), these are really not legally or scientifically defensible, and they are not verified by a third party. The Non-GMO Project is the only organization offering independent verification of testing and GMO controls for products in the U.S. and Canada. “

Here’s the link if you are interested in reading more:

What is the Shelf Life of #10 cans once opened?

I talked to our R&D about this. We have always said that our food is good for 1-2 weeks after opening. Our bar for quality is very high. The moment the #10 can is opened, humidity, oxygen and heat will attack. The food may very well be good for longer than this depending on environmental conditions.

The longest we can guarantee our indistinguishable-from-new-quality is 1-2 weeks because we don’t know the environment the food will be exposed to.  Mountain House meals are eaten in literally every environment on Earth. Some of these environments are very extreme so we err on the side of caution to ensure our consumers have the best possible experience. As a rule, humidity, temperature and oxygen are the primary enemies of all food.

Using the provided plastic lid and refrigeration can extend the life of an opened #10 Mountain House can.

Gaye’s note:  I have found that the food in my opened tins stays tasty for at least six months.  That said, my home is kept very cool (about 65 degrees) and the tins are well sealed in a dark closet.  Of course, they don’t last that long.  Love the Chili Mac!

Do Freeze Dried Foods Have the Same Nutrition as Other Food Preservation Methods?

We process our food at lower temperatures and pressure than other methods. We also package our food in a nearly oxygen-free environment. This means Mountain House food has less opportunity to lose nutrition and flavor. Our freeze-dried food retains nutrition better than regular air drying preservation techniques.

I or Someone in my Family has Specific Food Allergies

We take consumer food allergies seriously and have a vigorous sanitation program in place to avoid cross-contamination. We also declare allergens on our packaging in accordance with the regulations outlined by the FDA.

I am Interested in the Nutrition of Mountain House Foods

Many of our most popular Mountain House meals are based on recipes that were originally developed in the 1970’s when flavor was the primary priority. We currently offer options for people on specialized diets including Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Low-Sodium entrees.

I have concerns about MSG:

Monosodium Glutamate is sometimes added by other food manufacturers as a flavor enchanter. We don’t add MSG to our foods.

That being said, glutamate occurs naturally in certain ingredients like cheeses, tomatoes and mushrooms and is what gives them their characteristic savory flavor. We achieve our home-cooked flavor the same way you do at home, in the cook pot.

In fact, we at Mountain House are the only brand that fully cooks our meals before packing. To see how we put our meals together check out our YouTube video.

The Giveaway

I just love to say “. . . and here is the part you have been waiting for”.  This latest Mountain House giveaway is for a kit consisting of some of their newest meal pouches: Biscuits & Gravy, Apple Crisp and Fire Roasted vegetables.

There are three kits up for grabs – meaning 3 winners!

Here is today’s easy peasy poll question.

What best describes you?

A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
B – I sometimes use freeze-dried foods and meal pouches in day-to-day meal planning.
C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.
D – None of the above

As with all giveaways, you will need to enter your response in the comments area at the end of this article. The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Thursday with the winner selected at random and notified by email and also with an announcement in the Sunday Survival Buzz on June 8th.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond or an alternate will be selected.

Note: If you are reading this article in your email client, you must go to the Backdoor Survival website to enter this giveaway in the comments area at the bottom of the article.

The Final Word

I would once again like to thank the folks at Mountain House for taking the time to answer our questions.  As you know, Mountain House entrees are a part of both my long and short term storage strategy and as they introduce new products, I like to give them the taste test.

If you are just getting started with freeze dried foods, I suggest you start out with a variety of meal pouches so you can determine which varieties are best suited to your personal taste preferences.  Heaven knows, I have my favorites and even a few that I shun.  And then there is the Beef Stroganoff and Chili Mac – my favorites!

Please take a few moments to enter the giveaway.  Everyone has an equal chance of winning, plus, there will be three winners!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Mountain House Responds to Reader Questions — 221 Comments

  1. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

    Next I would like to say great article. That was a very informative read. Secondly, I have tried the Mountain House product in the past and was very pleased. The taste and quality were certainly there, and it was hard to tell that just moments prior, this entire meal was freeze dried! Keep up the great work (Backdoorsurvival & Mountain House, you got a fan here!!!

  2. A I currently have FD food in my long-term food storage.
    However, I haven’t actually tasted them. I have gone on the recommendations from others.

  3. A I currently have FD food in my long-term food storage.
    However, I haven’t actually tasted them. I have gone on the recommendations from others.

  4. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.

    I am just beginning in my preps, but I have long term food storage, including FD food, on my list after I get the water squared away. I will say that there are so many choices, it is hard to wade through them all. I like that Mountain House has smaller pouches available on Amazon so that I can try them out before investing.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
    B – I sometimes use freeze-dried foods and meal pouches in day-to-day meal planning. However by day-to-day I mean I often use them for camping trips.

  6. A- I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. I love Mountain House food I think it is the best tasting food, sometimes I like to open a can and treat myself!!

  7. A. I currently have FD food in my long-term storage,
    and I’m often torn between using more right now and hanging on to them until I really need them.

  8. i am new to fd food but anxious to give them a try have been doing alot of thinking about freeze dried food but wasnt sure it would taste good this would be a good time to find out how good they are we can and dehydrate but this would be easier to carry with us if we had to leave in a hurry

  9. I am C – New to FD food but really anxious to give them a try. I would love to be able to include them in my everyday meal planning if the taste is agreeable to my family.

  10. I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. Although I source from a few different providers, it’s always good to try new things!

  11. I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. Although I have supplies from a few different providers (MH being one of them), it’s always good to try new things!

  12. I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. Although I have supplies from a few different producers (MH being one of them), it’s always good to try new things!

  13. More of a B+ or an A-
    I have a small store of FD foods that I’m building up (all MH).
    Hard to build up very fast, since I often open a pouch when I’ve been outside working all day. Just add water, sit down to rest for 10 or 15 minutes, and eat! Can’t beat that!

  14. I currently have a few cans of FD food in my long-term food storage, but I can always use more! I have tried some of the FD foods in my everyday cooking.

  15. A- although I do keep it, it’s not for long term use. Rather, I keep it on hand for camping and backpacking trips as well as the occasional power outages.If new flavors are introduced (and I see they have a few new ones now), I will buy and try as a meal first then add it to the mix if I like the flavor. There are very few I don’t like so needless to say, my favorites are the most stocked but I keep almost everything available.

  16. A – I’m a little in the B also. I occasionally use freeze dried veggies in my soups and of course, potato hash browns. I’ve never tried any of the meals. I keep intending on trying them..and that is where it ends. I’ve never tried a pouch . Seems like the smaller size would make it worth a try. Not stuck with a huge can of something no one wants to eat. Thank you for the articles, I always learn so much. Need more help on cooking without electricity.

  17. I currently have FD Mountain House in my storage. We also use the pouches when we travel in our RV, as they are so light weight and easy to carry. I appreciate the fact that I only have to add hot water, wait a few minutes, and our meal is prepared.

  18. I am both A and B. Wally world now sells Mountain House freeze dried pouches, so I try them in a pouch and if I like, then go to Emergency Essentials and buy cans from their monthly specials.

  19. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

    I have tried both Mountain House and Wise freeze dried food pouches. I am a strong believer in having ample amounts stored away for just the right time, My family also likes to try them out occasionally on camping trips, and I have to say I am always surprised at how great they taste. People, if you haven’t already invested in long term food storage, you need to start, hopefully you will never need them, but you will wish you had some when that time comes, Don’t let you or your family go hungry or be the ones fighting the masses for food, when that natural or man made disaster hits! God bless, and good luck to all of you!

  20. We are both A and B. We have FD foods in our preps and use pouches for camping and a meal or two
    (Or 3). All the food is Mountain House. We, also, are big-time fans of the Chili Mac! Thanks to Gaye and Mountain House for the opportunity to win free food!

  21. A. I have some vegetables & soup mixes but have never used them yet, like several people already posted, I too am trying build up my long term supply.

  22. I currently have fd foods in my food storage AND serve them with my daily meals. I Live alone a love the convenience plus when the kids pop in, I have a quick easy meal prep.

  23. Have freeze dried food in my stocks. I had not tried MH brands so went and got some pouches at our camping store. Wow! They really are pretty darn good! The website makes me droll!!

  24. A – I currently have them in my storage

    Wanted to add we’ve used the meals from our food storage during both our ice storm in Feb and flooding a few weeks ago. We tried both Mountain house and another brand. The Mountain House meals were far and above better than the other brand. One example was the chicken teriyaki – in the MH you could see the chunks of chicken. The other brand was more like rice & then I re-read the other label & it actually says ‘chicken flavored’ teriyaki. I learned a valuable lesson about reading the labels before buying.

    Other favorites were the chicken & noodles and the lasagna

  25. I am newly moved and starting at ground zero in stockpile. I have never tried any of their products so would be glad to do so. BS has been recommending these forever so it’s time!

  26. d – bought a few MH products to try but haven’t done so yet. At age 75 I don’t do camping trips so there is no rush to experiment. Son has tried them and tells me they are quite good!

  27. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.

    I purchased a couple of packets of another brand that I found at an outdoor store to put in our BOB’s, but haven’t actually tried any of them yet! I haven’t seen Mountain House meals locally and would love to have a chance to try them.

  28. I would be the “A” catagory. I haven’t tried any of them yet tho. We currently are very low income and I couldn’t replace anything eaten up right now. But my husband and I are very “non-picky” eaters and will eat pretty much anything put before us. So I have no worries about liking or not liking any of the products.

  29. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
    That said, I’m still new to FD, because I don’t have very much, and I’ve never actually eaten any of it. I just wanted to have a good variety of items in my storage, so I added some FD.

  30. We are an A & B family. Was very excited when Costco had cases of mixed Mountain House pouches in the store, bought one so we could try a variety. Hope they sell them again. They are great for camping or everyday ‘prepping’ meals. Particularly like the beef stroganoff!

  31. Can I have A and C? I currently have a dozen cases of Mountain House products in my long term storage but I’m still very new to FD food and have not yet had time to experiment with them.

    • Gaye, I ordered the Cree LED flashlight you so often mention in your Bargain Bin. It took a long time to arrive, but it was worth it. Nice light! My wife immediately laid claim to it. hehe. Today, as I was browsing the top sellers, I saw a second entry for the same light. It appears it is available in multiple colors for the same price.

      So, I’ll order a red one for DW and get my black one back 😉

  32. Count me as a “B.”

    B – I sometimes use freeze-dried foods and meal pouches in day-to-day meal planning.

    I LOVE the MH meal pouches. They come in handy for a quick, nutritious meal and still cost less than eating out. 🙂

  33. C. We have been prepping for several years. I do can, freeze, and dehydrate. We have never tried freeze dried. I am a big proponent of “one is none, two is one”. The time has come to increase our options and from what I’ve read Mountain House is the place to start. Thanks for all the great articles and products.

  34. A – We have several of the MH ProPaks for our Ready Bags but haven’t tried them yet. That will be a summer experiment / taste testing which should be fun. Thank you for the article and giveaway.

  35. A, and will be going to B soon. I want to make sure I like what I am storing before I get a bunch of something and realize I don’t care for it.

  36. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.

    I’ve been concerned about GMO and MSG in the pre-packaged foods, so it sounds like this company is one of the few worth trying.

    Many thanks for this post and giving us an opportunity to win some of these FD foods!

  37. We have Mountain House items in our storage food also – We are very pleased with the variety – We purchased them from Emergency Essentials – ( Great Company to deal with )

  38. A I do currently have some freeze dried foods. I plan to accumulate more. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  39. A – However, I have been saving recipes for a long time and plan to begin experimenting with my food stores soon. My experiments will include off-grid methods of preparation!

  40. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

    I have used freeze-dried food for over 40 years, and I can say, from my personal experience, Mountain House is one of the very best!

  41. I have a small amount of MH in my stores. I have tried one and I thought it was pretty good. Could always use some more as I do not have enough yet.

  42. I am an old customer of Mountain House – we used to take it with us backpacking when I was a Scout back in the 70’s. I have been stocking up on standard food storage items (rice, pasta, beans, etc) and am now ready to expand out to more interesting storage food. If today’s Mountain House is as good as it was in the 70’s, the will be a serious contender for my choice.

  43. I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. I buy the single pouches at Walmart or Bass Pro Shop or when COSTCO occasionally has a Premium Meal Assortment of 10 Packages and then several of us get together to have a Taste Test and Evaluation Party. This way we can share the expense of “Try-Before-You-Buy”.

  44. A, I’ve been using Mountain House products for years as a backpacker and they are my favorite brand of freeze dried food. Now that I’ve started prepping I see them as an integral part of my food stores. Not as an everyday food, but for the times when you don’t have the time to cook and you still want a good meal.

  45. “C” I don’t quite understand why you have to eat the entire #10 can in a week. I would think that more individual packaging would help keep the food fresh. Possibly put half of the can in a package so you could keep it fresh.

  46. I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. Mountain House is the standard by which all others seem to be measured.
    Keep up the good work.

  47. A & E (added choice, hope you don’t mind Gaye)we utilize Mountain House on camping, hunting trips, and BOL drills as well as long term storage. Always up to try new samples that might be added to supplies.

    Stay Safe

  48. B. That is how I found out: some tasted horrible; some were not “as labeled”; and the serving sizes listed are for anorexic supermodels.

  49. A…I have FD food in my long term storage and try to add more each month from what is on sale at
    Emergency Essentials.

  50. I am both A and B. I have MH in food storage and I keep a food pouch in the car for “just in case”. The pouches are great for day trips, weekends etc. The pouches are also good for single people- v -#10 cans.

  51. I have very little Mh but I am slowly trying to stock up. but I have a question I am a chocolate ice cream lover and I always wondered how you do the ice cream? I would very much love to win it surely would help me out. thank you for a chance to enter the contest. you are doing a great job….

  52. I am a C..what I do is can up a year of canned goods and dry a great deal of food. I even can up water when I have extra room in my canner. I have often looked at sites that sell freeze fried food but have not taken that step to buy any as of yet..but have to say it has intrigued me a great deal.

  53. My selection is — A! I have tried FD and keep it in my food storage along with regular canned and home canned foods.

  54. C – New to freezed dried food and anxious to try it!

    I am particularly happy that their are gluten free options out there now. Although in a long term situation we would be eating very differently than we do now it is still great to know we could have some gluten free choices.

  55. What best describes you?
    A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
    B – I sometimes use freeze-dried foods and meal pouches in day-to-day meal planning.
    C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.
    D – None of the above

    D – None of the above best describes me. Up to this time I have been canning and buying #10 cans of fruit; veggies; etc… when the prices are slashed at the local supermarkets namelt COSTCO & SAM’S.

  56. A – I have some FD food in my storage but would like to build that up. It is hard when I’ve got family members that are picky eaters and/or have food allergies.

  57. I’ve eaten one FD breakfast combo and it was very tasty. Am now looking into adding more FD packets to my storage supply to give me variety and quick-cook meals in addition to store-bought cans and some home canned items.

  58. We have FD food in our long term storage. We purchased a 30 day supply kit about 6 months ago. We do want to add more to our supplies when we can, though.

  59. A – We currently have Mountain House cans of freeze-dried food in our long-term food storage pantry aka under our bed.

    We also use the pouches for taste testing on camping trips. We particularly like the MH Mexican Style Rice & Chicken. Good stuff, and hard to beat the convenience.

  60. I would dearly like to try some freeze dried food but I can’t afford to buy enough variety to have the family try it out and not waste money. So I have been focusing on the basics right now. Wheat, water, rice, beans, etc.

  61. I have a couple of mountain House Freeze dried packages of food but we’ve not tried them yet. Not being a baker I am however, very interested in the baking packaged foods. They could save me precious time needed for other things like gardening, purifying water and learning to make natural remedies.

  62. I have a lot of Freeze Dried foods in my food storage, couldn’t do enough storage without it. Never have enough though!

  63. C ..I’m new to F D foods .. Just dont have a lot of money to try things out right now ,, So I’m buying rice and beans and stuff like that ..

  64. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try. Seems I’m always a newbie but I try a lot of new things!! Thanks for all the info so I can learn.

  65. ” C ”
    Also a question for Mountain House; do you have or ever plan to have a ” pay as you go” option for customers? Automatic monthly deliveries at different levels of prices? I can handle monthly payments. It doesn’t hurt as much as buying bulk at prices that would be too expensive initially and in one payment.

  66. A. Yes, we have Mountain House in our long term storage pantry. I’d love to have more. I like the idea of a monthly payment plan. That would be neat. Or even a layaway plan would make it more feasible to tuck away more.

  67. D. So far I have been canning my own food.I would like to try some of the freeze dried foods because I think they would round out my storage.

  68. C. I have done my own food drying and canning as we are on a very tight budget, but there are some things that you just can’t preserve this way. Plus, a little more variety is never a bad thing. I would be very interested in trying some out.

  69. C- I am new at prepping and am researching all avenues available at this time.. I do dehydrate foods and I do can along with freezing excess, but am interested in freeze dried also.

  70. My answer would be “C”, I”m new to FD foods and would love to give them a try. And it really interests me that you have vegetarian options, as I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years.

  71. I am both A and B – I have some FD in my long term storage, but have also used it occasionally (mostly for camping!).

  72. I guess mine would be D. None of the above fit. I know about FD but just can’t afford those pouches and the #10 cans are too big for one person to use up quickly enough. Still, if given an swift gift of cash or getting an inheritance, I’d be buying some. For now, my old fashioned ways of storing will have to do.

  73. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry. I don”t have a lot – I’m always a little concerned about the extra water necessary to rehydrate it. You have to plan for that.

  74. I am new to freeze-dried foods. At least as far as I know. LOL. I would be very interested in learning more about these products.

  75. D I am familiar with them but haven’t been able to afford to add them to long term.(house needs a new roof first)

  76. c. I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try! Can, freeze and dehydrate but haven’t tried freezed dried yet.

  77. C. I haven’t tried freeze dried food. I like the idea it would be lighter
    & ‘closer to fresh’ than other preservation methods.

  78. Being a newbie, I do have a small amount of FD foods on hand. I need to sample some of what I’ve gotten if anything to see what would work best as a side or maybe to tweak it to taste.

  79. A. But I don’t have nearly enough in stock due to the high cost in my state. So, I have more canned goods than quality freeze dried foods, unfortunately.

  80. A & B. Mostly I buy FD foods for my long term storage, but use them once in awhile as well.

    I sent pouches of Mountain House FD entrees and desserts, along with the cooking bags, with my daughter and grandsons for their Amtrak trip across 1/2 the country last year. They were truly a hit! My daughter was very thankful she didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on mediocre ‘train food,’ and the boys were fascinated by the cooking bags. They were apparently the only folks on the train to have hot meals on their trip without a trip to the dining car 🙂

  81. A: Mountain House in long term storage

    Started prepping two years ago and MH 72 hour pack was the FIRST thing I bought. I wanted something light weight to throw in my car in case of forest fire or other emergency where I would need to get out in a hurry.

    I have added the #10 cans each month through EE to add to my preps. I have not tried any yet as I am saving for emergency. I do like the idea of buying the individual packs to try and stock up on favorites.

  82. C: newbie

    I did receive a free sample of FD lasagna from Daily Bread ( & I thought it excellent tasting. With almost no budget though, I feel I need to focus on less expensive food storage at this time.

  83. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.

    My designated food storage box is getting pretty full, so it’s about time I switch from the basic Put Away Food to putting away foods that have more nutrition and take up less space.

  84. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try. I am just beginning my prepping closet and have not yet added any FD foods yet. I have a very limited budget but am interested to see if this would be a tasty addition to my emergency stash.

  85. C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.

    We live in a small half plex with no garage so storage is very minimal. I have three teenagers and a one year old so finding food they will all enjoy has been hard. Also, my husband has no desire to be involved in my preparations. Willing to try anything if it saves space!

  86. I have some frz drd food in our food storage and we eat it basically just to try it and see if we like it… Then we either toss it or keep it and order more!

  87. I’m an A/B combo. I store them, but then find recipes I want to make and end up using them. I need to build a stockpile AND have some on hand for everyday cooking, but I haven’t gotten that organized yet.

  88. C- I am new to FD but would love to give them a try and see which ones my family will like so I can start storing long term as well as using them in my pantry.

  89. A.
    I keep some kind of rotating stock that includes freeze-dried items for my basic get out in the woods go to.
    The sound like a great little mix of stuff to try out

  90. a. used frequently in past teaching scouts to pack lite, have to wait a little longer at high altitude to be done.

  91. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
    Arguably not nearly enough. I have been known to grab a pouch at the end of a day when I don’t want to take the time to fix a meal.
    Mountain House is the best tasting brand I have tried.

  92. C. I haven’t tried them before. My husband has though. I’m sure I bought him the pouches for his mountain climbing trip.

  93. I guess both A and C. I’m new to FD food but I do have a few cans in my food storage. I’m looking forward to trying more of them.

  94. C. Would like to try some other flavors of freeze dried products. I have tried some freeze dried foods and dehydrated foods in pouches. I am not a fan of the textured vegetable protein additive mixed with powdered tomato. If I find the flavor I like – I would stock up immediately. A gift give-away to try some would be the bomb.

  95. I’m an A-B person.I have bought the mountain house pouches for my bug out bag,but have never tried them.

  96. C I new to FD foods but would love to try it. I live 20 miles from town and would love things like FD foods in my food storage.

  97. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

    But have not tried them yet. I figure I will have enough opportunity to eat them if TSHTF.

    But I really appriciate that time was taken to get answers to some of our questions.

  98. I would have to say C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try. However I did buy a freeze dried ice cream sandwich at wal-mart one time. Just because I could not figure out how you could do freeze dried ice cream. It was actually very good.

  99. C. I would like to try some freeze dried food. I have been concerned about MSG & GMO issues with them. Thank you for addressing those issues!

  100. I have just received a start up variety pack of freeze dried foods but have not had the chance to taste them yet. My grand daughter came to visit and she opened the ice cream dots and she loved them took the package home with her. Everyone that tried them found it remarkable how they tasted like ice cream. Looking forward to trying more of the freeze dried foods soon.

  101. C- I am new to FD foods but anxious to give them a try. Living on a tight budget, it is difficult to decide which items to purchase for food storage.

  102. I have tried several of these foods in the past to see how I liked different things but currently do not have a stock of them built up. Something I would like to do in the future. So far I have enjoyed what I have tried.

  103. Thank you for posting the MH updates and Q/A’s. I had already received an answer from MH, and was pleased enough to order a 3 month supply.

    Your articles and info are terrific Gayle, and we all obviously love them. I even copy & paste and send them out to others.

  104. Good info from Mountain House, a great company with a great product!

    A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

  105. What best describes you?

    A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.
    B – I sometimes use freeze-dried foods and meal pouches in day-to-day meal planning.
    C – I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.
    D – None of the above
    My reply is A would love to win some samples that aside are they selling samples of the new flavors?

  106. I am a happy “B”. 🙂 Seriously, we have to do prepper dinner days at home so I can learn how best to cook it, and also to see what we love the most. I was very pleased with the response of Mountain House to my personal email to them- and love the chili mac! I am SO excited about the new recipes they are coming out with and look forward to adding them to my Mountain House bucket. I get a great sense of accomplishment when I save enough to buy a few pouches and add to my long term storage. No a/c- where is the best place to store in the midwest??

  107. A. We have some, not very much, freeze dried food in the pantry. I used a chicken rice dish last week, and it cooked up quickly and was very good. I bought it locally. There are 2 stores in my small (3,500 people) town that carry freeze dried foods. A new store is opening this week and freeze dried foods from several companies are in the opening day ad.

  108. A: I currently have some freeze dried foods, however I am just trying things out. Have to prescreen before trying to get my reluctant DH to try anything!

  109. I am new to FD food but anxious to give them a try.
    Interesting article. I will have to look into some of these

  110. A. I do have freeze dried food for long term storage. Not as much as I would like though. VERY good article with lots of information. Thanks

  111. I am sort of of a “D”. I keep some FD food (mostly MH) in our bug out bags but do not really have much of a larder. Would really like to be able to build up my stores though. Thanks.

  112. My answer would be C as I have not purchased freeze dried food in large quantity. I know I need to add this type of food to my grocery store canned and dry foods. There are many choices in freeze dried food and they sound delicious plus the reviews from Gaye as she tries different things.

  113. A – I currently have freeze-dried food in my long-term food storage pantry.

    I know I need to start using some of my Mountain House and other FD supplies and will do so on a rainy day.

  114. I am an A, I have freeze dried food for my three month supply of food storage and am working on my long term food storage. I haven’t tried any yet, perhaps we should!

  115. B. I keep some fd foods in my pantry but work with them as part of my meal planning- mostly to save me when convenience is really needed! I definitely want to add more to build our food storage up!

  116. Gaye:

    Two questions about their packaging. The can — does that have packets inside or is it just a can of the freeze dried food? I’m a single person and eating all of the same food in two weeks just does not appeal to me.

    Also, someone here mentioned packets. Can we get just one or two of each of the packets to try them out before buying a whole slew that we may not like?

    Thank you, Peggy.

    • @Peggy – The can contains food only; no packets. On the other hand, Mountain House (as well as other food storage companies) sells meal sized pouches. They are reasonably priced. In my household, on pouch provides 2 huge servings. You can mix and match varieties since they are sold singly. You can’t go wrong with MH Chili Mac or Lasagna. On the other hand, I am not very fond of the breakfast items.

  117. Gaye; I just placed an order with Mountain House, but I found out that they do not ship to Alaska. So, I’ll be looking for another company.
    You know, Alaska is part of the United States. Mountain House is not the only company that will not ship here.

    Just a heads up for anyone else !!

  118. I was one of the winners of the Mountain House giveaway kits. And first, I would like to say thank you! I really appreciate being given the opportunity to try this product. Secondly I would like to say, wow! I was surprised and impressed with the flavor and texture of the food. I am not sure what I expected, I guess maybe I expected to sit down to the meal with the attitude of “at least it’s something to eat, it’s better then starving.” But that wasn’t the case at all.

    This is what I received:

    BISCUITS & GRAVY- Buttermilk biscuits with gravy and pork patty crumbles. The package contained 2 servings, serving size 1 cup prepared, with 310 cal per serving. Takes 8 – 9 min to rehydrate with boiling water.

    FIRE ROASTED VEGETABLE BLEND – A blend of fire roasted bell peppers and onions with corn and black beans. The package contained 2.5 servings, serving size 1/2 cup dry, with 60 cal per serving. Takes 7 – 8 min to rehydrate with boiling water.

    APPLE CRISP – with a separate pouch of granola to top it with when it was ready. Package contained 4 servings, serving size 1/2 cup prepared, with 130 cal per serving. Takes 5 min to rehydrate with boiling water.

    I would like to apologize for taking so long to send this thank you out. I wanted to wait before commenting on this giveaway until after I had a chance to try it. And I kind of drug my feet a bit on making this meal, because as I said before, I think I was expecting a rather tasteless, ho-hum meal. But boy were we surprised. We decided to have the whole works for one of our lighter lunch meals. Based on the size of the packages, I really wasn’t sure it was going to make enough to qualify for our main meal for two people, but I missed the mark on that one too. Not only did the food taste wonderful, but it was very filling and satisfying as well.

    The food was very easy to make, you just open the package, take out the oxygen absorber and pour in the correct amount of boiling water, stir and then seal it back up again. And in just a few minutes you have a wonderful meal. The Biscuits & Gravy had a good flavor, it wasn’t salty tasting like so many packaged things can be and there were actually chunks of biscuits that weren’t all soggy and mushy in it. Although, I think if I were to have it again, I would make it a point to shake the package some more after closing it. When we ate, we scooped the food out onto our plates, (instead of eating out of the packages) and I did have a small amount of dry stuff that water didn’t get to from one of the corners. That was more an issue of operator error or a learning curve on my part then anything to do with the product or the directions.

    The Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend was very good as well. The vegetables were slightly firm and not all mushy. You could taste each of the individual items, and it was a great balance of flavor as well. The only thing I ran into on this was a couple of the beans were a little firmer then I cared for, but again, I think I would blame that on operator error as well. I made all three of these items at one time, in order of longest set time to shortest. The idea being to have it all done at the same time. I may have been on the shorter end of the time for the vegetable blend not giving it the full time it needed. So again, that would be part of the learning curve on this stuff (don’t rush it, but I also think you don’t want to over do your time either, but that is just a guess). Even so, I think it was only a couple of beans that were like that so nothing that would take away for the rest of the meal at all.

    And the best was saved for last! The Apple Crisp. To sum it up in one word, YUMMY! I am so glad this package was 4 servings in it. Even though it was making a meal for two, you just don’t want to skimp on the desert. Especially when it tastes this good. The flavor again was wonderful, not excessively sweet but enough to tickle the sweet tooth, apples had the right texture, and the granola for the top added the sweet crunch you expect from the topping. The only thing that was missing was a nice scoop of ice cream to top it off with.

    All in all, I was amazed. It was way better then I was expecting. I think I could easily keep some on hand for the long term emergency but also for the “oops, I forgot to thaw the chicken and have very little time to make supper” moments. This food is fast, easy, and very tasty. I give it two thumbs up and five stars.

    I want to say – Thank you to Gaye at Backdoor Survival for facilitating this give away and thank you to Mountain House for offering some of their product for this giveaway. This has helped open my eyes to a another level of food storage, that I will enjoy immensely.

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