Sunday Potpourri: Ham Anyone? Plus a Sponsor Spotlight

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hamI am sure glad that Sunday has rolled around.  Here at my place we have taken to cooking special meals on Sundays – something different from the usual pan-fried burger or grilled cheese sandwich.  Tonight it is lamb shanks and couscous – you did know that SurvivalWoman could cook right?

Speaking of cheese sandwiches, I am told that many of you prefer ham with your cheese.  That may be but today I want to mention another type of HAM, the amateur radio type.  Today’s article over at Strategic Living is the first installment of a two part series on “The Magic of Radio”.  This week we get into the “why you have got to do it” of shortwaves and a bit of background as to why our national main stream news is nothing more that a sound bite.  I have included a link below.

I would also like to remind my readers that I am blessed to have the sponsorship of a few select advertisers


One sponsor, Readymade Resources, has been with me from almost the beginning.  If you have not paid a visit to their website lately you should.  They have an especially deep and varied selection of alternative energy items – one of the best I have seen.  Likewise with knives, health care and pandemic supplies, and of course Mountain House and other food items packaged for long term storage.

If you do nothing else, take a look at the Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill – I think you will be impressed.

The photos above are actual pictures of the Readymade Resources homestead in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where they also have a storefront.  No overseas call center, either.  They operate right there on their property.  Take a look at their store and browse to your heart’s content, there is a lot to see and the price is right with free shipping on most items.

That about wraps things up for today.  Here is the link to The Magic of Radio Part 1: Why Shortwave Radio Matters.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!



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Today’s Spotlight Item:

Ham Radio For Dummies: This could also be called “Ham Radio for Gaye” because I am truly a newbie. But it is never too late to learn and if SHTF, this may be the only reliable form of communication available.


Emergency Essentials is your source for all things preparedness, from prepackaged foods to water barrels to first aid kits. Here are some of the January specials.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared Emergency Essentials/BePrepared Emergency Essentials/BePreparedEmergency Essentials/BePrepared

From the Bargain Bin: Survival is all about learning to fend for yourself. Growing your own food, cooking and building stuff are all essential. Here are some of the top sellers for 2011.

Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet: Cast iron items were at the top of the list. My readers love cast iron and so do I. Also at the top were Lodge Set of 2 Pan Scrapers and the Lodge Max Temp Handle Mitt.

All New Square Foot Gardening: I put in a Square Foot Garden last year and was pleased with the results. It is not too early to start planning for spring planting.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking: At an average cost of 50 cents a loaf, this bread is easy, delicious and inexpensive to make.

Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day: 100 New Recipes Featuring Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten-Free Ingredients: Ditto.

How to Live on Wheat: Everything you need to know about wheat.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): For less than $8, this pack of 10 is a great deal. Free shipping too.

Fiskars 7855 8-Inch Hatchet: The Fiskars products are easily sharpened and will last a lifetime. For less than $25, what is not to like? Oh, and while you are at it, you might also like the Fiskars Axe & Knife Sharpener for an additional $10.

Kaito Voyager KA500 Solar/Crank Emergency AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Radio: A lot of different hand crank radios were sold but this was by far, the most popular.

MAGLITE XL50-S3016 LED Flashlight: I own a number of these. Small, sturdy, and easy to handle.

Sabre Compact Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring: The portability of this pepper spray adds to its appeal since it can be easily carried on a key ring or in a handbag or backpack.

The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever: Survival Husband lost over 10 pounds in two weeks on this diet.

The Prepper’s Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster: Written by Bernie Carr at the Apartment Prepper blog, this is highly readable guide to all things preparedness.

50 – 1 Gallon (10″x14″) Mylar Bags & 50 – 300cc Oxygen Absorbers: A staple for long term food storage.

Rothco 550lb. Type III Nylon Paracord: As far as I am concerned, paracord ranks up there with duct tape and zip ties. I wish I had know about this stuff years ago.

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