Items Every Prepper Should Carry While Traveling — 18 Comments

    • No tweezers? Cripes – even the TSA brochure indicates tweezers are ok.

      Sorry I did not make it more clear that the list of items includes those you can carry in your checked luggage. I did mention it at the get go but I should have made that more clear when I listed the knife.

      I am still surprised about the tweezers, though.

      • Ah I see makes better sence. Although not sure.what we allowed in luggage on knifes. Yea no sharp object even tweezers, fair play if you take a plane with them lol. Just world we live in now so sad. I love this site and your views just found it few days back. Im not a prepper but will take advice from here to better myself

  1. First I cannot fly, I am on the no fly list (because I wrote an article saying the the Bush administration took down the WTC, I will not be groped by some government freak, I cannot get a passport.If I had to go anywhere. I would drive. If you want freedom stand up to the government Gestap[o and do not fly. If people did it the airline would go bust and they can blame it on TSA.

    • Oh my gosh – I had no idea you had been targeted in that manner. There is no such thing as free speech these days and even I am constantly “looking over my shoulder”. Be that as it may, I hope that Backdoor Survival is benign enough to fall off the government radar screen.

      • Thanks for your support. I worked for the government, I know what bastards they are. BTW, I managed real estate for for35 years

  2. Hey – are there any pressure cookers out there – not canners, I have several sizes of the All American, which I love – but we need pressure cookers WITHOUT PLASTIC HANDLES and such to use on cookstoves – fireplaces, etc. Pressure cookers shorten the cooking times – but with plastic handles and such can’t be used in places other than “normal” stove tops. Are there any good ones out there? Thanks!

  3. I like that you list didn’t start out with a fire starter like most seem to. When you travel you need to remember that you’re surviving in a “modern jungle” if you will and what you really need are all of those things that help you get through it if need be.

  4. Gaye: I’ve added a couple of N95 masks to my travel kit. Seems like chaos always brings airborne debris/smoke/dust. Goggles not a bad idea either. You’ve given me some items to add to my list as well. Thanks as always!! Matt

  5. Just an FYI, lots of police and emergency medical responders want to see medicines in their original containers with the pharmacies label. It makes verification of contents easier, an ER doctor can locate and call the doctor that prescribed the meds, if their should be a medical emergency. Some pharmacies, I think Target is one, will on request give you a second smaller container with the pharmacies label, they do this for traveling specifically for the reasons I’ve stated.

  6. For international travel, Have the phone number and ADDRESS of your embassy/consulate and a friendly county – Canada? written down before you leave. Check travel alerts at If you have choices, stay were Lufthansa or British Airways put up their flight crews. If there is an emergency and these airlines are having their crews shelter in place – you shelter in place. The most dangerous part of your trip might be the trip to the airport. Never, never, never be an ugly American when you travel. It may be the taxi driver or a shopkeeper who will have the info, and share that info with you, that could save your life.

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