Is Prepper OPSEC Really Important?


There is quite a bit of disagreement among preppers relative to the importance of OPSEC.  Do you keep your activities hush hush, even amongst family members?  Or do you blab to the world, hoping you can be joined by others who share similar philosophies and goal?  Or is it something in-between?

In layman’s terms Operations Security or OPSEC means keeping your activities secret so “enemies” can not figure out what you are up to.  Remember the old military term “loose lips, sink ships”? 

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Survival Friday: One Log DIY Rocket Stove


One of the most common questions that I am asked  from non-prepper friends and acquaintances is what exactly is a rocket stove and how do I get one.  I try not to roll my eyes over this because although rocket stoves are common among campers, backpacking enthusiasts and former boy scouts, they are a relative unknown to city dwellers and individuals that do not spend a lot of time outdoors.

According to Wikipedia, a rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney that ensures complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.

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Survival Friday: Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan?


Let’s face it.  All of us have chores that we hate and put off until the very last minute.  Procrastination can be so bad at times that these chores never gets done.  Preparing a family emergency plan should not fall into that net never category.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article listing ten steps to take in order to prepare a family emergency plan.  But did you do something about it?  As a follow-up to Survival Basics: 10 Steps for Preparing a Family Emergency Plan, today I present 50 basic questions that you, as a family group, can ask and answer so that the plan you do create is the right one for you and for your unique circumstances.

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Survival Friday: Sorting Out the Myth of Bugging Out


For all intents and purposes, bugging out represents a last ditch effort to get to safety.  Real life examples of events requiring you to flee the comfort of your home are few and far between but they do exist.  A devastating storm, earthquake, hurricane, chemical spill or even localized civil unrest may be reason enough to require you to grab your bug out bag and flee.

As much as we need to be prepared for such events, there is an abundance of misinformation on the internet that glamorizes bugging out. 

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Survival Friday: Teaching the Kiddos to Prepare


Although I am much to old to have young children of my own, I do appreciate the freshness of young minds and try to do as much as I can to foster their education when it comes to preparedness.  As a result, I am thankful that there are so many dedicated Moms and Dads out there willing to share their knowledge when it comes to teaching our younger generation about preparedness.

Today on Survival Friday I would like to share with you a very special article written by Jane, the Mom with a Prep

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Disaster Preparation Basics


There is something about fall and winter that sets our disaster preparedness minds in action.  Perhaps it is due to our reflection on years past when wind, snow and ice kept us indoors.  Or perhaps it is due to a single, violent winter storm, power outage or hurricane that left a path of destruction and many families without food, water and supplies.

Whatever the reason, short term emergencies do happen and my guess is that there is not a single one of us that that’s wants to suffer the consequences of not being ready to bug in for a few days or more when mother nature misbehaves. 

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Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival


When it comes to dealing with medical issues in a survival situation, one of the most frequent questions I get has to do with treating diabetes when drugs are no longer widely available. Since I am not a medical or a healthcare professional, I have always had to beg off answering, because I simply do not have the knowledge to address this topic with any degree of credibility.  Because of this, I was delighted to see  the issue of diabetes in a survival situation finally addressed by an experienced physician who is well versed in emergency and medical preparedness.

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Survival Friday: 10 Ways to Use a Frisbee for Survival


Problem solving is one skill that is common among all preppers.  And face it. From time to time, we have all called the most ubiquitous items into action when we had a problem to solve.

That’s just it.  Part of the fun we have when we embrace the preparedness lifestyle is that we can dream about new ways to use common objects to do stuff.  Case in point is the flying disc that is commonly referred to as a Frisbee.

Today, Joe Marshall shares his quest to find innovative, off the wall and out of the box uses for a Frisbee.

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Survival Friday: How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener


Have you ever been stuck somewhere with canned food but no can opener?  Or perhaps you were prepared but your cheapie can opener broke?  Now really, this is one area you want well covered when it comes to your preps but just in case you are stuck with out a working can opener, there are some options.

Today my friend Joe Marshall shares his solution to opening a can when there is no can opener is sight.

Did You Forget The Can Opener Again?
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Survival Friday: A Preparedness Gift That Costs You Nothing


One of the challenges we all face is dealing with what is going to happen to our preps and our families when we are gone.  This is not something that is pleasant to think about but we are all mortal and well, when our time is up, it is up.  Add to that the risks inherit in a disaster, war or collapse and most certainly, we have to prepare not only for ourselves for for those that will be left behind.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Todd Sepulveda shared something exclusively with his newsletter subscribers that I feel is worth sharing with you. 

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Survival Friday: DIY Wire Saw from Scraps

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to do something but you did not have the right tool or gizmo to get the job done?  In my “before-prepping” days that happened to me a lot but now?  Not so much.  I carry a Swiss Army Knife, a Gerber Shard tool and paracord with me all of the time and on most days, I also have my Kershaw knife.  With these few items, I feel ready to face the world!

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Survival Friday: Every Prepper Needs a Whistle or Two


In recent months, I have been adding a number of small, inexpensive items to my existing cache of survival gear.  I have added flashlights (Blocklite’s in particular), paracord, mini-tools, and pocket knives as well as other handy items to my stash of portable survival kits.

One item that I have purchased in bulk and stowed everywhere I can think of is a whistle.  As with everything, I have my favorites including the WindStorm (nicely made in the USA) and the dirt-cheap SE 5 in 1 whistle.

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Survival Friday: Spices for the Survival Pantry

A commonly used idiom, “variety is the spice of life”, is used to mean that life is more interesting when things are not always the same.  And so it is when you are cooking and with your food storage pantry. Plain old rice and plain old beans will keep you alive but you may succumb to food fatigue from the boredom of it all.

Include some common spices with your other food storage items and everything changes.  As l wrote about in the recent article 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan, adding some spices and condiments to your food storage pantry will allow you to vary the taste of your storage foods, thus mitigating some of the boredom that is likely to occur over time. 

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Survival Friday: How Safe Are Your Household Cleaners?

Making my own household cleaning products is just something I do.  Always have as a matter of fact, even before anyone cared about being green and dare I say it, being frugal.

Over the years, the products I use have changed.  First it was ammonia and water.  Talk about toxic!  But it did clean well.  I moved on to others things including Simple Green, Orange Glo , Pine-Sol and Quick N Brite (remember that?).

These days, however, I use white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, Dr.

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Survival Friday: Three Essential Storage Tools

Sometimes it can be the simple things that will stop you in your tracks when it comes to getting things done.  On today’s Survival Friday, Above Average Joe shares three dirt cheap tools that can save you time and hassle when working with your food and water storage.


In one of my past jobs, I worked in a warehouse that created and shipped dozens of different products. I even got the chance to help develop several of these. 

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Survival Friday: DIY Hardtack for Those Really Hard Times

One of the dilemmas we face in a long term SHTF situation is the lack of food.  For that reason, many of us stockpile grains. Grains have a long shelf life, are nutritious and will keep us going when fresh food is not available.  In an ideal world, we will mill our grains and bake up homemade bread in our cast iron pots that are cozied up to the campfire.

Sounds good and even a bit romantic.  Alas, although wheat and other grains can be milled into flour, yeast is a bit less hardy and after a few years, my not be viable. 

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Survival Friday: There is WHAT in your Bug Out Bag?

Finding practical uses for ordinary items has always been a hobby of mine.  It all started when I had my first apartment way back when and I used toothpaste to patch up nail holes left in the wall as I was hanging posters using the trial and error method.  After that, there was no looking back.  I was hooked on using household items in unusual ways.

It has been my experience that most prepper’s have this same penchant for wanting to use ordinary items for extraordinary purposes. 

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