See the light on a dark and dreary day

Living the the Pacific Northwest can be dreary.  Blah.  Cold.  Even in June and especially in December.  And so about six months ago I decided to purchase a therapy lamp.  Why you say?  Traditionally, the definition of aging implies slowing down.  Relaxing.  Sleeping late and going to bed early.  I don’t know about you but that does not describe the life I want to lead.  And yet on those dreary, cloudy days, I wanted to hibernate like a bear.

Did I want to work?  Not with much enthusiasm.  Did I want to play?  Goofing off did not seem like fun.  What about eat?  Do bears eat while hibernating? Don’t even go there.

So I ordered this handy dandy light that was supposed to “boost my mood and energy – naturally”.  Doesn’t that sound a lot better than the use of controlled substances?  Well let me tell you:  it really works!  I have been using my Phillips goLite See the light on a dark and dreary day   Backdoor Survival for about six months and I am enthusiastic about its ability to get me going on these dark, dreary days. See it there sitting on the right hand side of my laptop ?  Thirty minutes a day while I am sipping my morning latte works wonders for my mood.  I purchased mine at Costco so that I could easily return it if it did not work.  But it did!  And even though the cost may seem like an extravagance, it is considered an allowable expense under your Flexible Spending Account or HSA so that will help ease the pain at tax time.

I call my goLite my “Happy Light”.  So if Santa puts a gift card under your tree (not cash – see Please, do not Gift Me Money), then consider running out and getting a therapy lamp.  SurvivalWoman thinks you will love it!

Enjoy your next adventure, wherever it takes you!



See the light on a dark and dreary day — 6 Comments

  1. What is the difference between the HF3321 model & the HF3332? On Amazon the first is $100 & the second is $150. (your model I believe) I know there is a clock & some timer differences, but is the light size the same, or is there another reason that you were willing to pay the extra $50 to have a certain feature?

    • The model I have is the HF3332. I don’t know about the size difference but one thing mine has is a clock function so that I can wake up to the light along with an alarm. I have only used this feature a few times but come to think about it, I might give it a try again tomorrow since I have to catch a shuttle to Seattle at 5AM. Ugh! One thing I do before making any purchase is check out the user ratings. The HF3332 had significantly more ratings at Amazon which definitely helped with my decision. Other than that, I would guess that any model would provide you with the benefits of light therapy. SW

  2. I followed your link to the Phillips light on Amazon. I clicked on the 1 star reviews, which is my habit in reading reviews since I want to see the most critical reviews first to see if they make sense. If you do the same you will find several well written comments regarding the dangers of blue light to the eye itself. Macular degeneration vs better mood and energy? I’d rather be depressed than blind and depressed.

  3. The light effect, to my understanding, is received by the whole body–eyes, skin, and some ‘leakage’ through the scalp and skull. Any very intense light (e.g. arc welder) can hurt the eyes, this lamp is not ‘very intense’. And, there is no ultraviolet to speak of. One can keep the eyes from direct exposure and still receive get reflected light.

    Also, Vitamin D–we’re all low on D in the low sun months, especially those with increased pigmentation in the skin. The D3 supplement is water soluble, readily assimilated, excess can be excreted.

    {Yeah, I’m a doc, been re-educating from the classic teachings for decades.}

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