34 Ways to Use Salt for Survival: Everything You Need to Know

34 Ways to Use Salt for Survival | Backdoor Survival

One of the very first things I did when I first started prepping was to bolster my pantry with basic staples that could be used for a variety of purposes.  When it was suggested that I store salt, and lots of it, I was a disbeliever. After all, conventional mainstream wisdom had taught me that salt was the bad guy.

But is it really?

I made it my mission to determine whether salt is a good thing, a bad thing, or simply something best treated as an item to “use in moderation”.

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20 Ways to Use Honey for Wellness and Survival

Honey for the Survival Pantry

Rich, golden honey. What is not to like? Just the thought of sweet, fragrant honey and honey bees makes me think of happy times.  That, coupled with it’s long storage life  makes honey a perfect food for the survival pantry.  But did you know that honey has a myriad of other uses, including as a therapeutic ointment that promotes healing?

In this article you will learn all about honey, the various types, its use to promote health and wellness, and other ways to use honey that you may not have thought of. 

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Free Food Friday: Mountain House Fall

Mountain House Giveaway | Backdoor Survival

Once again it is “Free Food Friday”!  I know how you love emergency food giveaways and so today I have another one for you.  The folks at Mountain House will be awarding each of three readers a sample kit of three Mountain House meal pouches in a Mountain House Fall Giveaway!

What’s included?  Three good ones:  Chili Mac, Lasagna and Biscuits and Gravy!

So how good are Mountain House meal entrees?  You have heard me mention Mountain House Chili Mac on many occasions as my favorite with Lasagna right behind it. 

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Free Food Friday: Legacy Food Bucket Giveaway

Legacy Food Bucket Giveaway

It has been a while since I have had a “Free Food Friday” so what better way to kickoff the Fall food storage season with another fabulous giveaway from sponsor Buy Emergency Foods!

In the event you are not familiar with Buy Emergency Foods, they sell the Legacy brand of freeze dried emergency food including individual items as well as meal pouches and a premium dog food.  That being said, up for grabs this week is the Legacy Foods 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit.

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Mountain House Responds to Reader Questions


Early this year, I featured an interview with Kenny Larson, from Oregon Freeze Dry, the makers of Mountain House products.  In the article, Everything You Wanted to Know About Mountain House, I invited readers with an opportunity to comment on Mountain House and to submit questions to the Mountain House or Oregon Freeze Dry team.  There were over 200 responses which tells me two things:  you love these free food giveaways and you also are interested in learning more about Mountain House.

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Off-Grid Cooking with the Amazing HERC Tea Light Oven


One of the challenges during a power outage is cooking meals.  While there are many options, most require cooking outdoors using stove-type methods such as a rocket stove, BBQ grill, fire pit or camp stove.  These methods work great, especially if they are coupled with a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven.

The problem, however, is that we can not predict or time when the power will go out.  Nor can we predetermine how long the grid will be down; it may be hours or it may be days or even weeks. 

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Mountain House


When it comes to food storage, there are lots of options.  There are canned goods, bulk items, dehydrated meals, MREs and, of course, freeze dried foods.  Whatever you decide to choose for yourself and your family is somewhat of a personal choice and given proper storage conditions, there is no reason not to have some of each.

Given the many choices, some will say that freeze dried foods are cost prohibitive but I find that is simply untrue. 

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Fast Track Prep Tip #4: How to Use a FoodSaver for Vacuum Canning

How to Use a Food Save for Vacuum Canning

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a Backdoor Survival reader asking my opinion on a device she had seen being promoted to preppers.  It was basically a vacuum sealer that could be used to seal up packages of dry foods.  The cost was about $300.  Holy moly!  I could hardly believe that someone would consider something like this when an $80 FoodSaver would do the same thing.

I have had a FoodSaver for years.  I use it for all sorts of soft and dry goods, such as cheeses, meats, specialty flours, and even things like coffee beans and tea bags. 

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Free Food! The Mountain House Moveable Feast


The Backdoor Survival Winter Blast continues.  This week Mountain House is providing one lucky reader with a Mountain House “Just In Case” meal assortment.  Now how cool is that?  Before I get into the nitty gritty details about the giveaway, let me share a bit of background.

About six weeks ago I was contacted by Mountain House and was invited to participate in their Moveable Feast program.  The way it works is that a handful of websites (actually, just five) were selected and given an opportunity to share the Mountain House experience with their readers and also to offer an assortment of top Mountain House entrée and meal products as a giveaway.  Free food for Backdoor Survival readers?  I was in!

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Introducing The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage


After months of hints, innuendo and promises, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage is golden.  That’s right, after putting in a couple of all-nighters, I was able to complete the final formatting and get my new e-book launched on Amazon.  I am both thrilled and relieved – mostly because I know this is an up-to-date resource that will be useful to anyone and everyone that is serious about storing food for the long term.

Before I describe the book, I would like to mention that traditionally, when a new book title launches, there is a big hoopla.  Reviewers are lined up in advance, websites are flooded with ads, and readers are asked to make their purchase on a single pre-selected date.  If all goes well, there is a book bomb (meaning the book is dropped into the public eye like a “bomb”) and the title soars to the top of the rankings.  That all sounds great – for someone else.

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Unraveling the Mystery of Freeze Dried Foods


Have you even wondered about freeze dried foods?  I know that when I first started putting together a survival food pantry, I was perplexed by the concept of “freeze-dried”.  Just what exactly goes into the freeze-drying process?  How is that different than dehydrated foods and the dehydrating process?  What does the food taste like?  And is it worth the cost?

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote about freeze dried foods and the freeze-drying process. 

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Cheap But Good! How to Cook Pinto Beans


With the Fall weather comes the desire for some rib-sticking food.  And what better to fill our bellies on chilly evenings than an bowl of pinto beans?

Personally, I find it easiest to pre-soak my beans during the day then cook them overnight.  When I wake up the next morning, the house smells wonderful and I have a meal ready to go for later that day plus a lot of leftovers.  Add some rice, some cheese and some hot sauce and oh boy!

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The Perfect Homemade Biscuit Mix from Food Storage


For many, the backbone of food storage is bulk foods not the least of which is flour.  But in a crisis situation, what the heck can you do with all of that flour?  The answer, of course, is to make bread and baked goods.  But bread takes time and viable yeast may or may not be available.  The next best thing? Biscuits and pancakes!

Today I would like to share with you a fabulous DIY biscuit mix.  It comes from the Utah State University Extension Service and not only is it easy to make, but the resulting biscuits and pancakes are to die for.  (There is also a fabulous coffee cake but that is another topic entirely). 

The official name for this recipe is Utah Ready-Quick Mix.

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9 Strategies For Building An Emergency Food Supply


Are your overwhelmed at the thought of building a long term, emergency food supply? True enough, everywhere you look you will find advice telling you what to buy, how much to buy, where to buy it, how to store it and even how to eat it.  I agree it can be daunting.

Today I am here to tell you not to let yourself be overwhelmed! Instead use these nine crazy simple strategies for building an emergency food supply without hassle and stress. 

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Grinding Wheat with the Incredible WonderMill


When I first started prepping, the last thing on my mind was purchasing wheat for long term storage.  Heck, what was I going to do with 100 pounds of wheat berries?  Eat them raw?  Cook them? Sprout them?  Turn them into flour? I did not have a clue.  My my, how things have changed.

Today I am thrilled to share with you my experience learning how to mill my own flour with the incredible WonderMill.  Not only that, the nice folks at WonderMill have set aside one of their grain mills for one very lucky Backdoor Survival reader. 

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The Remarkable EcoZoom Rocket Stove


When I first got my EcoZoom rocket stove in 2011, I  barely knew how to start a fire, let alone keep one going.  How things have changed since then!  Since that time, I have used my EcoZoom often – not so much because I was in a grid down, but because it is fun to use.  Yes, I know.  Prepper’s can be strange sometimes.

When I was recently contacted by EcoZoom about a review, I was excited because I already had an EcoZoom and was big fan of their product. 

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Survival Basics: How to Build a Fire in a Rocket Stove

There comes a time when every prepper will say enough with all of the food and enough with all of the gear. Preparing a survival pantry, first aid kit and bug-out-bag are all important tasks but at some point we need to take a break from gathering stuff and move on to some of the basic skills needed to to insure our comfort in an emergency situation.

One of those skills is the ability to cook food outdoors.  Sure, we all know how to fire up the barbie and grill burgers. 

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Survival Friday: Spices for the Survival Pantry

A commonly used idiom, “variety is the spice of life”, is used to mean that life is more interesting when things are not always the same.  And so it is when you are cooking and with your food storage pantry. Plain old rice and plain old beans will keep you alive but you may succumb to food fatigue from the boredom of it all.

Include some common spices with your other food storage items and everything changes.  As l wrote about in the recent article 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan, adding some spices and condiments to your food storage pantry will allow you to vary the taste of your storage foods, thus mitigating some of the boredom that is likely to occur over time. 

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20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

No matter how many times I write about food, there is always something new to consider or a new and different way to present the same old information in a more useful manner.  With that in mind, today I would like to share a method for getting started with your food storage program in an easy, step by step, and cost effective manner.

To be truthful, my initial goal with this article was to respond to readers who were just getting started and wanted a shopping list of things to buy for their food storage pantry. 

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Survival Friday: Learning to Render Fat

Old habits die slowly.  For years we have been told that animal fat is bad and to be honest, I personally subscribe to a diet plan that is primarily plant based.  That said, there is a place in my diet and my kitchen for organic meat and meat products, including the fat that is typically discarded after the fact.

For the longest time, something I absolutely tossed out was cooking grease. Healthcare experts, government and public health agencies and even the editors of popular cooking magazines all jumped on the fat is bad bandwagon.

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Meals Ready to Eat – Not!

The concept of a meal in a pouch is not new.  For years, military organizations have contracted to have “Meals Ready to Eat” (or MREs) made for distribution to hungry soldiers in the field when a mess kitchen was unavailable.

The evolution of military grade MREs from the 1960’s era to now has resulted in light weight pouches that contain a complete meal sealed into a tidy packet.  A typical MRE contains a main course, side dish, bread, dessert, and flameless ration heater. 

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Survival Friday: DIY Hardtack for Those Really Hard Times

One of the dilemmas we face in a long term SHTF situation is the lack of food.  For that reason, many of us stockpile grains. Grains have a long shelf life, are nutritious and will keep us going when fresh food is not available.  In an ideal world, we will mill our grains and bake up homemade bread in our cast iron pots that are cozied up to the campfire.

Sounds good and even a bit romantic.  Alas, although wheat and other grains can be milled into flour, yeast is a bit less hardy and after a few years, my not be viable. 

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14 Proven Tips for Bread Machine Users

In my opinion, no apologies are needed for admitting to  making fresh, wholesome bread in an automatic bread machine, commonly referred to as an ABM.

As I wrote in Making Bread in a Breadmaker is Not Just for Wimps, I was an early adopter of the bread machine and purchased mine before there were any related cookbooks or an internet to go to for tips on using the darn thing.  There was the old Prodigy network, though, and like minded bakers would congregate and share bread making tips as well as our own custom crafted recipes.

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Embracing Phytochemicals for Health and Survival

In a survival situation, all of the gear in the world will be of no use if you do not have a sound mind and body.  As far as the mind goes, you need to handle stress, cope and learn to roll with the punches.

But the body?  That is another story.  Whether blessed with excellent health or just teetering on the fringes of wellness, there are things you can do day to day to help you achieve maximum wellness given your own genetics and current body state.

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City Farming with Backyard Quail – An Alternative to Raising Chickens

Back in September, I shared some information about raising livestock.  Although it was a bit tongue in cheek, the serious part of it all was that if given the room, it would be wonderful to have a small flock of chickens that could provide fresh eggs for consumption.  That plus chicken meat, of course.

A few days later I was contacted by a Backdoor Survival reader (Perry) who had decided to raise some Coturnix quail in his back yard after learning that his city ordinances did not allow chickens. 

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