An Accolade to Preppers with a Purpose


As part of the journey toward self-sufficiency, we continue to evaluate life not only in terms of the here and now, but also in terms of tomorrow and beyond.  After all, the goal is to be independent of entitlements, of government intervention and of course, the influences of the PTB.

This is not an easy task.

And so we look beyond our own sphere of influence and reality, in search of others who may have done it better.  Others who have achieved that which we strive for.  Others who appear to have it all.  But appearances can be deceiving.  For every person we perceive as having it all, there is another looking to us with their own eyes, perhaps envious because “we” have it all.

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How Will You Deal with the Unprepared?


During my recent vacation, I made a pest of myself by asking strangers whether they were prepared.  This was done in a very polite manner after engaging in small talk and learning where they lived and asking  about the likelihood of a natural disaster in their home town.

Responses such as “Oh yes, of course.  We have five gallons of water, some canned goods, and a basement” were common.   And so it goes.  Just this weekend I learned of a local establishment that will serve as a Red Cross shelter if the big one (earthquake) comes along.  

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Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World


Back in the 60’s there was a tune recorded by Barry McGuire titled “The Eve of Destruction”.  Yes, that was a long time ago but yet today, I can still feel the power of its lyrics:

“Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away
There’ll be no one to save, with the world in a grave.”

Almost fifty years later, the context is different but the feeling is back: we live in a world gone crazy mad. 

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Survival Friday: A Preparedness Gift That Costs You Nothing


One of the challenges we all face is dealing with what is going to happen to our preps and our families when we are gone.  This is not something that is pleasant to think about but we are all mortal and well, when our time is up, it is up.  Add to that the risks inherit in a disaster, war or collapse and most certainly, we have to prepare not only for ourselves for for those that will be left behind.

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Will Your Friends and Neighbors Attack You if the SHTF?


Last night I took a journey back to the Twilight Zone and re-watched a few episodes that first aired in the 1960s when I was just a little girl.  Those days, we had tiny black and white TV.  Okay, perhaps not teeny-tiny but small by todays standards.

The episode titled “The Shelter” was bit prophetic.  It told a tale of tale of humanity gone berserk during a time of crisis and portrayed a scenario we all suspect will play out if the stuff ever hits the fan.

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Coping With Uncertainty In Today’s World


Every afternoon as I sit down with an extra large cup of espresso, I ponder something to write about next on Backdoor Survival.  It is difficult, but not for the reason you might think.  The difficult part is coming up with something new and fresh that has not been written here before.

I say that because in that last three years, I have written over 570 articles.  A lot the articles have been about prepping and self sufficiency but a large number have also been about more touchy-feely topics as I talk about life and getting by during hard – and soon-to-be harder – times.

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Are you mentally prepared for a world where the SHTF?

The recent shooting at a Clackamas, Oregon shopping mall was a reminder that the crazies are out there.  Officials have yet to come up with a motive for the shooting but have indicated that this was not a terrorist event.  They are however, quick to point out that the weapon was a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle stolen from an acquaintance.  And we all know where that is headed.

Having another random shooting occur in my home state was alarming and most assuredly a wake-up call that these are hard times and that we can expect the unexpected to happen as we see the global economy collapse even further.

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Coping With Emotional Distress After a Disaster

Most people are programmed to handle stress fairly well.  After all, a lesson we learn early on in life is that life is not always fair.  So we go about our day, doing our best to cope and to stay focused on the bigger picture of life.

Alas, all of the normal coping rules and mechanisms fly out the window following a disaster.  At times like this, there can be a massive physical impact to the landscape and to everything considered normal. 

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12 Ways to Learn to Roll with the Punches

Pardon the Dust - This Article is Being Updated - Backdoor Survival

The past four or five years have been difficult on many fronts.  The lousy economy and the wonky weather patterns have put most people on edge.  And not just a temporary edge but and edge that seems to get steeper over time with no end in sight.

In this type of environment, it is easy to become stressed,  frustrated and immune to taking steps to effect change.  Instead, many go about their day, fearful of rocking the boat and too fearful to even think about the consequences of a major crisis or natural disaster. 

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