Sunday Potpourri: Raising Cash by Getting Rid of Stuff on Ebay

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lootFor years I have sold my old junk on eBay.  And yes, I meant to say junk.  You would be amazed at what people will buy.  If selling you stuff on eBay or Craigslist is something you have always wanted to do but didn’t know how, you no longer have to fear the process.

Today on Strategic Living, George and I give you some pointers for getting rid of stuff in our article Using eBay to Bust the Tyranny of Things.

Before you head over to check things out, though, I have a few announcements.

Prep & Pantry – An Easy Way to Organize your Food Stash and Your Preps

You may have seen the ad over on the left from our newest sponsor, Prep & Pantry.  Prep & Pantry is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to inventory and keep track of your food.  Using barcodes that can be instantly and easily scanned with your device, the app automatically does a database lookup and fills in the product description for you.  It tracks your items along with quantities, minimum stocking levels and expiration dates.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Barcode scanning for fast addition and removal of inventory.
  • Manual item barcode entry and look-up.
  • Set a visual reminder of items with coupons.
  • No-Barcode option for items without a barcode.
  • No-Expiration option for items that do not expire.
  • Item photos provide a visual guide to your inventory.
  • Customized keyword tagging and categorizing.
  • Sort items by name, expiration, or location.
  • Search for items by name or tag.
  • Automatically add an item to your shopping list when used.
  • Email-able shopping list.
  • Email-able reports.
  • Back-up and export the inventory to your desktop computer.
  • Track inventory by location.

So how do I use the app?

Well first of all, I do not have an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter).  But I do have an iPad 2.  Using Prep & Pantry I have inventoried my preps.  I know this is not the original intent of the author, but I have found this app superb at keeping track of the gear in my bug out bag, my first aid kit, and the emergency bag in my vehicle.

Let me give you an example.  I am always forgetting what is in my emergency first aid kit.  And by first aid kit, I mean my survival kit, not the first aid items I use day to day.  So what happens is that I periodically take my kit off the shelf, empty it, and see what is in there that needs to be added, replaced or rotated out.  (And of course, us preppers are always adding things!)

Now I simply pull up a list from the app and voila – it is all there.  There are so many other uses that all you need is a bit of imagination and you are set.  The price at this moment is $4.99 but if you want to try it out first to see how it works, there is a Lite version available for download free at the iTunes store.

Check it out – this may be the answer to your food storage and prepping inventory problem.

Care to LIKE Me?  I am starting to feel a bit left out when it comes to Facebook.  Many of my colleagues have thousands of FB “likes” but Backdoor Survival has only a handful.  So how about it?  If you are so inclined, jump on over to my Backdoor Survival fan page and let me know you like me .

Reader Announcement from Ranger Rick  One of my readers asked me if I would let my readers in North Idaho know that his classes on Survival and Prepping start February 11, 2012 at 10 am to 4 pm.  The location is the Priest River Community Church in Priest River.  For more information you can contact him directly at

The Final Word

Remember those solar flares I wrote about last year?  Well this is a bit of the WoJo but when my carbon monoxide detector AND my smoke alarms started to randomly go off in the middle of the night last week, I begin to wonder what else this 2012-2013 solar storm will bring.  And no, they did not need fresh batteries. There was no fire, no smoke and no carbon monoxide.

Need more information?  You can read about it here: What is a Coronal Mass Ejection and Why Should You Care?

Back to our regular programming tomorrow.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!



From the Bargain Bin: There are many basic supplies in a survival kit that are inexpensive. Below you will find a list of some of these items. Most are less than $20 and many are less than $10. Take a look – do you have these items set aside for an emergency?

Grabber Big Pack Hand Warmers: This is something most people don’t think about. Put one in your car, one in your desk, one in your coat closet, and one in your emergency kit. Never be without portable heat when you need it. These air-activated Hand Warmers keep hands and fingers toasty for over 7 hours. Less than $9.

Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack with QuikClot: This trauma kit is designed to stop bleeding and control serious trauma at the scene so more advanced care can be sought later.

QuikClot Sport Advanced Clotting Sponge: A must for any first aid or emergency kit, Quikclot Sport stops moderate to severe bleeding until further medical help is available.

The Emergency Bandage 6″ (Israeli Bandage): This 4″ wide, all-in-one device consolidates multiple first-aid devices such as a primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a foolproof closure apparatus to secure the bandage in place.

Cyalume SnapLight Chemical Light Sticks: Read all about light sticks at Lighting Your Way With Chemical Lighting.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): You will be surprised at how warm these will keep you. Be sure to test one out in advance so that you have the confidence to trust the blanket in an emergency.

Emergency Shelter Tent: The Emergency Tent is a lightweight and compact emergency shelter. It is wind and waterproof and easy to set up and is roomy enough for two people. Less than $10.

Emergency Sleeping Bag: Another low cost item designed to keep you warm in an emergency situation.

Camouflage Nylon Military Paracord 100 Feet: I need to write an article on the many uses of paracord. Pick your favorite color but be aware that different colors are priced differently. Me? I get the color that is the least expensive although I must admit the camouflage is my favorite.

Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets: Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets make questionable water bacteriologically suitable to drink. Easy to use and the water is ready to drink in 30 minutes. One 50 tablet bottle treats 25 quarts of water.

UCO Stormproof Matches, twin pack (50 matches): This is another one of those items most people forget about. Each match burns for about 15 seconds even if it is windy, rainy, or cold.

Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight: This small and super-bright light, features a high-intensity, 100,000-hour LED that will last up to eight hours on four alkaline button cell batteries which are included.

Books for the Survival Library:  Here are some recommended books for your survival library.

Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression: If you don’t know about Clara, be sure to read Depression Cooking: A Visit to Clara’s Kitchen.

Depression Era Recipes: A nice companion to Clara’s Kitchen (until I can come up with my own book, that is).

Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart: I have not had time to write up my review (excellent!) of this book but I will tell you this. You NEED this book if you care about defending your homestead.

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Emergency Essentials is your source for all things preparedness, from prepackaged foods to water barrels to first aid kits. Here are some of the January specials.


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  1. Thanks for the tip re: Prep & Pantry app. It seems like a great tool. I only wish Apple or someone would come out with something that useful for those of us without an iPad or iPhone.
    Keep up the great work!!

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