How to Seek the Truth and Avoid Clickbait

How to Seek the Truth and Avoid Clickbait - Backdoor Survival

More than once I have shared my angst about the sensationalist format of many websites.  These sites use catchy photos that have nothing to do with the article, pop-up reminders that come right back after clicking them closed, and/or fear-mongering headlines that use scare tactics to persuade you to purchase an overpriced, marginally useful video course or 30 page eBook.

Why do they do this?  The more traffic they generate, the more likely that unsuspecting readers will click on a network ad and generate income for the website owner.

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13 Steps to Prepare for Civil Unrest

13 Steps to Prepared for Civil Unrest

It has been over two years since I wrote about the “Perfect Storm of Civil Unrest”.  Looking back, it would be easy to think that perhaps the article was a bit reactionary given current events at the time.  On the other hand, not a whole lot has changed since then.

These are still uneasy times.  The names and faces of the powers that be may be different but the actions are the same.  Normal, ordinary middle class families are still struggling and corporate corruption, hidden agendas, and cover-ups are still commonplace.

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Learning to Overcome Prepper Procrastination

Learning to Overcome Prepper Procrastination Featured

Procrastination is a trait that we all share.  For some, procrastination means putting off tasks or chores that are tedious, time-consuming, or simply downright boring.  To others, it means never quite getting to the task list because there are other, more entertaining distractions to fill up the time.

Whatever the reason, procrastination is problem with a lot of preppers: the research is done, the budget is set, the checklists are printed out and ready to go and then what?  Nothing.

Today I examine those insidious roadblocks to getting things done as well as steps that I personally take to overcome what I call “Prepper Procrastination”. 

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Labor Day and The Great Recession


When I first started Backdoor Survival, we were in the middle of what is now referred to as “The Great Recession”.  At the time, unemployment was putting pressure on families of all ages, jobs for young people completing their educations were scarce, and many workers over the age of 55 were simply giving up the job search.

Four years later, and almost 900 articles later, I have become a cynic of the highest order.  Like many of you, I carry the burden of truth and knowledge mostly in silence while trying to live an abundant and strategic life.

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Prepping As a Form of Personal Activism


There are some days when I feel as though I am out there in the world alone, fighting a battle that can not be seen or heard.  The battle is one of preparedness and is one I endure day in and day out in spite of my best effort to step away and live a normal, middle class, mainstream life.

I have given a lot of thought to this and even though I tell strangers that I am a “crazy old prepper lady”, in my heart of hearts I know that I am doing both myself and every other prepper-type a disservice by minimalizing the importance of embracing preparedness and self-reliance.

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Leaving the Trees: More Lessons of Survival


As someone who has been prepping for awhile, I cast a wary eye on new books and new websites that re-hash the some old stuff I have been both learning and writing about for these past three and a half years.  This is not to say that I am a know it all – I am not – but that I have eyeball fatigue with an inability to focus my attention on those things I know well.

What all this means is that when something comes along that presents survival and preparedness in a new context, I pay attention. 

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50 Questions To Ask the Non-Prepper


I have become a bit discouraged by the number of other-wise intelligent people I meet that do not have a clue about preparedness.  Given that a natural disaster can happen to anyone at any time, and the fact that the MSM has been promoting 3 day kits for the past several years, I have to think “What Type of Sandbox are these people living in?”

Of course those of us in the know realize that a 3 day kit is the bare minimum requirement for survival following a disaster. 

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Eight Uncommon Lessons: Preparing for an Apocalypse


Four years ago, mentioning that you were a “Prepper” evoked quizzical looks of confusion.  What the heck was that?  As you tried to explain, you could see eyes start to glaze over and an invisible tin foil hat being placed upon you head.  The lesson learned?  Keep your mouth shut less you be forever classified as a nut job of the highest order.

Of course back in the day – if you can call 2010 the day – there was concern that 2012 would represent the end of days. 

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Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Served and Died


Memorial Day in the United States is a day of remembrance for the men and women who have died serving their country.  All too often we tend to think of Memorial Day as the start of summer heralded by a three day weekend, a big barbeque and an excuse to drink copious amounts of beer with friends and family.

That is shame since this is the one day a year that is set aside for the nation to get together, remember, reflect and honor those who have served their country and died in the process.

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Beyond Prepping: 72 Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life


Every once in awhile, I come across something that is perfect just the way it is.  It could be a list, a concept, or simply an essay on a topic that brings understanding and meaning to life.

Today’s article needs no adornment.  Is is a list of ideas that you can embrace to simplify your life and heaven knows, I raise my hand and say “yes, that is something I need and want to do”.  As you read through these, keep in mind that a  simple life means something different for every person. 

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Forward Thinking – The Coming Tipping Point


When I first wrote about the burden of truth and knowledge, I was referring to the weight that we, as preppers, carry on our shoulders as we attempt to make sense of the world around us. Since then, time has marched forward and not much has changed.

There is a sense of uneasiness among the informed masses that take the time to open their eyes and view the truth about our global economy, world hunger, Wall Street corruption, corporate shenanigans and the ever-growing threat of a world wide Armageddon. 

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Are You Addicted to Prepping?


And if so, what can you do about it?

For many, prepping has been a mission and a  passion for many years.  It all starts innocently enough.  We are bit by the prepping bug and typically start storing some extra water, food, flashlights and batteries in response to a widely publicized natural disaster.  Soon we move on to first aid supplies, home defense systems and bug-out-bags.  And it goes on from there.

Somewhere along the way, prepping takes over our lives and becomes a significant lifestyle shift. 

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Special Report: Picking the Right Prepper Website


Every once in awhile, I wear personal angst on my sleeve for the world to see.  It is not that I like to complain or that I am a whiner, but rather that some things send my anger-meter to the top of the scale.  I hope you will indulge me a bit today as I reveal my personal bias against websites that rip-off and steal content from legitimate authors who work hard to deliver credible content and information to the masses.

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A Holiday Message of Optimism, Hope and Grace


Traditionally, December 25th is a day that is filled with sharing. There are the gifts, the food, and the drink – all of which are shared with family and friends.  For many, there is also the religious and spiritual meaning of the day.  But even if you do not celebrate Christmas Day per se, there is something else.  Something that is important to all of us

I am referring to the the message of optimism, hope and grace that we all carry within us.

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The Need to Be Ready is More Critical Now Than Ever


A constant topic of conversation in my household has to do with frustration and discontentment over the lack of change in our economy, government, and life in general these past few years.  If anything, things are worse now than they were three years ago.

Hidden from the public spin are the multitudes still being laid off from their jobs and the many folks that are barely getting by, quietly sitting by the sidelines of life because they have no other choice. 

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How Will You Deal with the Unprepared?


During my recent vacation, I made a pest of myself by asking strangers whether they were prepared.  This was done in a very polite manner after engaging in small talk and learning where they lived and asking  about the likelihood of a natural disaster in their home town.

Responses such as “Oh yes, of course.  We have five gallons of water, some canned goods, and a basement” were common.   And so it goes.  Just this weekend I learned of a local establishment that will serve as a Red Cross shelter if the big one (earthquake) comes along.  

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The End of the World as We Know It as Entertainment


A few days ago, a Backdoor Survival reader asked “If you had some way of knowing that a SHTF situation would happen in the next few days, what would you do to prepare right away? What would be your biggest priority, especially with so much to consider?”

After thinking about my own answer, I put it this question out to Facebook and within a few hours had over eighty responses.  Interestingly enough, something that came through loud and clear over and over again was the need to get in touch with family members and to convince them to join their prepping relatives someplace safe.

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Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World


Back in the 60’s there was a tune recorded by Barry McGuire titled “The Eve of Destruction”.  Yes, that was a long time ago but yet today, I can still feel the power of its lyrics:

“Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away
There’ll be no one to save, with the world in a grave.”

Almost fifty years later, the context is different but the feeling is back: we live in a world gone crazy mad. 

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Survival Friday: 50 Excuses For Not Prepping


As smug as we may feel about our own prepping efforts, sometimes there is still a tendency to procrastinate a bit with one thing or another.  I am not pointing any fingers, mind you, since I too fall victim of being overwhelmed by it all.  The disorganized array of my food storage is just one case in point.  I still don’t have a good inventory so what do I do?  I just buy more.  Stupid, I know.

Still, for the most part, I keep plugging away, knowing that the economy is in shambles in spite of what our leaders say. 

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Coping With Uncertainty In Today’s World


Every afternoon as I sit down with an extra large cup of espresso, I ponder something to write about next on Backdoor Survival.  It is difficult, but not for the reason you might think.  The difficult part is coming up with something new and fresh that has not been written here before.

I say that because in that last three years, I have written over 570 articles.  A lot the articles have been about prepping and self sufficiency but a large number have also been about more touchy-feely topics as I talk about life and getting by during hard – and soon-to-be harder – times.

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7 Ways to Rekindle the Quest for Truth

In recent months I have found myself shrugging in disgust as I browse the web and read the latest headlines. I mumble the words I used to say in the old days, “par for the course”.  I say that as I find myself becoming complacent while reading the latest news of government excess, corporate shenanigans, sneaky banksters and Wall Street crooks.

More often than not I feel as though I am sitting on a deck chair of the Titanic, slowing watching the ship go down. 

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What Happened to Independence from Tyranny?

Independence Day in the United States is a day that is commonly known as the 4th of July.  Officially, it is a day to celebrate our declaration of independence from Great Britain in the year 1776.  Sadly, for many it is just a day off of work to spend with family and friends, celebrating summer, hot dogs, ice cream and beer.

For the last two years, I have written about this day and to be honest, there is not much that is new that can be added to what I have previously said. 

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An Open Letter to the Reluctant Prepper

Becoming prepared can be a lonely journey.  Family members scoff and friends roll their eyes and shy away, thinking you have joined the tin foil hat society. You want to share and you want to talk but say too much to the wrong people and you may be setting yourself up for future free-loading, looting, or worse.

This is a dilemma faced by almost every prepper I know. Most want to join up with other like-minded people but who do they trust? 

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An Interview With the Survival Woman!

Anyone who has been with Backdoor Survival since the beginning knows quite a bit about me.  I have purposely chosen to remain public without a pseudonym or hidden location in the middle of nowhere.  As a matter fact, anyone can pretty much Google my name and figure out who I am, where I live and what I have done most of my work life.  So be it.

Over and again I have claimed to be quite ordinary and I stand by that. 

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Americans Under Siege – Has Tomorrow Become a Reality?

Just a little over a year ago, President Obama signed an Executive Order titled National Defense Resources Preparedness.  This act stirred up a hornets nest of controversy – both for and against. At one end of the spectrum were those that thought this was an overt act signalizing unilateral militarization of our country.  Others felt this was a ho-hum restatement of existing presidential controls.

Whatever your feelings at the time, it is now a year later and events of the past couple of weeks bring more questions than answers to those that seek the truth. 

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