From My Home to Yours This Holiday Season

2015 Holiday Message | Backdoor Survival

As I sit down to write this holiday message, I can’t help but look back at all of the changes that have occurred since starting this website in 2010.

Back then, the term “Prepper” was just coming into common use.  Rather than being called preppers, those who practiced self-reliance and preparedness were often called “survivalists”.  These survivalists were often considered loners, extremists, or fringe elements of society. A lot has changed since then, all for the good.

Which brings us to today.

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A Message of Thanks On Thanksgiving Day

A Message of Thanks On Thanksgiving Day | Backdoor Survival

As I sit down today and compose a message of Thanksgiving, my heart is torn. An optimist by nature, I find it difficult not to be dragged down by the events of the world.  Like many of you, I am experiencing a personal feeling of helplessness as I watch global enemies face off in an unconscionable manner.  I worry for my friends and I worry for my family.  I worry for the world.

As I wrote last year, over the years I have shared all types of Thanksgiving messages, from the upbeat and optimistic to downright depressing.

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A Holiday Message from Backdoor Survival


Every year, on December 24th, I sit down and craft a holiday message to the readers and followers of Backdoor Survival.  This year is no different in that here I am, at 4:30PM, deciding what I want to say and how.

This year, I have decided to keep things simple and from the heart.

Both Shelly and I wish you much joy and happiness on this day when families and friends come together to share their love for each other.

The Final Word

Although we will be spending the day alone, we will count the many blessings in our life. 

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The Miracle of Thanksgiving Prepper Style


Over the years I have shared all types of Thanksgiving messages, from the upbeat and optimistic to downright depressing.  Perhaps I have mellowed a bit since becoming a prepper because these days, I prefer to look as the rosy side of life and life’s events. I have learned, as I am sure you have, that less is more, material goods are just stuff, and that nothing beats a belly full of good food and a hug from someone who loves you.

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DIY: Never Purchase a Razor Blade Again!


One of the dilemmas I face is that buried in the archives are a ton of great articles that are lost to newcomers to the website.  One of these days, I really do need to set up a better menu and organization system.  The problem with doing so, however, is that it takes me away from researching and writing new material.

I have two solutions.  First, hire a vice president in charge of work to do it for me.  Second is to simply bring some of the most popular articles forward into present time. 

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How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries for the Long Term


A little over a year ago, I shared my experience recharging alkaline batteries.  What a game changer that became!

In the ensuing year I have learned a lot about the practical side of recharging alkalines; mostly that after a few recharge cycles, they tend to leak.  This is especially true of those cheap Kirkland brand batteries from Costco.  Actually, lately those Costco batteries tend to leak even when they are brand new so I avoid purchasing them entirely.

I have also learned that when the battery recharger says BAD, the battery really is bad. 

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Spring 2014 Book Festival: Leaving the Trees


Today is Saturday which means it is time for the next author interview and giveaway in the current Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 Book Festival.  Richard Broome, the author of LEAVING THE TREES, is someone I have come to know over these past months.  As with many of our book festival authors, we have become virtual friends, each having a respect for the other’s talents.

You have enjoyed Richard’s two think pieces, THE COMING CYBER WAR and  BUILDING A CULTURE OF PREPAREDNESS and now he joining us for an interview. 

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80 Amazing Uses of Melaleuca Oil for Survival


One of the most syndicated articles I have ever written was an article on the many uses of Tea Tree Oil (technically, Melaleuca Oil) for survival purposes.  I know of two sites in particular that repeatedly post an excerpt of my article on their websites and on Facebook ostensibly to increase their fan base.

Flattery aside, I decided it was time to get this popular article back out there myself so that you can read it directly from Backdoor Survival and not from Brand X.

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34 Ways a Prepper Can Use Duct Tape for Survival

34 Uses of Duct Tape for Survival

It seems as though anytime I post a list of how to do or how to use something, viewers flock.  I suspect that is because in our busy lives, it is easier to browse a list than it is to read a bunch of words nicely laid out in paragraph format.

For whatever reason, an article I wrote awhile back on the use of duct tape pretty much went viral.  It has been re-published, copied, and even stolen word for word and posted as though it was written by someone else. 

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Preparing for a Wildfire – Are You Ready?

Preparing for a Wildfire - Backdoor Survival

Wildfires are typically associated with the summer months but in truth, they can occur anywhere and anytime.  Whereas typical causes are lightening, droughts and freaks of nature, human carelessness as well as human intent and maliciousness can cause a wildfire as well.

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote a while back with suggestions for preparing your home and your family for a wildfire.  While this information may not seem relevant to you now, the suggestions for prepping your home well in advance of any threat are timeless. 

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A Holiday Message of Optimism, Hope and Grace


Traditionally, December 25th is a day that is filled with sharing. There are the gifts, the food, and the drink – all of which are shared with family and friends.  For many, there is also the religious and spiritual meaning of the day.  But even if you do not celebrate Christmas Day per se, there is something else.  Something that is important to all of us

I am referring to the the message of optimism, hope and grace that we all carry within us.

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The Need to Be Ready is More Critical Now Than Ever


A constant topic of conversation in my household has to do with frustration and discontentment over the lack of change in our economy, government, and life in general these past few years.  If anything, things are worse now than they were three years ago.

Hidden from the public spin are the multitudes still being laid off from their jobs and the many folks that are barely getting by, quietly sitting by the sidelines of life because they have no other choice. 

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Disasters Really Do Happen To Ordinary People


There is no question that Disaster Denial is a common ailment.  Even those that prepare – and prepare well – ponder whether a disaster could really happen to them and to their families and if, at the end of the day, all of their preps are worth it.

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote listing the myriad of disasters that could happen.  There is everything from natural disasters, to economic collapse, to technology failures (been there, done that) to weapons of mass destruction. 

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Unraveling the Mystery of Freeze Dried Foods


Have you even wondered about freeze dried foods?  I know that when I first started putting together a survival food pantry, I was perplexed by the concept of “freeze-dried”.  Just what exactly goes into the freeze-drying process?  How is that different than dehydrated foods and the dehydrating process?  What does the food taste like?  And is it worth the cost?

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote about freeze dried foods and the freeze-drying process. 

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Could You Really Shoot Someone?


What is the Prepper’s mantra?  Something like beans, bullets and band-aids?

Okay, the beans and band-aids are easy, but what about the bullets?  Don’t worry.  I am not going to ask you whether you are armed nor am I going to ask you how much ammo you have stashed under your bed.  Instead, in today’s blast from the near past, I invite you to read the article, Can Nice People Shoot?.

It was written a couple of years ago, but, as with many of the articles here on Backdoor Survival, the message is timeless. 

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15 Tips to Stay Comfortable During a Winter Power Outage


As recent events at my home have proven, Mother Nature can strike at any time, setting you off guard and making you thankful for all of your carefully laid emergency preps.

In todays blast from the near past, I share an article I wrote describing ways you can stay comfortable during a winter power outage.  Most of these are common sense tips but there are a few more obscure tips that might save your life such as #14:

Notify your power company in advance if you use special healthcare equipment like oxygen generators or dialysis equipment that require power.

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Cheap But Good! How to Cook Pinto Beans


With the Fall weather comes the desire for some rib-sticking food.  And what better to fill our bellies on chilly evenings than an bowl of pinto beans?

Personally, I find it easiest to pre-soak my beans during the day then cook them overnight.  When I wake up the next morning, the house smells wonderful and I have a meal ready to go for later that day plus a lot of leftovers.  Add some rice, some cheese and some hot sauce and oh boy!

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How Will You Deal with the Unprepared?


During my recent vacation, I made a pest of myself by asking strangers whether they were prepared.  This was done in a very polite manner after engaging in small talk and learning where they lived and asking  about the likelihood of a natural disaster in their home town.

Responses such as “Oh yes, of course.  We have five gallons of water, some canned goods, and a basement” were common.   And so it goes.  Just this weekend I learned of a local establishment that will serve as a Red Cross shelter if the big one (earthquake) comes along.  

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The True Meaning of Labor Day


A couple of years ago I wrote an article about what Labor Day has become in the 21st century.  If you have a moment, today I invite you to reflect upon the true meaning of Labor Day – beyond the picnics, the family gatherings and the rest of the end of summer activities.

A Call for Mourning – Is Labor Day is Dead?


From time to time I feature bonus articles that are buried in the Backdoor Survival archives

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Quick Update on the New Website Design

I am thrilled to have received so many positive emails about the new website.  Although I am still working through some of the bugaboos, we are 95% there.  I say “we” because I have a fantastic developer who has made this all happen in such a way that does not take me away from my primary role of producing fantastic new articles for you!

Over the next few days I will be testing a new feature that will allow me to spotlight some additional Prepping, Survival, DIY and Homesteading type articles from around the web. 

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Surviving Survivalism


Sorry – This eBook is no long available.

Just a quickie for you today.  The popular e-book, Surviving Survivalism is now a free download from the Surviving Survivalism website.  Now in its 4th edition, the book provides a comprehensive look at living the off-grid lifestyle.

I read the book early on when it was being sold for $5.00 and even then, it was a great deal.  Getting the book does not require registration or entering your email address – just click and go to download the PDF.

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An Interview With the Survival Woman!

Anyone who has been with Backdoor Survival since the beginning knows quite a bit about me.  I have purposely chosen to remain public without a pseudonym or hidden location in the middle of nowhere.  As a matter fact, anyone can pretty much Google my name and figure out who I am, where I live and what I have done most of my work life.  So be it.

Over and again I have claimed to be quite ordinary and I stand by that. 

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Reasons You Need Salt in the Prepper Pantry

34 Ways to Use Salt for Survival | Backdoor Survival

The information in this article, Reasons You Need Salt in the Prepper Pantry, has been updated and incorporated into an all-new, enhanced article.

34 Ways to Use Salt for Survival: Everything You Need to Know


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35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar

50 Reasons Why Preppers Need Vinegar in Their Stockpiles | Backdoor Survival

This article has been updated to include even more reasons why yo should never be without vinegar.  Please visit the enhanced article by clicking below.

50 Reasons Why Preppers Need Vinegar in Their Stockpiles



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11 Important Skills For Preppers

This article has been updated with new material.  Please visit:  12 Skills for Preppers That Money Just Can’t Buy

There comes a time when every prepper will say enough with all of the food and enough with all of the gear.  I do not know how to adequately articulate what I mean but after a year of seeking out the best stuff at the best price you just might want to stop – at least for awhile – and focus on something else.

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