Register Now for a Free Webinar on Home Canning the SAFE Way

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Register Now for a Free Webinar on Home Canning the SAFE Way

I have written about the fear of canning in the past, and now know that my kitchen will not blow up from using a pressure canner.  Still, I have some personal uncertainties about the canning process.  It is for that reason I have hooked up with my almost neighbor, Melissa K. Norris, to present an online webinar on home canning the SAFE way.

Why this and why now? Truth be told, there are some outdated methods still is use and still being pitched both online and in eBooks.  Why take a chance?

Appropriately titled “How to Can Safely at Home with Confidence“, during this online session you will learn which methods are outdated and just plain dangerous.  At the same time, you will learn about methods that are safe plus some best practices for building up food storage with real food you “put up” yourself.

Spots are limited and registration is now open!  Note that this is a free event.

By the way, both Shelly and I have already attended one of Melissa’s webinars.  I promise you, this is a fantastic chance to learn from one of the nicest and most sincere persons you will meet online. Be sure to save the date, August 9th, at 6pm Pacific.