Your Life According to the the Government

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As you know, I like to lighten things up for the weekend.  While drinking my morning coffee, I came across this video at NoisyRoom.Net (which is a nifty little site if you have not seen it).  I thought it might lend a smile to your day.

The only problem is that although this video is satirical, it is also dead serious about matters that concern all of us.  Full disclosure:  I did not check out the facts parlayed in the video but I have no reason to believe that most, if not all are true. 

Government tyranny anyone?


Enjoy your next adventure, wherever it takes you!


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Backdoor Survival Tip of the Day:  It goes without saying, gents, that if you are Oct 038going to a hair salon to have your head buzzed you are throwing $$$ down the drain.  Invest in a quality hair clipper – I like the Wahl Peanut – and have someone close to you give you a “haircut”.  At our house this is a weekly ritual.  And S.H. looks pretty darn nifty after his weekly cut!

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