11 Important Skills For Preppers

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There comes a time when every prepper will say enough with all of the food and enough with all of the gear.  I do not know how to adequately articulate what I mean but after a year of seeking out the best stuff at the best price you just might want to stop – at least for awhile – and focus on something else.

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29 Reasons to Use Coffee Filters for Survival

35 Reasons Coffee Filters are Survival Multitaskers | Backdoor Survival

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35 Reasons Coffee Filters are Survival Multitaskers


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Getting Prepared Month 2: First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Home Safety

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A couple of months ago I presented a calendar for family preparedness.  In 12 Months of Prepping, One Month at a Time, I laid out month by month tasks and was able to break down the overwhelming chore of preparing for an emergency in manageable and affordable chunks.

Today, I explore Month #2 in greater detail.

But first, let me step back and remind you of one of the most easily justifiable reasons why you should prepare:  unpredictable weather.  Storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and other wonky weather patterns can disrupt you, your home and your life in a heartbeat.

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Is Being Prepared an Addiction, an Obsession or a Chore ?

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And if so, what do we do about it?

For many of us, prepping has been our mission and our passion for one year, two years, or perhaps even longer.  It started with storing some extra water.  Next was food and first aid supplies.  Ultimately we set up defense systems and evacuation routes to insure our safety in the event of a disaster, be it a natural, man-made or even a politically motivated apocalypse.

We have read the books, watched the DVDs, compiled resource manuals, and purchased gear. 

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