Celebrate Memorial Day with Work on a Survival Garden

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May 004 Small Web viewWay back when – before even I was born – there were Victory gardens.  Victory gardens were food gardens planted in back yards and well as in public places with the express intent of reducing the burden on the public food supply.

Flash forward to 2011 and it is not war that has diminished the food supply.  Instead, we are seeing the ravishes of extreme weather along with the inflationary (and the almost ridiculous) increase in the cost of food items in our local grocery stores.   Many of us have started the 2011 version of the Victory Garden only now we call it a Survival Garden.

Today I do not plan to extol the virtues of growing food.  Been there done that.  Besides, you can Google or Bing the term “Survival Food Garden” and find thousands if not millions of relevant hits.  Instead, I invite you to take some time today to go work on your garden and, while doing so, say a silent prayer of thanks to the many brave young men and women who have given their lives to protect the freedoms we have here in America.


Where I live, there is a daily retirement of the colors.  Do you know what that is?  It is the ceremonial lowering of the flag at sunset.  In our community it includes a color guard that lowers  the American, the British, and the Canadian flags with a canon salute following taps.  It is a solemn moment and quite seriously, it brings tears to your eyes no matter how many times you have seen it.

It is especially meaningful on national holidays such as Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  Here is a video in case you are interested.

The ceremonial lowering of the flags at Sunset.


SurvivalWoman’s Garden

I have very limited space, no direct sun, and deer, raccoons, and foxes that go munch munch in the middle of the night.  And yet I am growing food.  Not a lot, but food none the less.  Here are some pictures of my Square Foot Garden (thank you for building this Survival Husband) as well as my very first harvest of salad greens.

Survival Garden        May 003 Small Web view       Greens grown on deck

(BTW, the greens are being grown on my tiny deck – safe from the deer.)

Will I get much of a crop this year?  Don’t know.  Three rounds of seeds rotted in the ground so I ended up purchasing starts at the garden center.  And I did try, once again with some newly planted green bean seeds today.  So time will tell.  At least the ‘taters in a tub have spouted – Yay!

Enjoy your next adventure, wherever it takes you!


Backdoor Survival Tip of the Day:  Today’s tip is a follow-on to my comment below regarding my love for LED flashlights.  Thank you TexasScout for this tip.

“As for the LED flashlights, for the ones that you store and use little, but depend on them to work when you need them. (glove compartment, kitchen drawer, BOB etc.) Be sure to use Lithium batteries. They cost twice as much, but they have a USABLE shelf life of 10+ years.”

From the Bargain Bin:  I was late to come in to the LED flashlight game but since discovering these gems,  I have stashed them everywhere:  my car, my night stand,the pockets of my jackets and even the junk drawer in the kitchen.  While the little itty bitty ones are nice (and dirt cheap on Ebay), for emergency use I recommend this 95 LED Aluminum Flashlight at Amazon for only $19.90 with free shipping.

Be prepared with emergency supplies from Emergency Essentials.  If you have the bucks and the space, I highly recommend a water barrel (or two!)


Celebrate Memorial Day with Work on a Survival Garden — 2 Comments

  1. What a great way to spend memorial day by becoming more self sufficient. I think this is part of what the founding fathers had in mind when they were setting this country up.

  2. Either nylon hosery with human hair in it (from your own haircuts, or your beauty shop may be glad to save some for you), or have survival husband urinate in a bucket and pour it around your garden, and that will discourage the deer and possible the other critters that pester your garden. I know it sounds gross, but it works.

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