1. Thanks Gaye, that’s quite a bucket full. Also give a big shout out to Shelly for the “thinking man” pose 🙂

    • I thought it was “honey” like the one contest I missed out on, signed up, then find out its a “honey bucket” LOL

  2. Entered, hopefully someone here (me?) wins it.
    Still enjoying the S.O.S. webinar – lots of great info being presented!

  3. Great giveaway as always from you. And as always, great information on your site. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Bucket seems to have all bases covered, these will definitely be high on my list of prep items to pick up. thanks.

  5. one of the places i worked had a porta potty the truck that came to clean it was nicknamed the “Honeywagon” and its was far from sweet smelling

  6. Good comment about the honey bucket. I wonder how many of your younger followers got that comment. I remember going to my grandparents home and using the outhouse during the daytime and the honey bucket if I stayed overnight. Those were the. Good old days:-)

  7. Great stuff, especially the pool noodle! Now I won’t mind it so bad. Have to take it off to travel though. I think this bucket has my name on it!

  8. Thank you and all involved for this outstanding prize package. I am really looking forward to trying out each and every item in it (when appropriate, of course!)

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